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Valiant - 32 Map Megawad For Doom
Valiant by Skillsaw is a 32 map (!!) megawad for Doom which contains 5 episodes, new and tweaked weapons and enemies and other things.

Screenshots / DL / etc

You need a Doom engine such as ZDoom, GZDoom, PrBoom-plus 11), and Eternity in order to play this release.

I have played up to map 6 and am enjoying it immensely!

Mods edit: Looks very good for Doom maps, on Daz's twitch stream.
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Watching the stream, looks amazing. :) 
Saw This On Doomworld First 
I could play some of it, but I'm too lazy to play trough the entire thing. 
Played through the first episode and there's some good level design in this. 
He's prob my fav doom mapper right now 
Episode 4 was definitely weird and hellish, but I think the actual design that was so great in the previous 3 episodes was missing. The first map for E5 was really promising for the rest of the episode though.

BTW I'm just running through on godmode. Fuck you. 
feels like a requirement... seriously the start of one of the episodes has you up against like 3 cyberdemons and a spidermastermind and you only have a pistol... like wtf. 
I Beat That One On UV No Godmode 
get on my level scrubbadub!!

...but serioysly you just evade and rely on infighting to slowly wear them down, its a cool idea! 
Wwow You're Some Sorft Of Fps-gOD!!! 
I thought that level was a cool idea too.

The first E5 level was good, not so sure about the rest so far... 
It's interesting how design for high-level play makes you realize what's actually possible in the game. When you stop thinking of the cyberdemon as a boss that can only be used in a boss context and just treat it like an extra-large enemy, well, sure, why the hell not have three of them?

The start of that level, with the cyberdemons in the room with you which teleport out as soon as you wake them, was a great way to forewarn the player know they were going to be out there. 
I Just Dont Have The Skill Level 
for this type of play. I am envious of anyone who can do this shit. 
Watched Daz play through this entire thing. It's essentially a bullet hell shmup in first person.

Very relevant: 
That is a great article 
Yes It Is 
Every time it's posted somewhere I end up reading it all again. 
So Here's Another Recurring Bit Of Games Design Waffle 
yeah but the one I posted isn't intolerably fucking obnoxious 
Yeah, obvious, but good points, and clearly what is either missing or very mediocrely replicated in modern FPS. 
Not really all that obvious in some spots. I liked the point about the locations being so abstract, either as a choice or as a limitation of the tech, that it freed the level designers to focus on tactical situations rather than visual fidelity.

Call the level a "military base". Doesn't really mean anything. Just design it so it's fun to kill monsters in.

These days you have limitations as you can't just blow out a wall or add a column without the design/story team coming down on you for ruining the aesthetic of the airplane hangar or whatever.

They had a lot of freedom to do whatever was best for player movement and gunplay. Would love to get some of that back. 

The key point is that 'fun' is now simply a feature of games development, just like any other - nice artwork, story, theme, multiplayer, multi-platform support etc.

Back then fun wasn't a feature, but the whole reason for making the thing. 
Well, be fair, Doom isn't covered in demons and hellfire because they DIDN'T want to make that art. :) 
Also multiplayer was a key feature of both Doom and Quake ... 

I suppose I mean that games dev has evolved to a state where it can comfortably crawl up its own arse.

Sometimes though a game gets the balance of elements right though, leading all the pretenders to wonder what the magic formula is.

An easy example is mobile and Clash of Clones.

The original idea was probably just "Let's make a multiplayer tower defence game!" 
These days you have limitations as you can't just blow out a wall or add a column without the design/story team coming down on you for ruining the aesthetic of the airplane hangar or whatever.

And that's why everything is crates. Generic shape putty!

They're equally appropriate anywhere because they're equally inappropriate anywhere. If there's bad guys, bad guys need supplies, and supplies come in boxes. Boom, I've just explained crates into 100% of game environments. 
Yeah that was one of the points that was pretty obvious to a seasoned Quake fan. It's still a very good point though. 
My god... 
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