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Quake Expo 2016 - 20 Years Of Quake
This year Quake will turn 20. Let's make it the best Quake Expo ever?
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I Might Do Something 
I'm In 
I'm maturing my engine work anyway, so if Retroquad gets good enough for a public release by then, this should be my contribution. 
I Am In 
I want to say that every few years since 1996 I've re-visited the Quake modding/mapping scene and at least 2 of those times it was because of QuakeExpo. Don't underestimate the effect this can have in re-vitalizing the community for a few months or years.

Scampie and JneereZ - As far as AD not garnering attention. I just saw the first post about AD on FB today. If you want an audience you have to go out to that audience. There's not even a website or domain for AD that I am aware of. The promotional factor was zero. Maybe by design? I think your hard work should be played by a lot more people tho! If you point them in the right direction - maybe post some "Let's Play" for the kiddies.

or Reddit - someone could have asked us to all spam the quake subreddit to add our voices to the conversation. Heck Daz was the original poster on Reddit. Was he involved with the development? 
I'll Try To Finish Razenkrauft So It Will Meet The Deadline 
You might consider a different name. I know it's supposed to sound german, but it's a nonsensical word. That would be fine, but to my ears it just sounds funny, and I don't think it's what you're going for. It's not ominous / evil like Zerst�rer or Doppelg�nger or other loanwords that are used in the english language, it's just silly.

Or maybe it has some other meaning that I'm not aware of? 
Sleep - Here, have an 'e'. 
I tried something that sounds german, yes.
Aside from the human installations, there's castle ruins and an underground greek temple.

...yeah, if anything I'll take another name, but Razenkrauft was the only name I could think of. This would be associated with a lion, because I'm using Deathmatch Classic's wad, which has that lion face texture, and it really caught my attention.
Maybe The Lion Gatekeeper/L�we H�terin? 
Something That Could At Least Be Said With One Word 
German sounding words are fun to my ears. One of the more fun languages to listen to because of the almost onomatopoeic visceral-ness of them 
If you gave me a bit more to go on (maybe in a different threat or via email), I could find a word that works better and fits with the theme of the mod. 
Sounds good, but sounds a bit goofy when translated (Strudel Castle Owner, more on the strudel part).

Would L�weschlossher (Lion castle owner) or just schlossher do it? 
'lion' Is A Lame Word 
Why not something like a claw, or a tooth? 
Go With Magyar Instead Of Deutsch 
sounds funny too and there is less possibilities of someone knowing what you wrote means. 
Does It 
even matter if it's not a correct word ?
It's a creative endeavour, not a translation job. 
"Mapped With The W�rldkraften Editor!" 
And Cocerello: Too bad my family never taught me Magyar. It's a lovely exotic-sounding language. 
It Matters If It Sounds Silly 
L�weschlossherr is also nonsensical. Schlossherr is not bad. Komtur has a similar meaning, knight commander. But so far it just seems like you're looking for some word that sounds german. What is the mod about? Can you give some more details?

Mankrip: Weltkraft! That actually sounds like a Nazi term. 
Way To Derail Spirit's Thread 
The upcoming Vermintide DLC is called "Schl�sselschloss" which is both wordplay and wtfplay. 
Yeah Fickteuchalledamminommal 
Not That Exotic 
but i got accustomed to using the real name of places and languages due to some circumstance, which i suppose its why you see it as exotic. So i use for example Deutschland instead of Germany, Ellada instead of Greece, or Magyarorsk instead of Hungary.
So magyar is the most used language in what you would call Hungary, quite close to the area of influence of the language Daya was using, that's why i proposed it, apart from what i said in the previous language.
In my ears it sounds almost as strongly and funny as deutsch, but has some playful part that i like, every time i heard it on the subway in Budapest, or when i take a book. I have heard that it has the hardest grammatic for when learning, but i never got that far into it to be sure of that.

#42 Not really, but he wanted to do that, so, in my case, i tend to just help people in the direction they want to as long i don't foresee a disaster, as it can lead to results i can't see. 
Daya Some Inspiration

or keep your current name - it's fine. 
Schlossherr It Will Be 
On The Theme Of Derailing 
We adopted a kitten and my son named it Starscream. 
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