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Speedmap Pack 172
This week's theme was EXPLOSIVE. Be prepared to explode into gibs and be frustrated this week... You can blame Digs, Orbs, and myself.

Digs and my map require Quoth.

Lots of fun on Orbs' and Scampie's maps. Digs' was a bit annoying with the weapons...

Including demos of completing Orbs', and an easy 100% on Scampie's. Recorded in DirectQ, not sure why it looks like I got sand on my mousepad. 
Great Pack. 
Scampie's crashed every time the first crates were shot.

Digs's was absolute frustrating bastard map.

Orbs's I spent approx 50 attempts from a save game on the last jump, and then gave up. 
did you use quoth(2)? 
Ohh Sweet 
even all kills in 008 :) 
I made the final jump, after practising it lots with HFR.

And scampie's worked in Quoth, but still sucketh. 
Very Funny... 
Putting lots of lighting guns into the water that respawn after you pick them up. Died like 10x times before I ragequited. 
Orbs: Easier than the last one you did, and funnier, at least for me. Took me a lot of tries but i completed it.

Digs: interesting idea, bur a bit frustrating with the LG, beacuse we are too used to spamming ammo, it's hard to lose the habit.
I couldn't complete it, even with 30 armor and 250 life before taking the air tunnel, i can't survive what is after it. It is something about the zombies that spawn later?. I noticed the buttons with different texture, but couldn't understand for what purpose they are there.

Scampie: more straight-forward than the rest and way more simple, but still fun. I wanted it to be longer, it leaves you craving for more. 
Forget what i said, i noticed now how i can pass that part. 
Holy Shit !!! 
why are you so reluctant to post screenshots ?? Is that so complicated ?? 
After reading back this post, I just realized it could have been perceived as very aggressive while it was not really my intention... sorry for those who've been hurted...
In anyway, I definitely think this would be great to have screenshots when people post maps... please... 
Speedmap Tradition... 
always no screenshots!

I was going to go and add screens for them all but scamps hated them so I killed the idea before it was begun. 
Either you play them or you don't, so no need for screenshots and certainly no entitlement. Plus such maps usually don't offer much to look at anyway. 
Don't Listen To Neglig´┐Ż 
screenshots are always user-friendly 
I Mean, 
I prefer having them as well. But Spirit's volunteering his time, so unless I cared enough to volunteer mine and upload screenshots, whatever.
I mean, I suppose nice looking shots could provide some sort of incentive to get more players, but how many SM mappers really give a shit about that? Definitely not Scampie. 

No demos. sorry.
Orbs - the usual - not bad but I suck at your maps.

Scampie - a speedmap. you know. Kind of cool to actually see the breakables properly implemented - I can never be bothered but should be, I suppose.

Digs - best of pack, nice to look at as always. gameplay is inventive as always, but impossible. Good ideas but not all implemented super well. Again: speedmap. 
#12 / #13 
I disagree, and it is not the general rule:


I guess it depends on who hosts and posts the SM pack.. but no shots is a non-sense to me.. 
The Links Are Down 
Would someone mind uploading these to quaddicted or something?

much loves,

Dear Digs: 
I love you. 
Dear Digs: 
I love you. 
So I played all of them.

Digs was probably the best despite being the most frustrating.

Scampie's was really quick. And no lighting? You could illuminate that with about 3-4 lights.

Not a big fan of jump maps, orbs, but I did like the use of explosives there.

Thanks guys! :) 
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