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Best Custom Maps?
What are considered some of the very best custom Quake maps ever created? I'm sure some are considered to be aesthetically superior while lacking in gameplay and vice versa.

I've played a majority of the maps on Quaddicted, sorted from highest rated to least. However, I think in some ways the rating is misleading on some maps. Other factors, such as the time period it was made, fanboyism, and negative experiences because of port/technical issues kinda muddy the rating a bit.

I was curious to see which ones stick out in people's minds as being the epitome of custom Quake maps in the context of the entirety of Quake history.
My Favorite 
day of the lords - i miss you glassman

anything by [kona] - beautiful architecture and texture art

the marcher fortess - the fortress, the fortress!!

plumbers don't wear ties - best base level 
Nice, haven't played day of the lords, pretty epic. 
Terra by CZG
Castle of Koohoo by Vondor
Nehahra by various
mexx7 by Mexx
Zerstorer by various
Moonlite Assault by Tyrann
Prodigy SE by Dario Casali
Operation Urth Magik by various
Hell in a Can by Michael Cassaday
Rapture by Tronyn
Colony by Glassman 
I couldn't pin down a single map that's my favourite. But I always liked stuff with heavy detail and fine architecturing and texturing - quality over quantity. So stuff by Damaul, Sock, Bal, RPG, Necros, Negke, Lunaran.

Probably was Bestial Devastation for a while, but so many other good maps released in the last 10 years that's probably been overtaken by something. That giant Tronyn map was pretty epic, can't remember the name. 
Only 3 Super-standouts Exist ... 
1) Once Upon Atrocity
2) Lunsp1
3) Insomnia

Those 3 are very abnormal in every quality metric by each and every standard of judging a single player release, and standout from the top 50-80 awesome maps by delivering in gameplay, design, suspense and non-repetitive surprise.

My opinion sucks just like everyone elses opinion!

However, fear not! Since I knew this simple fact in advance, I scientifically made corrections for this bias for your convenience out of the view that only quality unbiased opinions can represent the greater good and be a benefit to this world --- so out of this interest I scrubbed my own opinions posted here fact-correcting for that malfeasance.

[By now you should be running! Except for reasons that get very complicated, I'm not allowed to lie due to a pact I made with Uranus (the Roman god, no --- not "your anus" but thanks for asking) and therefore I posted this under those constraints. Thems the breaks!] 
very nice. all very good maps so far.

Just played through Once Upon Atrocity, quite pretty. However, whenever a shambler died I kept looking around for bright red homing missiles. Sounds like the revenant scream from doom was mixed into its death sound.

Hell in a Can was also pretty interesting.

@baker, a glass or two of port ago that wouldn't have seemed as logically sound. Thanks for your efforts. 
Baker, that post seemed a bit me-ish and a bit Madfox-ish (so that I'm sure resentment was being channeled as I'm always doing, but I'm not sure I understand the meaning, as is often the case with Madfox).

It's really hard to pick, out of all the diverse Q1SP experiences available. A more specific criteria is needed: appreciation of craft, atmosphere, or even pure technical achievement; or enjoyment upon first playing (shit will anything ever beat the original Quake demo when we all first played it back in the day?); or clever and inventive gameplay? Doubtless other criteria are possible too. 
Baker Strikes Again 
That's the most sense he's made for a while. 
You Can't Top This 
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