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Map Jam 2 - "IKBlue/IKWhite" Theme Pack Released
The second Map Jam pack is released! The theme for this pack was the ikwhite/ikblue texture set by Iikka Ker�nen, and we have 8 great maps to show for it!

Screenshots, Download, Mirror, Readme

Authors: cocerello, ericw/fifth, lunaran, mfx, scampie, skacky, sock, tronyn

Read the original discussion thread here.
MFX For Best Quake Mapper 
.mfx Wins 
"Boner mit Shambler" more like. 
These maps are blowing my mind... I need to play skacky's, socks and tronyns and I've done them all. 
Did we seriously just get 20 new Q1SPs in slightly over a month of time 
Nightmare skill demos with comments!

Cocerello: I liked the use of textures and the archicture, and lighting was good for the most part. However, I'm not gonna lie, I absolutely hated the gameplay. Completely unfair monster combinations with no good weaponry.

FifthElephant/Ericw: Very good. Visuals are a bit plain at times but the architecture is neat and impressive. Fights are good and situations are interesting. Ammo situation is tight but pretty balanced. That final fight is still super hard on skill 3 but that's alright I guess. :p

Lunaran: I wanted to call my map Persia Invasion, heh. Unique take on the theme, very good map overall with a cool layout and cool secrets. The final arena being very dark isn't particularly great tho, but that's my only issue really. Cool new textures!

MFX: Definitely one of the best Quake maps I've ever played, hands down. Everything is perfect. Architecture, gameplay, progression, secrets, texturing, situations. Everything. I feel that the crates are a bit jarring but that's my only complaint.

Scampie: Another unique take on the theme. I love how frantic it is and backtracking is never boring, with every room having several unique purposes. Architecture is gorgeous and the super secret is fun as balls.

Sock: I loved that one. Loved the pools and the SK choice. Secrets were clever as usual albeit a bit repetitive. Architecture was very good and texture usage as well -- except these gold domes, but that's a nitpick.

Tronyn: Holy shit batman. Very VERY impressive vistas with killer architecture and cool gameplay (though it's hit or miss). Some situations are great and some others are plain evil! Lighting inside is gorgeous!

That pack is even better than the first. Goddamn I love you guys. 
Yes We Did 
and most of them are amazing!

Still finishing up playing this pack, but the quality is through the roof! Great job guys 
thanks guyse, awesome maps from all of you! 
Skill 2 demos for everyone!

Brain too exhausted for a comprehensive map write up, let's try that tomorrow. Good god though, mfx. And Lun. And sock. 
Here Are Some Demos

For Cocerellos, Fifth's Lun's and Mfx'.

I couldn't finish Cocerellos because the gameplay was just too annoying. I'm on a time limit so didn't want to keep trying to get blood out of that stone with the other maps waiting.

I also couldn't finish Fifth's, but because I'm dumb. I didn't know what to do with the Chthons - no buttons in sight and no custom progs so I can't kill them. Swam around a bit, shot some lights and got lavaballed a few times...

Lunaran's was a nice departure. Games have taught me that waterfalls always have a secret behind them. I checked two of the three lavafalls so will go back and check the third later.

Mfx' I playtested so knew what to expect to some degree. It has improved a lot (not that it was bad before) but everything is incredibly tightly put together and solid - gameplay, visuals, theming and the secrets are awesome.

I'll record demos for Scampie's, Skacky's, Sock's and Tronyn's sometime soon. 
First Run Demos 
Some of them are multiple files cause I am a noob.

Enjoy these badboys guys.

Not too much of a need for comments because I added in-game commentary in most of the demos. 
will play all of these (with The Ramones/erection/etc) when I get home, but the waffle about mine:

- it's a failed remix of doom e2m1. only managed the first half, obviously. the roof was going to be the plasma gun secret.
- the roof combat is supposed to be pitch dark with all the monsters in silhouette, to make it more tense and scary. I predicted to scampie that everyone would think I just didn't light it right. :(

everyone's really building up my expectations for mfx's map, although apparently there's crates in it so it's an automatic negative one star 
as long as they are arabian/persian styled crates it should be fine. 
Crates Are Like Hitler? 
Damn This Old Game Kills All The Others ! 
Unbelievable that Quake1, even in 2014, crushes all the other fucking computer games out there !

And this because of you guys ! 
*Rousing Chorus Of "We Are The World"* 
Awesome Maps! 
An amazing pack of maps, many of which could easily be released as stand alone maps on their own merits!

So first off, demos! Split the zip because Sock and Tronyn's demos were somewhat big. All skill2.
All maps except Sock/Tronyn

Straight off: Other than I think being a bit too tight on ammo early on, MFX's map is absolutely amazing and I think most will agree the best map in the pack. As in likely the best release of 2014. I loved the bit of free choice in the start of the map to enter the temple! The visuals are awesome and unique, the atmosphere as you go through the level is fantastic, and it was just a joy to play. Wonderful :D

Next I believe Sock's map is another clear stand out for it's clever design. It feels different than many Quake maps, but still fitting, and it gives you a definite choice in routes to try, and encourages you to play it again. The secrets are fun and the gameplay excellent. Everything about this just seems well thought out and considered. And of course, it looks awesome as you would expect from sock!

Lun's map is a great setting, that just feels fun to play through without it trying to do too much. Some of it's Doom beginnings shine through, and there are nice secrets and the hot lava that will in fact kill you when you mess up your jump over it. The end is maybe a bit weak, but the overall setting and gameplay are fun. A nice short map that is lacking sanddogs that existed in it's beta...

skacky's map is fun, and has another nice looking take on things with the floating upsidedown temple thing going on. This is some straight forward Quake action! The gold key area is a great big battle and the highlight of the map.

Tronyn's was a massive vista that somehow you managed to let players walk around in. No wonder it took forever to vis! The visuals are big and chunky and Quake. I'm not so much a fan of the gameplay and pacing, it feels very odd to start off fighting Shamblers and Vores and Hell Knights, then meet sprinklings of Grunts and hordes of Knights and Scrags here and there until the end battle. Possibly this was due to needing to cut down for time? I had to actually quicksave in this level though, which is something I never do!

Fifth/Ericw's map I feel like tried to do too much and it became a bit of a monster for them to wrangle into something coherent. It's a decently fun map, the combat was generally good, and there are nice visual elements... it just feels like it needed more polish beyond what they could reasonably do in the couple weeks. It DOES have the most unique battle in the pack though, so congrats on that part!

Cocerello's is again another map where 'bit off more than you could chew' seems to be what happened. I appreciate the general direction of the look, think it needed some more lighting polish to try and make this shine... but the gameplay was really poor. I think you intended players to sneak around and collect some weapons and ammo, but that goes against the instincts of Quake players so much, and even then the monsters were still a bit too much to slog through with peashooters. I don't want to rag on this too much, you clearly state in it's title it's not finished to your liking, and I do know you are still relatively new to Quake mapping. My only suggestion for the future is to think smaller scale until you have a better handle on how much you can reasonable do to a high quality!

To reiterate, this pack was fantastic, and a joy to play, great work everyone! 
I've played five maps and only succeeded in recording three demos and one of them was on my own level 
Sock Secret ! 
I finally was able to find sock's super secret, without cheating ! :-)

Really great. Reminds me your Quake3 single player map.

And apparently Sock have some sense of humor, related to the forum users here. Should I say more ? I don't want to spoil the surprise ! Heheheee ! 
Played All 
recorded demoes.

died in a few so will do re-dos and post here eventually!

The maps in this pack, like everyone keeps saying, are way better than they have any right to be given the time limit. Pretty amazing how well this jamming thing has worked out so far. Here's hoping you guys find a way to keep some sort of momentum going now that Sock won't be organizing! 
Nice Maps! 
Thanks! Sorry, several maps not finished :( 
My Maps In Hard/nightmare Skill Were Planned For Masochistics 
so your reactions after you played them are what i expected.

I'll explain: hard mode was planned to be experimental, brutal and UNFAIR, unfair in a sadistic way from the mapper like the traps in Quake custom maps from 96-97 (the tarbabies' ambush was planned with those objectives in mind), and from that position i toned it down a lot. And i didn't care much for two reasons: i never thought so many people would play them on hard, and because is the hardest skill, and a gameplay like that should be somewhere to appease that type of players. Those that want the usual Quake gameplay have easy and normal, i wanted to have a map for everyone. But i agree that for this type of map people expect straightforward gameplay and play with that in mind, and i should have put an advice ingame.

Instead of most custom maps when the differences between skill level are minor, i wanted to specialize each skill for a different type of playing. Each skill level is like a different game.

As i wrote on the text file, I achieved this not the usual way of changing the number of monsters, which is the same in all skill levels, but by changing the enemies placement and choice. I was pressed against time, so the faster option had priority and was used more than changing the monster placement, which achieved this grinding gameplay.

- Easy skill: anyone can do it, very easy.
- Normal skill: usual type and difficulty of gameplay in most Quake custom maps. For those that want a more normal gameplay while being challenging.
- Hard/nightmare: unfair, and grinding, for those that want a extreme or weird experience.

At least in hard, and judging from your reactions, i think that i have achieved my objectives quite well.

About the matter of the choice of weapons is my own particular tastes. I don't like the big guns, as you can go through enemies like they were paper, obliging the mapper to double or triple the number of enemies or be very clever in its usage, which i didn't want nor had the time to do. So instead of matching the gameplay to the weapons given, i did the opposite, match the weapons to the gameplay, placing the big guns (GL and LG (i hate the RL)) as secrets with limited ammo.

Well, to summarize, those that hated hard skill gameplay, try out normal difficulty, is like a different map, more Quakey and i am sure you will like it way more.
Oh Man, What A Fight Skacky 
Enjoyed this a lot, have to play the others later.

Big fight on Skacky's map: Enjoy! 
Well Now. 
Played a few, and I just have to say that Tronyn's map is not only the best he's ever made by a long way (so much better with a restricted texture set and no Drake mod), it's one of the best Quake maps I've ever played and indeed one of the best FPS maps I've ever played. The epic spectacle, sense of place and how far it pushes beyond Quake styling makes it as aesthetically exciting as any sci-fi/fantasy FPS. 
DaZ ? 
Has DaZ made any review of the maps yet ? 
Here's a skill 3 speedrun of my map for shits and giggles. Contains SPOILERS on several secrets: 
glad you liked it Shambler, cheers. An expanded version will come out later, but I'll try not to use too many Drake monsters ;)
(I actually like grunts for the setting but I think Drake's Hexen 2 Archers would also fit it). Now that the jam is out I'm looking forward to playing it and catching up on all the other releases I haven't played yet. 
Loved A Lot Your Demos 
Thank you all guys for the demos, they were eye openers to me. They made it crystal clear to me that i should always use betatesters for now, even for speedmaps, at least for now. The map had its unintended issues in gameplay too, making it way easier for skill 2/3 and a bit harder for skill 1.

That, and that the ambush of the knights and the shambler in skill 2 is like Satan and Hitler cooperating.

It was surprising to see that the SK was so obvious and way more to notice than the GK, even though SK was hidden as it leads to a big secret area.

** Lunaran, i won't follow your preach, i won't release again a map without one hundred betatesters and less than two thirds the time spent on polishing ;) .

** Ijed, thanks for pointing out the issue of lighting.
In your demos it says all the time that you are playing on skill 1, but in them appears enemies from skill 2/3 that shouldn't be there, apart from those from skill 1. You also say that you are playing on skill 3 but in the engines i use (Quakespasm and Darkplaces) it says skill 1 for the three demos. I replayed the map, and it doesn't happen for me. What engine have you used?

The solid doors are there, not entities and angled for three reasons, to block vis, so the monsters don't go out or in the building, and because they look cool, as the door on the floor does. Using them to make the gameplay easy by shooting through them is a plus, and i don't mind it, Quake custom maps are filled with that kind of moments.

** FifthElephant, the weapons and ammo that you missed are all on the biggest room (the one with the ogres) on the ground floor, below the stairs and on the side opposite to the door you use to enter the building. There is three places with ammo on the ground floor and one more with a weapon between the ground floor and the first floor. None of them are secrets.

It is pity that you missed them, you were making a nice play in the map, and I enjoyed it throughly.

as it seems that it was too long

** Digs. It was interesting to watch, you mainly played it like i thought, except the times of where do i go now, of course. Thanks.

** Onetruepurple, it was a funny demo to watch, but my maps are planned to play them slowly and cautiously. If you rush so much you'll feel overwhelmed and think that it is harder than it is. Play it on normal, its type of gameplay will be more to your tastes.
The gold key is very near the door, drop down from there to the terrace below, and you'll find it.

** Skacky, it was an interesting demo to watch.
No problem, you can be honest with me always, even though, in this case, i expected that kind of opinion from skill 2/3 play-through, so it was even less than a problem.

I thought that, as you hated the gameplay you had a very hard time with it, but it was a nice demo to see. I should have put the NG before, but i always play with exploration in mind and wanted that getting to the NG felt a bit like an achievement while not being hard to get.

Glad you liked the last room, is the one i feel the most satisfied with the lighting, as it was the one easier to light from the four with fake GI, even though in general looks, i prefer the library.

The dissapearing brushes (in this case a func_wall to reduce vising times), i always though that it was related to having too many things to vis in a room. Isn't it? I worked on that, as before there were many more, but two escaped my watch.

** Scampie, i'll answer you later, now i have to eat. For now I can say that you nailed pretty much everything. 
Where Do I Go Now? 
As all the people who made demos where wondering where to go next in my map I am writing this.

The map provides hints on where to go next by having hints on both the button and the doors they open. Every button opened door has this.

The hint is that every door has a central square in the middle, if it can't be opened or is opened automatically or by a trigger, that square is white, if the door is opened by a button, that door has the same texture in the square as the button that opened it. 
Scampie, You Son Of A Shambler ! 
I found your secret rave party. AWESOME !

That map is such a gem ! 8�D 
Just passing through to say wow. Beautiful stuff, gents. 
MFX's Map 
I think that MFX's map is my favorite, with Scampie's and Sock's.

MFX map is so much Quake. The atmosphere is very strong, as it should for a Quake map. I especially like the basement with its mess of wood planks.

And the rendering style is really great. Feels like some eerie dream/nightmarish. Very well done.

Next : I'll reply all the maps using the DMSP mod, in nightmare mode, just to see what happens... 
Glad you like the secret :D

My map should work well in DMSP "Deathmatch 1", but the scripting of the blocking doors and such quite often breaks in single player DMSP, and there isn't much I can do to fix that 
Scampie + DMSP Mod + Nightmare = Mega Rave Party, Texan Style ! 
Oh boy !

That combination works, and it's trully excellent ! Hundreds of dead bodies/gibbs/heads and parts everywhere, in all the rooms and corridors.

What a freaking mess !

And I love the fact that the parts doesn't go away, with the DMSP mod. Here's an example :

Muahahahaaa ! 
When you ask 'skill' it will return the skill you have on your rig, not the one the demo was recorded in (AFAIK).

I played in Quakespasm. 
Just Played All The Maps Through 
proper review later, but for now some quick comments:

Cocerello: I didn't have much trouble with the route, though the library was a bit tricky. When I found the silver key and saw the ladder ahead I thought I was going to be crushed between bookshelves lol. Played on normal so found the gameplay reasonable, though perhaps light on ammo later on.

Fifth/Ericw: great stuff, this is the kind of map that makes me want to look for secrets, what with all the building tops, arches, towers, etc. The end (with the lamp) was awesome, tough but I eventually managed to finish it without cheating (secret is helpful lol - first they're invincible, then you get to pay them back for that). Perhaps the vertical route could have had more mileage, but overall great.

Lunaran: Holy invents Ik-Red - probably the most unique visual style of the pack. Saw some lava secrets ala e1m8, super cool though I didn't find them; I liked the dark final combat, it was challenging in an unusual way but not unreasonable.

Mfx: "Are you employed, sir?" (the Big Lebowski to the Dude) - how could you make something this impressive in such a short space of time? This strikes me as easily the best map in the pack, up to Zendar standards even (!!), and a huge leap from previous MFX maps. I loved the little details and sense of exploration, the secrets I did find, variety in the environment; amazing sense of place.

Scampie: Great style, this is one evil map. The intense gameplay totally fit the theme/concept (this god clearly loves blood), this map had a strong hostile bloodbath feeling and made me want to kill stuff. Very atmospheric, the monsters all seemed right at home, beautiful lighting. Quite an Elder World feel for sure.

Skacky: Loved the title and concept, although (can't believe I'm saying this) less hordey combat might have suited both better. Secret quad run was awesome though. The idea of a sky city has always appealed to me. Excellent use of the textures and probably the best lighting out of any map in here. Like Fifth's map, this is the kind of map you just want to fly around checking out how all the sections fit together.

Sock: Gameplay reminded me of Midnight Stalker a bit, close quarters with ogres, shamblers, and hellknights is often more challenging than I assume! Great details as usual like the health pools (heretic 2 textures yay! - actually the whole style reminded me of heretic 2's "Cloudhub"). The setting on the edge of a cliff was great, in fact now that I think of it like half the maps were set way up in the sky. Sweet.

Overall thanks to everyone who contributed and especially to Sock for making it happen, the maps were all great and this is the most fun I've had playing Q1SP in a long time. The temple/palace setting rules and I'll be replaying this trying to find all the secrets in the future. The fact that the ikblue/ikwhite/etc texture set is now significantly expanded is a nice side benefit too. 
Death By A Thousand Derps

For real this time! 
Thanks Tronyn 
Copy and paste helped a lot in my map, glad you liked it. Zendar!?! Lol..

I made demos for each map, further praise in there. Sorry for probable derpings in some:)

Thanks again Sock for organizing this!

Overall, its a good time for Q1 players:) 
Seriously MFX Your Map Is On Par With The Greatest Q1SP Maps 
I don�t like the endfight(?) much, and still i�m not sure about the light in some places as well.

Nobodys arguing about monsters being spawned in, me wonders.. 
MFX, About Monsters Being Spawned In 
I noticed the way that the two last monsters are spawning from the ground. Felt weird, but cool anyway. Match well with that eerie nightmarish dream rndering. 
Like I Said In Daz's Stream, There Will Be A JAM3 This September 
Some people want to cool off a bit so they have the whole of august to slack off. 
I Can't Put It In Zendar's Company But 
Definitely an excellent release, especially considering the time frame! Your earlier releases (and unreleased betas) did a great job of mimicking Than/CZG's style, but this map makes it undeniable that youhave your own style now. That's pretty fucking huge in and of itself.

Will replay the rest tonight and offer comments and demos shortly thereafter. Died early in tronyns map (from falldamage - a first time for everything) so pretty pumped about it from that preview/ shamblers comments.

Hard to pick a fav so far, they are all very very good and for the most part very innovative! 
Blown Away 
What an amazing jam. I really don't know what to say. The maps were incredible!

Here is a demo pack (33mb) of first time runs from the stream 
Sock + DMSP -> Hilarious ! 
I tried Sock's map with the DMSP mod : all the supplementary monsters are just falling one by one into the void, near the shotgun balcony. One poor dude per second.

A rain of monsters, LOL !

Scampie's map doesn't behave well with DMSP neither. 
That�s Like Filling Diesel 
in a gasoline engine.. How could you? 
Diesel + Gasoline + Beer + Coffee 
At least, your own map (MFX) works very well with the DMSP mode, and it's awseome.

And here's a room full of nasties in Scampie's map, just under the start floor. Hilarious to go there and say hello !

Hehehee, I love to do this ! 
that isn't a picture of my map... 
Hmmm. It's From MFX 
I like to find the hidden boxes full of monsters and drop in them like a shit. Monsters hate that. 
Fantastic Job To Everyone 
I applaud all of you for being able to create such visually pleasing and fun gameplay maps in only a months time. I can guarantee this map pack will go down in Quake hall of fame as one of the best.

First run playthrough of each map, hard skill: 
Cocerello - didn't attempt to play it after the gameplay complaints. I turned right and the first enemy I see is a Shambler with my sg - alrighty then. Nice visuals though.

Lun - nice lava filled map. I wasn't quite so set on the unlit fight at the top, but it was frantic.

Fifth/Eric - pretty bit battle at the end! I really liked the final arena - I think I preferred it over the white parts of the level. good map.

Skacky - mate another fucking awesome map. You really have some talent. The combat was well balanced as well with a good mix of shamblers/vores/ogres/hell knights the closer you get to the finish, but without just throwing them all at you at once. Although there was a massive horde fight, I kind of like that this wasn't at the end. I ended up reloading a few times just to make maximum use of the quad. It's placed far enough away that you can't quite use it on both shamblers. Only thing I'd tone down on again are the constant ogres are in high spots. Anyway great level, again!

Sock - this might be my favourite sock map. I just love the texture combinations with the heretic or hexen mix. Though not as heavy on tough combat like some of the others - ie a single shambler to finish the map, I just love a nice small map like this with lots of Ogres. You really don't need 200 enemies for a nice fun map. Anyway love the visual style. Only disappointment was missing out on the two underground bits since they're secrets only. I only found them after noclipping which isn't quite the same. Also the second SK door - it would have nice to go back and find out what's on the other side to lengthen it a bit.

Will play the rest tomorrow, got Tronyns, mfx and scampies left. 
You have only read a part of the thread.

The complaints are only about hard skill.

No one that played the map on normal skill had a single complaint about enemies in the map. For example, check Tronyn review on post #39.

Dont drop a map for a reason like that.

Ps: typing a long text from a phone is a pain. 
yet another package of demos, blind first run on normal. don't expect any skill here at all.

managed to miss a ton of the most obvious secrets somehow, geegee. also, had to re-record the very beginning of jam2_tronyn separately after beating the map, cause i've realised way too late quakespasm stopped the demo on level restart.

thanks to all the authors for the awesome map pack! 
Cool cocerello - although I was on normal and the first enemy was still a shambler, and when I did run around I didn't see weapons anywhere. Might give it another go at some stage. 
If you don't mind, i would like to discuss your comments, discussions done right are what get things moving and improving and your comments are interesting.

Cocerello's is again another map where 'bit off more than you could chew' seems to be what happened.

You don't know how much you nailed it with that comment:

- Its the biggest antagonist that i had to dealt with since the beginning of my mapping for Quake in 1996-1997. For example, the third or fourth scrap i ever did, was a giant plain where i used all the room in the .bsp format. My first map after leaving Quake SP for 15 years, a speedmap for sm170 that wasn't released for that session because of lack of Internet, was as big as the .bsp format again, and complicated to the extenuation. After that i toned it down a lot with sm171 and sm173 and with several other maps that i have near completion, but came back again with sm175. Bad habits are hard to deal, but i'm concentrating my efforts on that.

- This map was at the beginning of the jamp a previous work in progress map that i used for the jam because it fitted with the theme exactly (it was also ikwhite/ikblue).
If you think this was big, the sketches i have of the map are thrice the size and the theme of the map is very different and complicated, not a mansion in the sky at all. Well, to be just, the map didn't look as complicated as it does in the sketches ...

I think you intended players to sneak around and collect some weapons and ammo, but that goes against the instincts of Quake players so much

That too, but i wanted to put the ammo where it would feel natural, thats why there is so much in the closet near the SK door: what the hell would be doing a ammo box in a library, it would make no sense. Also, i don't like the feel of the ammo is just there for you to take. Sometimes i think that it would be best to make a weapon like the automatically rechargeable one from Drake, i like it a lot.

It doesn't go that much against, there is many Quake's Id and custom maps that have this feature, but yes, mine is one of the few that rely on it so much. The idea isn't bad, what was bad was the execution, there is some Quake custom maps that did this brilliantly. I think that this issue is mostly related to hard skill, where if i deleted the shambler at the beginning this issue would be lessened a lot. About the peashooters, i explained it before, instead of raising the monster count and mischeavity, lower the weapons to fit them, i think that it is an interesting way to do it, if i were to do it right, which i clearly haven't.

you clearly state in it's title it's not finished to your liking

Yes, the brushwork, progression, gameplay and even the theme of what i had planned is very different to what i did in this jam. That and that this mansion was supposed to be something on the middle of the progression of the planned map, this layout doesn't fit the beginning of a map at all, and that's where the problem with the gameplay in the early stages of the jam is.

My only suggestion for the future is to think smaller scale until you have a better handle on how much you can reasonable do to a high quality!

Yes, that's for sure a good idea, and i have a ''work in progress'' map that would fit it, even though i don't like the theme.

* About your demo:

I liked your display of skills, but above everything, how you remained calm and composed in dare situations, struggled to live and refused to die, and how you used architecture and layout in your favour.

It was surprising how you reached so far by jumping, never realized that anyone could get to the broken bridge like that.

By the way, you have brightness turned up a lot, don't you?, you realized the knights ambush in the dark part very easily and were the only one in doing so. 

So much that could be said about this pack, it's quite hard to condense it down to a few salient points:

1. Excellent and varied interpretations of the theme.

2. The quality, scope and sheer creativity of these maps irrefutably demonstrate why Quake is still relevant in 2014 and beyond.

3. In particular, most of the maps show how awesomely effective a few new additions to the engine - i.e. fog, coloured lighting, transparency and skyboxes - can be when they are used so well. The way these extra effects are implemented in these maps is a great demonstration of small enhancements making a big difference.

4. Although there are great maps from mappers old and new, it's really reassuring to see how well the "new" generation of Q1 SP mappers are doing, Sock (for maps and organisation), MFX and Skacky in particular. A few years ago no-one had heard of them Quake-wise. Now they are doing cutting edge Q1 SP. This is great.

Excellent pack, well done everyone. 
Cool cocerello - although I was on normal and the first enemy was still a shambler, and when I did run around I didn't see weapons anywhere. Might give it another go at some stage.

Are you talking about the shambler outside? There is no other shambler on easy or normal. Nothing bigger than two demons apart from that, by the way.

Yes, that one is in even on easy, but it is on a dead end, you can always see him before he sees you no matter what you do without cheating, and he is acting as a door to keep players from going there till they are confident in taking him because i planned to put in there a big secret. To summarize, it doesn't affect the gameplay at all.

The map rely heavily in exploration.

You can get the NG before after no more than a death knight and two knights see you, but it depends a lot of the path you take first. 
Cocerello Map 
My complains about the Cocerello map are these :

1. The exterior borders are dull (flat square floating in mid-air).
You should build some wall all around the building, with some decorations.

2. The furniture at the end is really ugly : a table, a chair and especially a bed. They're too crude and don't fit with the architecture. I suggest that you simply remove them.

3. The end teleporter is very ugly. Replace it with a large square slipgate. Especially for such a large corridor.

4. The red circular windows are crude in that same corridor. Make them rectangular, or add more polys so they look less crude (more circular).

5. Even in nigthmare mode, there isn't enough monsters/battles. The rooms are extremelly large and feel empty without monsters. Just add more peeps to cuddle (rooms full of zombies and dogs).

Not really a complain : I would add a basement or a cave under that building. Something is missing there. 
jam3: remix jam2_cocerello 
I Think My Brightness Is Higher Than Most 
Think it's a calibration thing with my monitor though, I have the gamma in Quake turned all the way down. It's also why I was constantly asking my testers to tell me if my map was too bright! 
(too Dark I Mean) 
Scampie In The Darkness... 
As far as I can tell, the brightness is perfect in your map, as seen on my system. 
I didn't notice a problem with it scamps. ;) 
Jam2_MFX Speed Run 
Congratulations 5th, i knew you wouldn�t stop til you got there.
Nice one!

Next time i clip it all:) 
Actually That Wouldn't Have Been Needed. 
if you had made the trigger in the final room cover all the windows it would have made the run pointless (I think one of the bad guys needed to open the final gate spawns outside the gold key door, effectively trapping you inside unless you get the key from underground) 
its all good, this is all intended.. 
Very nice jump, I can't even reproduce it. :p 
I knew it was doable, i did the jump several times in fullbright. 
Great to see a completely blue map. I love the blue textures they're just so Quake. Tough gameplay too with some nasty setups. I had fun with the secret exit and sprinting through the level again.

Epic visuals. One can tell you really love building massive architecture Tronyn! I was glad to see a simpler finish with the single shambler. But overall the combat kind of felt like it was an afterthought. The shambler and vore at the start, then following up with a dozen knights, scrags and tarbabys all spawning at once... Also the big open areas with no cover turned it into a quickload heavy level for me. Looked awesome though!

Favourite of the pack. I loved the simplicity and size of it, similar to socks level. Small is nice! The detailing was fantastic. Only dip was the platformy underground part, that wasn't as spectacular as the more solid areas. Atmosphere was great, especially in the central area. Almost felt like a real place. My favourite ikwhite map. 
Have Only Run A Couple So Far... 
...I got the impression a few mappers carried some "honey" sensibilities over into their Jam2 levels - to very good effect. I'm going to try and draw out playing these for as long as possible. Huge thankyou to one and all. 
Which "honey" Sensibilities Are You Referring To? 
Crazy quality.

First Tronyn map I liked playing in ages! Lovely style too, reminds me of nunuk's Q3 maps. 
Nunuk == Sparth, Now That Makes Sense! 
Wow, what is this. Those screens looks ace.
Q1 seems to be the game to map for these days... 
Wow, what is this. Those screens looks ace.
Q1 seems to be the game to map for these days... 
hipshot has joined the game


Less boring and less obvious, but still optimisable at the end where I waste a few seconds. Despite the thrill of going from a 1% success rate to a 2-3% success rate on the first part of the run, I can't be fucked to sort out the end. I'd forgotten how frustrating / pointless / stupidly addictive speedrunning was. 
Funny, I was thinking when I put that grenade launcher secret in "that'll turn the quad secret into a total speedrun route."

I've played everyone's but sock's, so I'll post my obligatory wall of reviews later this evening. 
Just spent an hour trying to improve that run and didn't even get back to the quad. It's about 15 seconds to there....I think that's enough attempts for now. 
Fog, monolithic architecture, voidishness, thematic repetition etc.

What do you think of when I say "honey" Drew?

...waits for avalanche of double entendre 
CZG's Incredible Gameplay Sensibilities 
alongside his aesthetic ones.

I guess I was unsure of what you meant by 'sensibilities' is all. 
(thanks For Clarifying) 
COCKELLERO: I actually had a perverse kind of fun in this map. Reminds me of maps I'd made with a friend when I'd just figured out how to compile brushes - make some quick but sprawling complex, and stuff it to the gills with way too many monsters and guns. The whole thing would erupt into a huge chaotic infight, and we'd replay over and over trying to survive long enough to let the monster count reduce until we could grab the weapons tossed thoughtlessly around, and on every playthrough surprising things would happen. What this map needs is even more monsters, just an utterly unreasonable quantity, and guns everywhere (and not all hidden in the secret parking garage stairwells). Might as well play to its strengths.

FIFTH ERICPHANT: The opening courtyard is the kind of super-conventional room that boring maps are made of, but the gold key door room and everything after it are all very clever and unorthodox spaces that really set the map apart. More levels need neat water sequences. Loved the sudden switch to blue after the teleporter to the boss chamber. Should have been named "Double Djinnitration."

LUNARAN: I railed against locked-in round-by-round arena combat finales a few weeks ago, ran out of ideas for how to end this map, and then built exactly the fucking thing I complained about. gj

MFX: I think there is a portrait of you in your attic that ages every time you release a map.

SCAMPIE: If a map's going to rely on ambushes, they might as well be huge. They were all paced terrifically, each one building in tension but never becoming unfair or over-overwhelming. This is how to go big in Quake.

SKACKY: 'delay 1' lights really are great for hazy, cloudy spaces, aren't they? The foggy moonlit setting combined with the particular way light pooled around every fixture almost made it look like lights were glaring in the mist. Sheer vertical walls of windows kind of felt like an ikwhite Hong Kong apartment block, though.

SOCK: I am saving you for dessert.

TRONYN: I don't get the hype. This had lots of long, long, narrow ramps that it was very awkward to walk or fight on, groups of monsters so big it was exhausting and dull to thud away at them with the SSG for ages, endless places the monster AI would fall and hang up and get stuck ... everything is built at a scale, placed at a range, or otherwise used at a quantity that Quake wasn't designed for and simply doesn't work with. But, large open spaces are impressive, so apparently that's all okay? I know you liked my map and said good things about it, and I'm sorry, I guess I'm just not that into the big map thing. 
well you're certainly not obliged to like my map just because I liked yours. And yes, I'm used to a more Unreal-style Quake gameplay, which the Drake AI allows for (in Something Wicked for example, if you've played that, enemies wake up when they're supposed to, and it's similarly on this larger-than-id-quake scale). I actually thought blasting grunts off the high bridge while taking cover behind the tilted crates was a great gameplay moment, but to each his own, plus I didn't have nearly as much time to set up the gameplay as I would have liked (I had to cut architecture as it was). The tarbabies part might have been a bit much but I find those fights fun. I thought skacky's was the hordiest (to say nothing of scampie's, though his was so fast-paced you hardly notice). I also like the narrow walkways suspended in huge areas thing, I know quake's move speed is a bit fast for this sort of thing but I think vertical scale and the chance of actually dying if you fall off can make the atmosphere/experience more intense. Again, personal preferences. 
there isn�t, i just looked to be sure. 
* Barnak, don't stop there, i am sure you have more, and while you are at it, expand it to the rest of the maps. Having possible flaws of a map pointed out is interesting.

* Lunaran

Not original enough, try again.

I actually had a perverse kind of fun in this map.
Glad that you found another way to have fun with it.

and stuff it to the gills with way too many monsters and guns. The whole thing would erupt into a huge chaotic infight, and we'd replay over and over trying to survive long enough to let the monster count reduce until we could grab the weapons tossed thoughtlessly around, and on every playthrough surprising things would happen

If you tell me how to give entites a ''not in nightmare'' spawnflag in WC/Hammer i will make a Lunaran mode in my first release only for you.

If you like that kind of maps, then THIS is probably your best map ever. Enjoy it. Its biggest downside is that if you can survive the first minute it becomes way easier.

By thew way, i have a map i made in 1997 similar to what you are talking about. I think that most of us did somehing similar t least once. In my map the player had to kill dozens of shalraths and scrags in a medium sized layout, mostly with infighting till the player reached the weapons. It was fun to see how many voreballs you could gather behind you.

jam3: remix jam2_cocerello
Not that i would mind to support. You have my full cooperation :P 
Try 'warpe' - it's pretty rough, but not unfair IMO. 
Yeah, definitely the biggest downside with that map is that it becomes way easier after the first minute. 
After Several Tech-errors Last Night... 
... got it to work!

First, my EZ-Q1 folder was setup for QW-LAN play and that didn't work, but it took a while to get everything working. I noted that the game thought I had a "shareware" version of Quake, since I stripped the directory of unnecessary things. When I sorted that out and copy pasted the id1 assets from my steam version, everything worked like a charm, but not with EZ, but with Fitz.

I had a good time playing these and it really shows how good the single player game of Q1 is.
The visuals are stunning.

I noted Sock used my sky, thats always nice!

Now: Where do I go to learn and map for Q1? What tools and how about custom textures? I used to use Quark and Worldcraft I think, back in the days, but that was like 17 years ago. 
Cocerello's Cave Test 
Hey ! That cave test is rally great. Why don't you add it under the building, in your jam2 map ?

Pure chaos, pure fuckfest, what an orgy, what a mess !

Hehehee, love it !

PS. Try this cave map in nightmare mode, with the DMSP mod. 192 + 1 assholes in a masturbation festival ! 
Was a big inspiration behind the jam2_otp that made it into map source dir. 
Cave Test + DMSP 
Cranck up The Ramones !

I never said that that map was good or fair, or that i loved it ... It was a joke.

* Barnak, that map isn't mine, it is LordHavoc's.

* Ijed, i still have to play Warpspasm even though i know its fame, and many other Quake hard but not unfair gems, but there is too many. Thanks for the recommendation anyway.

About hard maps, i am actually stuck at Arcanum's second map, near the GK, where a hooded warlock kick my ass all the time. I should have shallowed my pride and lower the skill level months ago...

* HIPSHOT, WC is still used a lot, specifically, Hammer 3.3-3.5 with Baker's Qadapter, but Trenchbroom is the trend right now.

If you want to stick with WC, here you have to get:

About guides, you can begin with:

Custom textures and tools:

If you want to do your own textures, use Wally, Texmex and 
It's Not Aged Well 
My Reviews: 
Cocerello: Unfinished, not sure if extra time would have made it much better.

Fifth: Beautiful. Cool ending.

MFX: Possibly the best quake map ever made. I can not fault this.

Skacky: Very pretty, but not that interesting gameplay imho.

Tronyn: Crazy-ass environment that should have been in Dark Souls. Not a fan of the gameplay, although I did thoroughly enjoy the flash flood of spawn at the beginning.

Scampie: Pretty cool map bud, I enjoyed it. ;-) Also mad props for using the Q button texture, haven't seen that been used in probably three years or so.

Sock: A Good Map. I really like Sock's secrets.

Lunaran: Lovely with a bit of warmth after all the cool white and blue. Great map, I thought the fighting in the dark bit was cool. Way to go bithc!

Addendum for all maps: I never want to fight another knight ever again. 
Thank You! 
now that baker has me sorted, will play these in the next day or so.

And if this pack has managed to lure Hipshot to quake mapping, even better! 
I recommend GTKRadiant 1.5 (has support for Q1 out of the box) since I assume you are most familar with Radiant.

You'll also want tyrann's compile utils, and I like having necros's compile gui as a simple front end for the compilers.

You'll need texture .wads too. is all the stock Quake textures. Get TexMex as well, it lets you edit and explore .wads. GTKr1.5 expects your .wads to be placed in /quake/id1/ btw! 
Nehahra or Travail theme for Jam 3 
Here's a demo for Tronyn's map:

There were a couple of things that bugged me, namely the grunts and sometimes completely black areas, but apart from those it was varied and fun.

I have ijedemos2 at home with demo's for Sock, Skacky and Scampie's maps; I'll upload that tonight. 
I've got all the demos people have uploaded so far and I'll use them when I start on the final version of this map (working on other stuff atm though).

how many mappers started something and produced only scraps for this besides otp btw? 
i have some startmap leftovers, mostly terrain.
It�s nothing. 
I've Got A Bunch Of Stuff... 
but I still plan on finishing my map at some point. 
Late But Done It 
finally had time to play this excellent map pack!
you guys did awesome job!

cocerello - ok try for the new mapper, hope u'll continue

fifth - nice setting, lighting and gameplay

lun - unusual usage of pitch darkness and lava with this set (darkness was painful though)

mfx - nice details indeed! and lighting, i was able to see something, there!

scampie - nice details as well, evile packed gameplay. too dark tho!

skacky - interesting design, cool light and fun gameplay.

tronyn - most epic scales ever, weird gameplay and acceptable lighting.

sock - all top notch as ever! your map had the most quake feel to it, next goes scampie's map ;)

first runs with alot of deaths: 
On a scale of 10 to 11, how much vodka did you have before playing the maps? (1 to 10 are clearly not enough) 
Played 3 So Far 
all in mark v, because I get slowdowns with some maps in regular fitz (probably the dynamic light thing again).

- cocerello : obviously tried to emulate a real life place and I guess if that was your goal, it succeeded. But as a quake environment it just did not work for me, the scale of many things was off for the game and also layout was not exactly conducive to good movement. The layout was also not conducive to good gameplay but I found gameplay a slog on normal not just because of the layout but also because of how you chose to place ammo and health and withhold weapons.

fifth - not bad but like the jam1 map, feels underdetailed and unfinished. Although relatively speaking, when compared to the jam1 map, it is much more detailed and finished. But taken on its own, parts of it felt too plain and more of a starting point. Gameplay was decent, especially the end part.

skacky - loved the visuals, the lighting was very moody and some of the brushwork was very very nicely done too. As for gameplay, probably my favorite skacky map in that regard because it didnt feel grindy and repetitive and was actually quite fun. 
where are the demos dude? 
Having Noticed This Released 
i freaked, i still do.
Last jam was great, this one is real!

All maps are awesome, maybe not all stand to modern day visuals (cocerolo?WTF?)

And one map was out of this world, mfx knows how to sense quake into modern environments, and beyond. And Tronnys.. 
I'm not a critic. Just a gamer. I liked all the maps. Didn't find many secrets. Just shoot buttons and walk through walls. I seen places where things were like quad damage but I couldn't get to them. 
I dont record demos because on my first playthrough I start off playing normally but if I came to an are I like visually, I just save and start to wander around taking all the atmosphere in, which usually means ignoring all the monsters I have woken up and eventually they kill me.

Sock seems to understand that some people do this and when he first shows a 'wow' area, the combat is not intense (or at least he delays any intensity) and you can take it in without worrying about dying. 
i understand perfectly, recording a demo lays a burden on any(every?) player, thats why i love to see them..
I play with you.
I Didnt Press That Button, Did I? 
On the shores of nis was something i wanted to show you.. 
3 More 
lun - very neat, great unique style, I just wish it was longer and a bit more challenging (end fight had desired effect except if you get quad). Any chance of an expanded version?

mfx - great map, very polished with creative little details everywhere, nice gameplay setups. Maybe lacks as many visual wow moments as say skacky's or tronyn's maps.

tronyn- holy fucknuts is all I have to say, was completely immersed in this from the start, I cant believe you pulled this off in regular quake bsp. A few small visual glitches (eg knights partially disappearing into floor near GL area on cliffside) but considering how quickly you built this, it's hardly an issue. Gameplay wise, I'm with shambler, the most enjoyable tronyn gameplay map in quite a while. I disagree with lun's comments on the gameplay here, it's definitely different and not normal quake gameplay but surely if a map does that 18 years into the game, that's a good thing? 
mfx - loved the two secrets in a row (cliff secret + quad secret).

tronyn - first secret is epic. Loved it. 
And The Last Two 
sock - nice fun, expertly detailed map. Bit too easy with all the health pools but very replayable.

scampie - this reminded me of the sadlark maps, maybe sadlark8 in terms of evil atmosphere? Anyway, loved it, great intense gameplay setups and nice build quality.

Overall, I cannot believe you guys produced these sort of maps in this amount of time. 
Thanks for all the maps, they're great entertainment.

Here's a little run on mfx's map. I see I'm not the first one to find this path though but no worries! 
Thanks for all the maps, they're great entertainment.

Here's a little run on mfx's map. I see I'm not the first one to find this path though but no worries! 
Surely A Hard Nut 
to beat your time! 
Good Work Mandel! 
You beat my time by like 10 seconds! I doubt I could shave any time off of that. :) 
Thanks sock and all the guys for putting all this work in. With this many quality releases it must be one of the best years for q1sp in a long time. The mapjam idea has worked well in giving guys motivation to map and release (rather than plodding along for years trying to perfect it).

In fact Tronyn I don't think you need to build on it and release a version 2. It's good as it is, you'd be better off putting your time into your unreleased stuff (which I can't wait for!). But anyway its up to you :) 
Anyway, why dosn't this work in EZ-Quake? Anyone know? 
because ezquake is a quakeworld engine, which is the multiplayer fork of quake. it is not meant to be used for playing singleplayer content and things will be broken. please use quakespasm, fitzquake, requiem or directq. 
Yes, I played it all with Fitz, I just wondered, cause there are some nice effects in EZ that looked good on the levels I got working. But thanks, I didn't know Ez was just a "QW" Quake =) 
Finished Tronyn's map. How the hell does one build something so massive in such a short time span? Very impressive looking map. (Too bad I get a better framerate even in BF4 though.) I failed to record a demo because I thought the map was gonna take me ages but it ended up taking "only" 12 minutes. Oh, those spawns were super annoying btw, the only thing the map would have been better without. 
hipshot: if its the effects you are after, joequake/qrack are closely related to ezquake. requiem has lots of fancy effects too. 
you may be having similar slowdown issues to me if you are using fitzquake (not on all the maps but some). If so, try playing them in fitzquake mark v, I recommend release 14 rather than the latest release 15 (see mark v thread for links to both). 
Final Batch Of Demos 
Here they are:

Featuring Scampie, Skacky and Sock's maps. 
Plz Ijed 
put away the axe. 
To really show a Shambler who's boss, bar the odd quickload, you have to stand up to them, toe to toe, and scrape away their health with the worst weapon in the game. 
I loved how that Shambler got cornered and stunlocked to death also. 
By the two knights I mean. I had never seen knights win against a Shambler. 
Yeah Thats Fun 
You can also do the same trick yourself - when a shambler is whaling on a small enemy you hit it every few seconds so it never gets to end an attack on you or the enemy. 
Cocerello's Map 
The map is ok, but (as others already said) has a very bad gameplay. I write this just after I played the map, I came here to see what others say, I thought maybe I'm stupid or something. I played on EASY skill, I repeat - EASY (skill 0), not even normal.

You say the map is unfair only on hard, sorry, but that's bullshit, please try to play your own map on EASY and see how easy it is. I ran out of ammo quite fast, playing with just the axe is not fun at all, especially when you are fighting death knights and fiends.

Otherwise the map is ok, but please, please, next time try to test your own map, at least a quick run from start to end on normal or easy to see if it's "doable". 
Playing the maps again, not missing a single shot, not taking secrets, killing all monsters by myself (no infighting) except those in secrets, i end with:

Easy: 0 shells 52 nails
Normal: 44 shells, 92 nails
Hard/nightmare: 48 shells, 0 nails

Clearly there is a problem there on easy, there should be 80 more shells there, probably i forgot them in the last hasty compile, the same as what happened with the 6 tarbabies missing on hard/nightmare skill.

Thanks for the info, RaverX. I'll promise that won't happen again, at least not that badly. 
holy fucking shit! 
Hey Mfx 
fuck you!

// This map has been written by QuArK - Quake Army Knife, QuArK 6.6

I have always used QuArK's bugs as excuses why I never made the greatest Quake maps ever. You owe me a D�ner or two! 
I cannot say i like QuArK, but the texturewrapper is quite useful. Timesaving somehow..
But yeah, fuck me with d�nerz. 
Fuck You With Bloom(en) Instead

Quark's texture tools and feature tree are the bestest. 
*jingle bells* 
That Screenshot Spirit! 
What engine is that? Looks gorgeous at least, i can�t believe this is Q1. 
Looks like Skyrim 
Darkplaces with dpmod and a func_snow spanning the start area. 
Still Haven't Played Them... 
You Aren't The Only One 
Some Skill 0 Derping

Probably only of interest to the map authors. Some of these were played in a very bright room and I couldn't really see what was going on...

cocerello: done already in this thread
fifth: I don't have very strong memories of this one... I think I played terribly and died?
lunaran: too dark for my environment...
mfx: amazing! I had my share of problems with the dark and got lost a bit but well, still an awesome experience
scampie: clever progression
skacky: pretty good, not the most remarkable of the pack
sock: nice solid map
tronyn: you're a lunatic :-p I found navigation very easy, slightly to my surprise. very very easy on skill 0, which is fine I guess :) 
Thanks for the demo, they were interesting to see, and surprising how you jumped at the shambler with just a slight hesitation.

The ammo you missed is below two of the stairs on ground floor, one of the big ones and a small one (40 shells, 25 nails and 30 health) and with the SNG (40 shells and 30 health), below the closet filled with ammo with the death knight in ambush. Yes, it is a bit hidden, like the rest. 
Finally finish playing all maps, what a fantastic map pack!

Love then all, but scampies, mfx, sock and skacky were really good in architecture and game-play.

Tronyn awesome epic map had great fun playing it, always in the red line but not impossible like some of his maps :)

Scampie map in second try i jumped to the secret and was easy to kill the shamblers :p

cocerello go finish it :p

fifth had a fantastic look but the final battle was to much :\ a quad maybe? :)

But my favorit was mfx map, please make a fullvis of this one... fucking love it!

the demos... 
Its Fulvised 
i wont touch it anymore. thanks for demos! 
hehe in Darkplaces show those grey backgroung :)

thanks for reply :)

will replay this map for sure. 
Please use quakespasm as stated in the readme.
It was only tested for this engine. 
Awesome Pack. Great Work, Guys! 
Cocerello: so i got you gave me herpes omg i think im emote ^.^ but it depends from person 2 person

FifthElephant: I'm afraid of elephants now. hahahaahaa! hey guys i mean emo FOR THE ALLIANCE!! this is magically gay.

Lunarian: аааааа)))))))))))))))))))))))) ) so freak n cute maybe throw in a backflip! you serious? my emotional rollercoaster has headed off now Bwahaha so deluded.

mfx: Heelllooo lil puppy. oh wow adorable<333 he walk like a faq hey guys God, you people...

Scampie: lol this guys are just making fun of themselves. ;p cute as hell is a saying Any small dog could so fuck you!

skacky: Hmm... for once people! enjoy ;) omg i think im emo! The the only thing intense about this I hope we can save some souls nice cat balance there

sock: The Christian who sees Jesus in a piece of burnt toast? D: lol get me every time hahaha THATS TIGHT "DOG" hungry yeah more like and there bigger then that.

Tronyn: YES!!! for cuteness! AHAHAHHA. lol get me every time hahaha Thanks for the message! evar Mel Gibson

we'll wave at this mother fucker in hell.! hahahahhaa skilled dog lol SUXX i just jizzed in my pants 
Is That From 
Lunarian: аааааа)))))))))))))))))))))))) ) so freak n cute maybe throw in a backflip!

squeee! i didn't learn very beginnings, but ... I CANNOT BELIEVE IIIIIIT? 555 this is definitely the game. ta 
Omg sorry Lunaran, also loved your map also... played the map some days ago and forgot to put the coment :(

Map very simple but fun :) nice quad damage end fight... love it! 
Thanks for your demo, but what do you mean with void-light or the lack of it? 
Notice how the scrags flying in the sky/void are often dark or even pitch black and only being lit when moving over geometry? In Quake, the brightness of models is based on the lighting of the solid surface below them (up to a distance of 1024, I believe), but modern ('transparent') sky volumes aren't treated as regular solids so all mdls on them are only minlit or unlit.

The trick to ensure such entities are properly lit in space maps is to make the bottom sky brush bigger, maybe 64 units or so, and put a large solid brush (normal texture, extremely upscaled) inside, at least 32 units below the inner sky face, and then a spot light pointing downwards in the center with the desired brightness as well as a large cone. 
the reason the hidden brush is extremely upscaled is because lightmap resolution in Quake is based on the texture scale, and you don't need big lightmaps for brushes you can't see.

maps with lots of void and lots of scrags are a pain in the butt since you have to coat the floor with sky/black and spotlights :/ I wonder what kind of wishful-thinking tyrlite feature would take care of that more easily. 
A Single Downward 180� Cone Spotlight With No Shadows Or Falloff 
Infinte Radius 
delay 3?

Or can one give the monsters a _minlight key with 100? 
this + _anglesense 0.01 so the angle doesn't affect brightness on the surface. 
Thanks for the demos. About what you were asking ...

Not compiled with extra4?

Yes, but not only that. It hasn't been compiled with even a single compiling parameter. Back then and till two months ago, i couldn't, but thanks to Ijed and Necros, now i can. You have the reason explained here.

wasn't as hard as expected

That's probably because you played it the way it is intended and the way i played when tested it.

In fact, you mimiced my style of playing in this map in almost everything and made the same decisions, except when you waltzed with the voreballs (i would get behind a corner and snip them). That made the map way easier as the map itself worked in your favour, giving you confidence and making your mind work better and faster, saving you from hasty decisions, which raised your confidence again, turning into a loop (or a spiral).

For example, you only took the ammo boxes when you were below 80 shells (same with the health packs), so you were almost never low on ammo, you backtracked when faced with an enemy instead of rushing ahead and awaken more, used the columns against the shambler and knights ambush, used the weapons to its strenghts (the NG for aiming through gaps and sniping, the shotgun for the rest), and many other behaviours i also have when playing in this map.

Well, that and that you saw the ammo before the big fights, that helps a lot in this map. If not the loop would be in the opposite direction, working against you. 
I Know I'm Going To Lose All My Geed Cred For Asking This... 
... (if I had any to begin with) but what bizarre code are negke and Luneran using in #158 and #160? Someone at least give me a clue; I can't for the life of me figure it out. 
Spirit's Youtube Comment Generator 
I'm afraid of elephants now. Don't Forget to swallow! this era of stupidity is over 
This Is So Childish.. 
Simply Awesome 
Cannot add that much... really great :) 
Tronyn, This Is About Your Map 
Funny thing is, whoever made that particular map didn't set up the CD audio correctly. I think they were trying to use CD Track 2, the title theme, but they instead set it up to use CD Track 1, which is the data track and can't be played as audio. Now, I ripped the CD's audio tracks to my source port's directory ages ago, because I'm not that interested in keeping the Quake CD in the drive any time I feel like playing Quake. Instead, I had a music CD in the drive, which the source port defaulted to when it couldn't find the ripped track. As such, I got to run around an overly-large Arabian cave with tons of ambushing Shamblers to Amigos Para Siempre. Surreal, to put it mildly. 
wow that is awesome!
shamblers and vores fall in love, producing tarbabies? 
Based On Screenshots 
These maps look good. I will watch Daz play them and live vicariously through him. Go Daz Go! 
Had to come out of hiding to say I still prefer the looks of these maps to modern games. The geometry is so.. consistent. Absolute eyecandy. Respect. 
I haven't played with quake for many years, accidentally stumbled upon custom gamer's youtube channel, and i had to try these maps myself. Wow, i'd have never thought the quake 1 community is still going so strong.

Outside Cocerello's map, all of them are very good and fun, but the absolute standout is Tronyn's map. As i said, i'm not very knowledgeable about the newer maps (so maybe there are several similar ones), but it was almost unbelievable to me that such a complex and gigantic and great looking level is possible in such an old game. 
Hey Pagan

The community for Quake and Doom are still very much alive. There's plenty of sites to visit, from and to my own small corner of the web that I update every once in a while. 
yeah there's heaps of good stuff that is at the same level as Tronyn's map. 
Thanks, i'll look around. I almost forgot how much fun Quake is. I certainly like the feel and gameplay of it over most contemporary fps games. 
No Words 
I played through all of these maps including their respective remakes (mfx's AD remake and sock's 1000cuts) and I can't even begin to comprehend what you guys managed especially in such a limited time frame. I had a long list of points in praise of each map but I'll just keep it relatively brief since I doubt any of the participants will even see this post.

mfx - I already did a long write up of how much I loved ad_azad. I'm still just as amazed playing through the basis for that map. You already had so much figured out. I spent tons of time admiring the architecture in ad_azad and I still couldn't stop marveling at every little detail in this version. I've read through most of this thread and it seems like your map was one of the most highly praised, and it's easy to see why.

Tronyn - I spent most of this map wondering how you managed to fit it within +-4096. It was incredible just soaking up the views. Even in 2019, very few games can achieve this sense of scale and the type of atmosphere it creates. I'm really drawn to huge scale maps and your maps have been a goldmine for me.

sock - I did a write up for 1000cuts already so I'll just reiterate that this was a beautiful map from the architecture to the textures and the flow. The combat was excellent and I loved the secrets. You're probably well aware by now of how huge a fan I am of your style.

skacky - The lighting, the atmosphere, the texture usage - I couldn't figure out how you came up with any of this. I spent most of the map ignoring the monsters and just studying your texture usage. There was something so soothing about the atmosphere. It felt like a real place, a legitimate palace with a very regal feeling. Probably one of my favorite Quake maps and definitely one that I'm going to study and reference a lot.

scampie - some of the best pure id1 combat that I've played. Beautiful architecture, also really excellent texture usage. Super secret was a ton of fun. This map and sock's feel like they go hand in hand in terms of style, and I absolutely loved both.

fifth/eric - awesome layout, fun throughout, especially the boss fight. I got a Serious Sam feel from some parts of this map (in a good way). The angles and room shapes kept things really interesting.

cocerello - played on skill 2, wasn't a huge fan of the combat but I didn't have the same complaints that everyone else had. The openness of the map was cool in the way that the player had options and was encouraged to explore. Felt like a very old school map.

Lunaran - a unique take on the theme. I loved the subterranean palace theme and I actually really liked the final fight. I didn't have a problem with the monsters appearing as shadowy silhouettes and I never once felt like any part of the map was improperly lit.

Not exactly as short as I wanted to keep this post but man, these maps are so incredible that I couldn't resist saying a few words. Even though there are probably thousands of maps at this point that I haven't played yet, I think that I can already say that this is one of the greatest map packs of all time. I really can't even begin to fathom how you guys accomplished this. I'd like to have even a fraction of a grasp on texture usage and architecture as you guys demonstrated in these maps. 
I'm With Poorchop 
This is one of my favorite releases from the community and the reason why the IKWhite/Blue texture sets are my most beloved. Poorchop, I'd love to read your write-up on AD_Azad, where is it? Quaddicted? 
Nothing really worth reading, just praising the use of AD mechanics to make the world come alive as well as the architecture. I've spent a lot of time enabling notarget and noclip and then flying around ad_azad as well as the other maps in this pack just to admire the architecture. The texture set was already beautiful but they still managed to take it to another level. I've been playing around with the textures and I still can't come up with the kind of stuff that these guys created. 
Thank You 
We admire the scenery too, as much as anyone who has played it. 
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