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Shambler HD Remake Released!
Its time to upgrade the old shambler with a new model that it always deserved! I always felt that for such a fearsome an imposing beast the vanilla version was a little lacking. So with no further delay I give you the new and improved Shambler HD remake!

It comes with a brand new mesh and animations, plus an additional head gib replacement for consistency.

I hope you like it and take it for a spin! If you take any snazzy screenshots of him in action please post it in this thread.


Download Link!!!!
Compare Video!!!!!
Combat Video!!!!!!
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Good lord folks not going down any of those weird paths. You can go their on your own hehe. 
id ran out of time to animate it?

Considering the amount of unused animations on many other monsters I find it rather unlikely that there was no time to give the Vore a few inhale and exhale frames. 
About The Shub 
is it possible to make the shub continuously spawning its minions?

and you're not allowed to telefrag the shub until the spawning process would be over 
You're Not Allowed To Telefrag The Shub Until The Spawning Process Wou 
That's quite good ! Almost like Shub was engaging the player in a fucked up Giger like foreplay:

"OK, enough games, now enter me soldier !"

Hehehe ! 
stop sexualising quake monsters u wierdo 
This Is Borderline Fanfic Territory 
Shambler is the husband, Vore is the wife, Fiend is their kid, and the Spawn is their dog.

They walk around for a picnic in the woods, while scrags sing in the trees and rotfishes dance in the water. Shambler asks "Did you bring the canned meat, honey?". Vore answers "Here, my love", and hands him a knight's head soaked in blood inside of a helmet.

They eat the head, they eat their child, and then Vore starts to have sex with Shambler while he slaps the Spawn into her ass until it explodes. Everyone is happy, everyone is dead. Le fin. 


lol... I posted this on my tumblr 2nd birthday, oddly my follower count went up instead of down :P 
"stop sexualising quake monsters u wierdo "

For real. Man ... 
What's Wrong With Quake Sex ? 
Giger knew that. 
The Practical Shub-Niggurath 
Ok, what about an aformentioned static shub based a bit off the Doom revenant ?
Can summon or resurrect beasts, maybe indicated visually with an electric bolt from its "arms" to indicate which monster is being revived. Make it interruptable if a decent shot is landed.

Additionally could fire short electric bolts from its "arms" when player is in range.
Give him a hp count of maybe 1.5x/2x the Shambler

Also the ability to very shortly and occasionally teleport away and back as a dodge mechanic - only if it is not busy resurrecting or attacking you with bolts.

Place him in a room with some other beasts to contend with whilst avoiding getting too close (light punishment from bolts) and interrupting his resurrects, all the while landing damage in him, made harder if attacked whilst idle as he can then occasionaly teleport 1 second to the aether out of the projectiles way.

Probably a nightmare to code but that would make a cool mini boss to drop here and there. 
"Doom revenant"

You mean the archvile.

Considering the amount of unused animations on many other monsters I find it rather unlikely that there was no time to give the Vore a few inhale and exhale frames.

If they had intended for the vore to have a non-breathing stand frame, and had plenty of time to create animations, why didn't they create a frame for it? They just reused a frame from the standing animation. It smacks of a placeholder nobody remembered to revisit, not a conscious artistic choice. 
"No Vore idle" was not an artistic choice. In the same way, the axe having no impact flesh sound, and the rotfish not having a gib, were also not artistic choices.

When you are rushing to get a game out the door, certain little things just never get round to being done. 
Loads of stuff gets lost and forgotten during development.

Six months later you're playing it on disc and see something "oh shit who left that in there?" 
On Sexualization 
Humans have a tendency to sexualize everything. Giger knew that, and his designs are actually a parody of the human mindset, I guess (something like �You want sex? Then I'll make it gross for you"). Just like Beksinski said that the morbid and depressed designs of his own art felt actually humorous to him.

However, in Lovecraft�s works the monster designs are actually serious. The twisted ones in his works are not the monsters, but the humans (the more human-like a creature is, the higher the chances of it being a mutated human). This may have to do with the monsters in his works usually having some kind of religious role, either as servants or as gods.

In Lovecraft�s work, the lost and the twisted are usually humans. Gods like Nyarlathotep may be chaotic to mortals, but they're actually following their own rules. 
OK Warren yes the Archvile.
I hang my head in shame. 
DOS Quake 1.08 Has The Limit Too 
"Error: model progs/shambler.mdl has a skin taller than 200"

says the DOS Quake version that comes with the GoG installation of Quake. It's version 1_08 from Mar 11 1997. They must've upped the limit later than that, if it ever was changed for the DOS version at all.

I'm not planning on playing Quake with it, so it's not an issue. 
can not wait for the revamped fiends! 
Long Wait 
I wont be getting to the fiend any time soon. Once I am done with the Vore I will be taking a break to finish my Anatomy course which will take me till end of July before I will resume any personal projects sadly. Then again folks lasted this long so what is a few more months? :) 
No problem, take your time. 
HD vore first? ok, looking forward to. good luck at the exams 
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