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Q1SP Indiegogo Project
I have been thinking about this idea for some time now and I am curious to know what people think. Would anyone be interested in a professional quality funded Q1SP map by me? (Example - Zendar / Ivory)

Is there enough people interested? I assume a lot of people played my previous maps but did not comment so here's the chance, forum lurkers, what do you think?

I was thinking over a 6 week time frame with different donations getting different perks, like the chance to include your own idea of a secret in the map, access to the dev map files, vote on theme or map name?

Any thoughts?
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He makes maps and games in order to pay the rent. 
but I meant, even when he makes stuff for free, it displays the work habits/etc that obviously come from doing it professionally. 
...just disappear from the scene for a bit, tell everyone you'd love to work on maps but your computer died. Claim you need a top end Alienware to run your Quake editor, then when the cash comes rolling in you can spend it all on crack and hoes. 
Is he a big gardener or something? 
My Editor.. 
only runs on a cluster of bitcoin miners...pls fund 
I think crowd funding is a good idea if it gets things done. I don't think it would threaten the current order, but maybe get some neat things accomplished. I'd pay for great episodes with some new assets. 
I could see paying for a toolkit, like Quoth. Like, here's a bunch of new stuff to use in levels ... that would take a lot of extra effort to make sure it was as bulletproof as possible, was easy to use, etc.

That would be worth money because that SHOULD cause a bunch of new maps to get built on the back of it, simply because people want to use the new entities.

Just thinking out loud... 
I like that idea. 
ITS Toolkit! 
I Also Like That Idea 
I would cough a tenner, so long as there was an added gore option.... (I STILL miss my little blood-splat/pain skins mod) 
I would pay good money to get the broken bits fixed i.e. Knight and Drole damage range, shotgun grunt "reaction" time, Bob dodging etc. In fact I'd pay good money to get those monsters permanently removed from Quoth and every map that used them :D 
Way To Go 
Convincing authors not to bother.

I only just learned of this site today, wish I had seen it earlier when this discussion was more fresh, but I think this structure is more fitting for what sock was going for. The idea being that people pledge to pay some amount of dollars for each 'creation'. Basically like a recurring donation that recurs each time something new is made (or several).

I'm not totally convinced that it would really be all that much as to be meaningful income (a few hundred bucks a map from the total of the community?), but I think this is more aligned with the goals of 'support the artist'. Indiegogo feels more 'pay so I can do this', instead of 'pay because you enjoy what I do'. 
You're just trying to get us to donate to yours, scampie: 
My cat is grey, obviously not me. 
And Scampie is most certainly not smooth. Actually neither is that guy. 
I Would Pay Sock, With Reservations 
and I would pay for 'finalized' quoth as well.

I guess. Ugh, Negke, Scampie et al make good points...

Best go with #107. 
Sock Shouldn't Listen 
The "herd" mentality is the opposite of creativity.

What if Kinn started a thread back in 2005 like "Would you play a map that wouldn't run in WinQuake?"

And then 40 people start talking about how they wouldn't play such a map, how it would be wrong to break traditions, etc.

The "herd" mentality is something I have always found very annoying.

And a func_msgboard sometimes you have otherwise very creative and talented people who are actually attracted to the herd mentality at times --- probably because they are too talented in real life to participate in "real life herds" and like the feeling of being an "insider" as part of a herd.

But herd-thinking is never creative thinking -- and herd-thinking has another characteristic, by default it is always wrong too.

[Herd thinking isn't "thinking", herd thinking is actually the opposite of thinking.] 
The other way to look at it is that if 40 people tell you that slamming your hand in a car door is a bad idea ... it might just be a bad idea. 
"If All Your Friends Charged Money For Quake Maps 
would you do it too?!" 
I just think that the target audience is mixed. Some of the readers are mappers who are proud and amateur (like me), and some of those mappers get green-eyed in different ways, some for the map quality, some for the success, it's just a volatile mix of artists with varying degrees of personality traits. It was a bold question when looked it in this kind of context, I mean the fact that some readers are here to play the maps alone, some are interested in the development side too... - some will see others as competitors, whereas others will see them as providers of playable content. 
It's Easy To Get Jaded 
Sock Shouldn't Listen... 
....and Baker obviously hasn't listened nor read the actual thread. Otherwise he would have noticed there is clearly no bloody herd mentality, just people offering view points from BOTH sides and in-between too. Often with some thought out reasoning, and sometimes where people were going too far, useful counter-arguments.

Maybe do more "thinking" before typing next time. 
What if Kinn started a thread back in 2005 like "Would you play a map that wouldn't run in WinQuake?"

But my maps do run in WinQuake :} 
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