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Does Quake Need Its Own "Cacowards" Style Yearly Awards
So I've (slowly) been making my way through the Cacowards over the last year and it got me thinking.

Because I don't really follow the Doom community at all, having a resource that brings the absolute best of the best to the forefront each year is incredibly useful!

So would, and how, would such an "awards show" work for Quake? Some questions:

1) Are there enough releases to make an awards show possible and/or useful?

2) What would the format be? Top 10 maps? Top 10 maps + mods? Source ports?

3) How would they be selected? Open poll? Peer review?

4) Where and how would it be presented? A new website? A new column on an existing website?

I would be really interested in hearing opinions on this as it is something I would quite enjoy working on. With Quake's 20 year anniversary coming up next year it would be a lovely time to have such a resource (with backdated years perhaps!) to show to the larger gaming audience that might come back to quake if there was a nicely presented and respected way to bring the best content to the top.

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1) I'd say no. Better make it up to 5 year intervals?

2) Yes. Also fan-art maybe? It's "engine" or "client", not "source-port". ;)

3) Community is too small (and partially abusive) for open polls to output anything reliable. Get some known people as judges maybe. The more diverse the better.

4) Daz Livestream

qexpo 2016 is a unique chance to get Quake into the spotlight. 
5 year intervals sounds like too long. Nobody will pay attention at that rate. I think it needs to be yearly. 
Re: 3. 
Divided into categories by the collective of func (and others?)

Then selected by a committee, assembled from:

Shambler - long time PlanetQuake reviewer, spot on opinions about all things Quake, eloquent and hilarious. He'll never ever map for Quake but he can very well tell pearls apart from shite.

Daz - put more effort into promoting modern Q1SP mappery than arguably anybody else. Also a skilled designer, maybe not as consistent and prolific in output but he has a good grip on how to judge quality.

Spirit - put more effort into preserving the legacy of Q1SP mappery than, without argument, anybody else. Can also serve as the 'wildcard' judge, with his rather exotic opinions on some releases.

scar3crow - ardent and stalwart fighter for the "Quake was the best game ever made" cause. Has been around for virtually forever, got his mapping cherry popped with func_jam3. Manages to out-purist even me. 
Quaddicted Comes To Rescue! 
With Quadficted being there already, why do we need an award or a poll of any sort? Just list maps and sort them per their ratings. 
Quaddicted Comes To Rescue! 
With Quadficted being there already, why do we need an award or a poll of any sort? Just list maps and sort them per their ratings. 
Whoops! Sorry for double posting! 
Because awards make it a splashy thing. That generates exposure and may even get it onto news sites that normally wouldn't cover Quake 1. 
Quake's community is much smaller than that of Doom's, not to mention Doom has much more content, ranging from fantastic, to a complete waste of time. With Quake, releases are sparse, but they are never not worth a playthrough.

I don't think a cacoward event would be a good idea, it would single out those who maybe put a lot of effort into a map, only to be overshadowed by someone else's.

Further still, there are Doom wads that I find are very deserving of a cacoward but never got one, and wads that did get one, I felt didn't earn it. It all boils down to the judges decision, and not necessarily the community's choice, which I think would matter more. 
Everyone gets a trophy, yay! 
I Like The Idea 
At a minimum, it would be cool to have an option on the quaddicted database to group by year, sort by descending rating within each year, and maybe hide speedmap packs.

Real awards would be cool (though a lot of work).
It should be yearly, that's a good chunk of time to look back on and see what the community was doing. it doesn't matter if there are weak years that only have 3 or 5 great maps. The selection process can allow selecting fewer than 10 winners.

I don't know if open voting or judges would be better. With judges, we could have them write a couple sentences commentary on the win. Tronyn did a great set of top 10 lists back at the 2008 qexpo, here 
A sort-of summary or end-of-year review would be better suited, in my view. A little bit of text on each of the 15ish releases or maps, mini-reviews if you will, putting all of them in the context of the year or period. 
Yeah there won't be enough for Cacoward-style top-10 lists. But you could possibly award "best"/"runner-up" in a few interesting categories like architecture, combat, jam/speedmap. I dunno. Some sort of yearly retrospective would be fun in any case. 
Haven't read the thread, but I propose a couple of categories:

1. Best use of old-skool Id style.

(e.g. that sock map that was awesome)

2. Best innovative style.

(e.g. RRP) 
The Shamblawards 
I Agree With Negke 
I'd Like 
to nominate Shambler to do a year-retrospective each December. It could be divided into just those two categories of "classic quake" and "innovation." I liked Spirit's old best of the year poll, but I don't think there's enough releases per year (despite the flood of great releases in the last year, many of which I have yet to play) to warrant an awards situation with a panel of judges.

On this subject, once Drake is done (stop pestering, I am resolved) I plan to update my history of Q1SP level design to the present day, and of course, catch up on all unreviewed maps. 
Thanks for thinking of me as a judge but I am not interested in that. Got too many Quake plans for next year already and I generally don't like reviewing that much (surprise!).

I'd suggest adding some random players to the mix. If you just take the grumpy func oldtimers, you get very narrow views on the maps where things like build quality and professionalism count more than "fun". I had more fun with FranckQ's Home map than any other map this year for some reason.

The polls on Quaddicted had so little traffic that minor cheating did a too big impact on the results. It required closely monitoring votes and that felt like Stasi (not to mention false positives).

One idea that would be fantastic would be a full extract-addPAK1-and-go bundle of engine (crossplatform) and selected high-quality maps and mods. Setting up Quake is freaking hard for most of its audience so having some showcase of community works that requires nothing but adding the official PAKs could work well as introducer. Even that might be too complicated though. 
Agree With Negke 
+1 for negke's approach.

While a yearly award system like the Cacowards would be fantastic, I don't believe there is enough release volume per year to make it worthwhile. Many projects will likely make the list regardless since quality around here is often high. There was a small discussion about this too within the Duke community not long ago, which quickly died off...

I've been considering a similar idea on TAW but haven't figured out a proper format yet, possibly dedicating it toward Duke, Quake & Thief (+TDM) content. Haven't been on the ball with reviews for several months myself though with my focus being elsewhere, so even that idea remains on the backburner. :( 
The Most Annoying Guy Award 
Ok. I agree that there isn't enough content posted every year to do a top 10, although I like the idea of bringing the best releases (however many that is) to the forefront in an end-of-year review aka what Negke said!

I had a very similar list of possible judges as OTP although spirit makes a very good point in that you want to get opinions from people from different parts of the gaming community.

Another idea that I really like is a releasable pack with ALL the chosen levels + an engine to run them in + all settings selected. This isn't really necessary for func_ers but for the wider gaming audience that see cool levels in this awards show and want to play them.

Now there are probably issues with releasing a pack like that as levels have dependencies in progs.dat etc that could cause conflicts. But some sort of combined download with something simple and easy to run all the releases (simple ui, batch files or whatever) would be needed.

Maybe waiting until Qexpo 2016 and the Quake 20th birthday milestone might be best, then we could organise a big celebration of each year of Quake while showing off the best releases for that year? 
20th Birthday For Quake 
is a good shout for a "best of" kinda thing. 
Community-based: just create a discussion thread in december/january where people can talk about the releases of the year, post reviews or anecdotes, whatever. And then have someone distill a proper article from all of it.

Btw. I don't like the idea of bundling all releases. It would devaluate the indivudual maps/releases in a way. A good article should create enough exposure (with the right bit of advertising maybe). 
I would suggest that we do this in a cross-community way. I'm now a staff member and post news there, and I would be more than happy to collaborate on something like this.

I have been posting a lot of links to func_msgboard in the front page news there for a while in the course of reporting on map releases.

It is my opinion that the remaining Quake community needs to start doing things together instead of each of us sitting in their own little niche. Serving the greater good together >> taking the piss at each other.

I can always be approached at the three main forums if there is an interest in cross-community collaboration. If you want something newsed at to reach a greater audience, or if you want to talk about events, feel free to contact me. 
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