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SM177 - Escher
We again held a speedmapping event! Was chosen the theme "Escher", which is offered by Shamblernaut. And today we have four completely different looking at it maps from the mappers Cocerello (requires Quoth), digs, Doomer (who will add the engine/mod requirements to his post next time :P) and Shamblernaut (requires Quakespasm).

Screenshots -

Download -
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A speedmap should require only standard limits, not even extended limits. And vanilla progs.

Rant over.

Nice map digs! You nailed it. 
Speedmaps Don't Need To Be Retro Jams 
People could've made an Arcane Dimensions speedmap, for example. It's up to the author to decide how much he'll restrict his audience.

That said, it would be better if speedmaps for different mods aren't mixed in the same pack. 
i meant this in the first place, its a pain to divide a pack manually between different mods/engines.
Basic agreement should be on the "basics" lol i am talking out of my ass again sorry...

Cool map Digs! 
Thank Cocerello.

This map I made only one week, and I do not see that it should be a separate release. For a single release, I would come up with something more and detailed.I tested the map and saw the game of others. Teleports monsters do not cause problems. Shalrath attack is not as fast, and when you wish you could hide from it over the top boxes. Although I left the bottom enough kits.

As for the places that you have disappointed, I have had no time for detailed testing. It speedmapping, and I do not see anything wrong with that.

Thanks again for such a big comment 
A week is not speedmapping. Better call it "Jam" event next time. 
I think the concept of speed mapping itself is already out of date. If you mean to make a map for a few hours, and now these maps are no longer interesting. We have grown out of them :) 
Nah I'm With Coce Etc. 
Digs ur map should have been a seperate release, it is too good :) 
It Was A Speed Map For Me. 
I only devoted half a dozen hours to it, as that was all the time I had to give it. (and it shows)

Shouldn't hours spent on map rather than announcement / release time determine whether it is a speed map or not? 
About Real Speedmapping 
I try make map for 4 hour. Here's what happened 
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