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Q1SP: Castle Of Depravity By JCorvinus
Smallish, pure id1 affair.

When's It From? 
It's Very Recent 
Its decent.
When's It From? 
well it mentions a google+ page in the readme, so it's 2011 at the earliest. 
Looks Old-skool 
definitely has an old school map style to it. Not necessarily a bad thing, it would be nice to have a few maps like this released every once in a while. 
Not bad at all for a first map. I didn't see any serious problems.

No secrets (not even under a lift) though there was a power-up that seemed like it should have been one.

I used the double barrel shotgun too much and ran out of ammo once - had to axe a Hell Knight. Health was about right. I thought there was way too much armor, 3 yellow and 1 red I think, with only 40 monsters to fight.

Lighting was well done, though no color was used. Brushwork was good but very simplistic. The texturing really could have used a couple more hours of work. Several doors had z buffering issues when open and at least one had the two parts not linked.

Still, it's nice to have a decent playable map released rather than just something rotting on a disk drive like mine :) 
It's better than jam1_otp! Pretty obvious that the author was basing off id1. (or maybe hipnotic? that runic area at the end was very hipnotic)

I found two secrets that weren't trigger_secrets.

And yes, way too much armor. There was a point where two YAs were right next to eachother which was pretty ridiculous. 
Not Bad At All For A First Map 
First run demo, hard skill. Should play in any engine. 
I found it on Reddit the other day. It is from 17.07. 
Is That.... 

Very old-fashioned, but not bad. Shows the skills for future progress. Could do with another 20 shells near the start and another 20 monsters near the end. 
The tight ammo situation in the first part is likely the result of three items falling out of the level.

Pretty basic but okay overall, good for a first release and a promising start. Could have used a little more activity in the final part, when returning to the previously visited area.

I didn't find the unmarked secrets. They appear fairly random and without clues. Too much armor, indeed. I agree with otp's and Shambler's points.

Demo in case the author ever stumbles upon this thread. 
Author's Playthrough Video

Here is a video from the author's Youtube channel of him playing through the map. He says he used Worldcraft 1.6 in the About text. 
look like a speedmap but was fun :)

first demo! 
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