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New Quoth SP: Metal Monstrosity
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Metal Monstrosity is a large towering structure of metal etched with runic runes and full of hostile forces that are floating high above in the clouds of an alien world.

Please note that this map requires the Quoth MOD to be playable and was tested with various Fitz/QS engine clients.
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Downloading now, demo in a bit :D 
Fucking Ouch 
First And Second Playthough... 
managed to complete on my second go (on hard).

Good map... I find it strange how you decided not to use the new quoth launcher thingy. Also, please get all this stuff into one folder or .pak somehow. My quake directory is a right mess!

Onto the map, great visuals, love the skybox, a really interesting mix of base and met I haven't seen before (but it does work well).
Gameplay-wise it's pretty good, though I really don't think Quake is suited to such skinny platforms (people have given me grief for skinny ledges but none of mine are usually less than 64 units!)

I can't wait to see Daz derp the hell out of this. 
Cool Map! 
Thanks for the props sock!
Nice visuals, pretty hard encounters for my taste.
And i think it�s a bit narrow sometimes, if not to say cramped, hard to not fall into the void.


7/10 secrets, all kills. 9 deaths :)

Uploaded to the root of Quaketastic because I felt dumb today, this link will break later: 
There is a great read about this map in the readme (and on the web page).
Will play it for sure. 
@ijed, its hard to find sympathy for your plight when you insist on playing the map on nightmare skill first time through! :P

@fifth, the pak is ready for the Quoth launcher, check the readme file for further details. You certainly don't need to un-pack the files into the Quoth directory or even have an extra folder.

@mfx, glad you liked it!

The floor space is by design, narrow, tricky to navigate and treacherous when under pressure. A skybox map is about the fear of the void, if there is plenty of room to move about then the void is just eye candy.

Also everyone, don't worry about demo's, just enjoy the sublime feeling of falling to your death! :P 
Proper execution of the coagula type o map, with proper usage of ledges and nice q2ish designs, cool bridges as well!
Kinda hard due to lack of ammo in the end, but overall challenging and i liked that there were no fat mobs just soldiers and flyers. Though those fucking flyers suck! :)

Thanks for the map, sir sock!
First run. 
Cannot Play Demos 
missing s_vp_pll.spr? wtf? 
Quoth Maybe? 
missing s_vp_pll.spr? wtf?
This means the demo was recorded with Quoth v2.2. The file cache has been changed between versions, just upgrade and use the quoth launcher, it works really well. 
i dont get it. using -quoth switch and your mod dir on cmdline. how can this be done with the launcher.bat? 
i dont get it. using -quoth switch and your mod dir on cmdline. how can this be done with the launcher.bat?
Use the command line setup if you are comfortable with batch file setups or use the quoth launcher if you want something easier. Check the readme file for full details on either installation setup. 
Very Cool, Very Nice! 
Thank's, sock! 
Love The Name :) 

I found the narrow walkways were a fun challenge, because the map is small so it's not too annoying to die.

here's a skill 1 demo that starts part way through the map; messed up recording the start. I died twice earlier attempting jumps to get secrets.

time to try it on hard, and find all the secrets..

only complaint: what happened to the moon? :D 
I can play the map fine. thats not the problem, quoth 2.2 is installed. I just cant watch the demos, no matter what i try.. 
Hey, First Map Of The New Season! 
Lots of demos on hard where I fall to my death attempting stupid jumps to secrets.

The first few minutes are missing because I forgot to record. Eventually I learnt that all the secrets I saw can be reached in a safe way, and beat the map. Think I found 6 out of 10, maybe 7?

Architecture and theme is really cool here, I loved the floating antennae which were so inviting to climb around. The hard light bridges looked even cooler in action, and the little training segment in the first two encounters was well done (it's missed off the demo but I did kill the grunt with it). It's a bit of a shame that they didn't tie into the final arena at all, but perhaps they would have been too effective as a trap to use against the horde.

Combat-wise, I liked the initial climb where monsters gradually noticed you as you ascend. It felt very organic, like it could probably play out differently in subsequent plays, and denying the nailgun in the early portion made sure you couldn't just snipe everything from safety. The gold key marked a change into more wave-style brawls, but that fight was a transition as the monsters did filter in slowly from all around.

The final arena was neat with the lightning to avoid - I guess it was kind of like the final arena traps in earlier maps but I couldn't exploit it as easily, perhaps because it triggered at random. The waves had a good ramp of difficulty, I think that the last one would have been harder had I not found the plasma gun, but with it the Gug went down quickly enough.

Cool stuff, now I'm off to update the Quoth page with a link to this map! 
Oh Yeah! 
Can't Open Any Of Socks Maps In GTKRadiant 
Maybe I'm just an idiot? I would like to know what's up if anyone knows... 
@digs, RickyT23, glad you liked the map.

@ericw, looks like you had plenty of fun, good luck with the next skill level its tough.

@Preach, I love the way you deal with quoth monsters, it is like you know their weakness and how to defeat them quickly! If you want include my map on the Quoth page in the correct launcher format (metmon.pak), that is fine with me! :D

@KillPixel, I assume you enjoyed the map and curious to see how it was built? What version of GTK are using? Is it configured for Quake 1? What errors are you getting? 
Ah, yes, I did enjoy the map very much (like a majority of your maps). I've only played it once so far. Played on normal without issue, felt very balanced at that difficulty. The open look with constrained paths of movement offered an interesting feel. I was impressed by the lighting, you were able to have interesting shadows and dark areas without looking ridiculous against a bright skybox.

I've attempted to look at all your maps simply to see if there is anything to learn from your brushwork. Unfortunately, or bizarrely, they open but nothing appears in the editor. No errors, nothing. I've never had this issue with any other map, and I look at map sources when they're available. I'm using GTKRadiant 1.5. It's odd... 
Source Maps 
Unfortunately, or bizarrely, they open but nothing appears in the editor. No errors, nothing. I've never had this issue with any other map, and I look at map sources when they're available.

I create maps differently, I always func_group stuff so I can select/hide large chunks of the map quickly (like using layers) and recently I have started using func_detail to reduce compiler times.

Download THIS entity def file. Either put the file in the same directory as your other entity files (depends on how you setup gtk) or merge it into your existing quake 1 entity def file. 
Source Doesn't Work In Trenchbroom 
I wanted to see how you made those light bridges. 
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