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New Q1SP: The Horde Of Zendar
Download Link Don't Readme No QUAKE.RC and Screenshot.

Deep within the Grendal Gorge is the City of Zendar, a hodge-podge of stone consumed by madness. The map has a skill selection area at the beginning, a chance to dance on the roof tops and some secrets to keep you wandering around in circles.

The map is about trying to capture the vertical essence of Quake, the desire to climb and explore the world while dealing with the minions of Chthon! It features medieval style pickups, some new items and blood soaked ogre backpack! The textures are mostly from ID and the gameplay is vanilla Quake!

If you want to play the map with your own engine settings check the readme file for further details.

The map was tested with Fitz/QS engines and remember ...
RECORD A DEMO, I want to see how you play the map!
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You said :
>This is my final vanilla Q1 map.

WTF !? NO F'CKING WAY ! Or I'll throw all my army of fiends and shamblers on your back ! ;-)

Maybe you could do some twisted metal maps (they are my favorite in Quake1). They feel so much "out of this world", I think it's the best style in Quake1 (and I hate the military base style maps). 
Kk Here It Is

Sock my opinion wasnt based on a speedrun,it was the first time playthrough with no intention to "outsmart" the map design. (yet :P)

I'll have a go at a harder skill in a bit maybe the end feels more like the end then

( had to get up at 6:00 am this morning and fell asleep just after my post maybe the anticlimax was just in me) 
Loved it. 
Orbs' Demo

My regular parsing fails on this demo as well so I guess I have some debugging to do during christmas. Fixing multi-demo playback by hand is trivial though. 
Fantastic In Every Way 
What more is there to say? This is easily one of the best Quake maps ever. The detail in each area is astounding, every corner was interesting to look at. You really have to stop and appreciate all the work that went in to each room, its marvelous.

It's massive scale, balanced gameplay and non linear exploration really make this map shine. This one is gonna go down in history.

First run demo, hard skill: 
Loved It Sock 
though I feel like we're running up to technical limitations of quake a little (like how the bounding box interacts with oddly shaped vertices).

I'm glad you enjoyed my demo, I really persevered through the keyboard and framerate issues. The map proper actually works in DQ but the start area has weird disappearing brushes. No idea why. Probably a vis problem.

When you say last vanilla quake map are you going to map for RMQ or something? 
The ´┐Żbermapper Exists.. 
and its a sock!

Congrats and thank you very much for this amazing map! Loved every second of it! Demo? Not from me as i was admiring the details for like too long:)

Awesome map, the flawless execution is like art.
Thank you again for this lovely gift. 
Okay, I've been playing for about 40 minutes. I've got 88/160 kills, a silver key and a gold key. Problem is, I've found 3 doors marked with the silver key emblem and I'm not sure which one I should open. I can't find any more monsters to kill, so I suppose I'll just have to take a guess. 
Just Take A Silver Key With You... 
I did:

Awesomeness, Sock, from start to finish!

Played on Hard and missed a few monsters and some secrets along the way, but it was worth it :)

Seems like sock is busy, so I'll be a cheeky cunt and answer the question above. I think now he wants to do more with ITS.

And I think we all want to see more of that. 

I had a neat idea for a new player model that would look cool in ITS, but I know absolutely nothing about making models otherwise I'd have a crack at it. 
7/10 (I think i had 8/10 earlier on a playthrough with godmode on)

certainly more fun then earlier on, but i still dislike the half of the map is "optional/useless" even when using intended routes. will try some more later this weekend hopefully i can find the remaning secrets and kills 
Sock is a mapping machine in a good way

a bunch of HQ maps in the short amount of time 'tis insane 
What Everyone Else Said. 
Amazing map.
Have a demo. Confused as to how to upload to quaketastic. 
9/10 secrets
all enemies but 1
Not sure how long
Skill 2. No deaths. As close to perfect balance as I've experienced in Q1SP, perhaps. 
@spy, really nice demo, especially as it is nightmare skill
@Orl, for some reason you demo is broken, all the entities are missing and there are giant blocks in the sky.

@Rick, there are 4 Silver keys and 4 doors. Three of them can be accessed from both sides. The map does keys different, which is going to upset the traditionalist. Gold is your primary objective, Silver is secondary and in most cases, optional.

I think what is confusing the most for Quake players is, you can only hold one Gold/Silver key at a time, so if you see locked door, use the key. Otherwise you will find extra keys and will not be able to pick them up! Also there is no triggers setup on any silver key.

@Fifth, the start canyon has certainly got plenty of floor detail but there is hardly any combat there. Most of the steps/floor are clipped, so I am not sure what you mean. Your visual problems sounds like your video card/engine, can you produce a screenshot?

As ijed has said, I plan to work on my ITS mod, this is my last vanilla Quake map.

@Orbs, its certainly not a traditional map with a linear route, you have plenty of options and ways to get around things. Like for example you can get to the roof early, grab the SNG without having to do much in the Garden. There are duplicates of all powerful weapons, one is ambush trapped, the other is easy to grab. The map is about non-linear gameplay, multiple routes and exploring. 
Yeah I could tell that you clipped the terrain, but it's a hacky way of getting the bounding box to move smoothly over weird shaped brushes.

As for a screenshot... this is in directq

It only seems to have this issue in the starting area, the rest of the map is fine (plus the map runs much smoother for me in DQ than in Fitz, no idea why). 
but it's a hacky way of getting the bounding box to move smoothly over weird shaped brushes

Wow, this is the industry standard way of fixing mesh issues in all games, clip brushes are not hacky. They are designed for a reason, to smooth out the players movement. I think your current low detail project is affecting your better judgement.

Creating detail in maps is fun, it adds to the overall ambiance of a map. Sure it is time consuming to make but Quake is a hobby and there are no deadlines, everyone has as much time as they want to make maps.

Those screenshot errors are strange, they are certainly not a vis issue because there should a func_door at their location blocking those holes. When the player comes back a second time, they are removed and func_episodegate brush takes their place. It may be something to do with the engine you are using. They certainly appear with Fitz/MarkV/QS. 
You Can Never Have Too Many Clipping Brushes 
I know some people hate how I "force" engine settings on them, so here is a pak1.pak file "the way that Id did it" engine settings ...

No quake.rc pak1.pak 
"Wow, this is the industry standard way of fixing mesh issues in all games..."

Yeah I know why we have invisible clipping brushes, I used them a lot in Q-Deck, but games like Unreal did not have the same issues with floor terrain. Newer games like Ut2003 only needed a heightmap for terrain, no other clipping necessary :P
Abuse of clip brushes is one of my biggest gripes with modern games, want to walk down that alley? Fuck you, clip brush bitch.
As for my project, I wanted something low detail because my job now requires me to work long ass 10 hour shifts and I don't have quite as much time to pour over details like in your maps. If I'm not able to put down enough brushes in a given session I tend to lose interest leading to lots of unfinished maps.

Yeah I thought this might be a DirectQ thing, at least it only affects this one area. 
Smoothing out movement and having invisible blockades are two different things though.

Unreal always had more robust physics imo, like movers actually transfer their momentum. I remember in the gearhead map in Rage when I took the large elevator downwards and jumped up... I fell to my death.

I was like SRSLY ID? After all this time... lol. 
Fuck you, clip brush bitch.
Got to say that is rude, my maps are far from modern day standards of clipping everywhere. I let the player wander all over my maps, I just make sure that terrain is not so bumpy that you end up falling off edges by mistake. 
I Still Haven't Played The Map Btw 
Hearing how good it is wants me to wait for the special moment when I can give it my full attention <3 
"Got to say that is rude..."

Hahaha, I wasn't referring to you when I said that actually. Oh lordy, your maps are a breath of fresh air compared to anything today! 
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