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Quake 5 = Quake Champions
Credit to the people who posted about this, it definitely deserves it's own thread......

Quake Champions trailer:

The game will feature a "diverse character of warriors" with unique attributes and skills.

Well, fuck. We Overwatch now, boys.
Also will be outsourced to Saber Interactive.

I know, it's impossible appeal at same time for Q1 fans, strogg fans (Q2/Q4) and mp players (Q3/QLive) but this is just something completely out of this world.

It looks 20,000,000 % complete fucking shit.

Fucking shit trailer showing nothing.

Fucking shit bandwagon-jumping with all the other class-based DM / MOBA bullshit around.

Fucking shit abuse / mis-interpretation of the Quake /2 /live concepts.

Errrr, did I miss anything?? 
All the male characters are buff gruff meathunks, but the female is tiny cute with huge tatas and gorgeous tressfx hair. 
Damnit Tim Willits 
I guess the double whammy of 1) This just being a remake of Q3A and 2) being outsourced to some random subcontractor with nothing but mediocrity on their portfolio, means that the shit I will be giving will be so small that if you were to actually try to measure the dimensions of my shit, you would find that the classical laws governing space-time and gravity cease to be valid at that scale, and you would have to invoke some pretty advanced ideas of quantum mechanics to ascertain whether or not my shit actually exists in the first place, and furthermore, what "exists" even means in that context. 
Planck Shit 
Okay So That Was A Quick Discussion. 
#4 = ends thread. 
I Didn't Realise 
They outsourced it. Poos 
Once Again, Willits Proves Completely Unable 
To do anything else but follow the current trend.

Doom 3 = riding off the survival horror trend.

Rage = riding off the post-ap & open world trends. (S.T.A.L.K.E.R., Fallout 3 et al, GTA probably played a part too)

Shitcanned Doom 4 = riding off the cowadooty point and shooty trend.

QUAKE CHUMPS (2018) = TF2, Paragon, Overwatch, etc. 
When Will He Learn? 
It Looks 
I don't see anything wrong with the general concepts of Doom 3 and Rage. The execution could've been better, OTOH. 
I'm Going To Make... 
...a re-make of pong and call it Quake 6. 
My favourite part of the trailer is when there's a ton of slo-mo in a video that's supposed to show a fast-paced game. 
What The Fuck Was That? 
And who is it for? 
The people for whom "Quake" means "Q3A". These people very much outnumber the people who want a sequel to Q1. 
I don't want a sequel to Quake, look at what is getting churned out now. Can you imagine how terrible it would be?

Worked indirectly with Saber some, heard first hand from several people who've worked directly with them and spent time in their offices. Basically, they're cheap. They are one of the most affordable groups that generally hits deadlines and has a staff covering a variety of disciplines. In the words of one person "They're really not good, but they are a known quantity at this point, so they're easier to manage than a new group which might be better."

This is Bethesda continuing their iteration through the IPs they bought.

Doom 3 wasn't riding off the survival horror trend (the resources and player input certainly didn't match the genre), it was combining an internal desire from a handful of people to make a new Doom with the progress made in real time lighting and shadows. If anything, it was a precursor to FEAR.

RAGE also wasn't responding to trends, iirc that was teased very soon after Doom 3 (and it gets an easter egg nod in Resurrection of Evil), and the primary aspect there was driving in a Mad Max theme, which pretty much demands open world. 
Overwatch is actually very good. This trailer, on the other hand, was embarrassingly bad. 
Didn't Realize It Was Outsourced 
Timeshift was OK IIRC.

Really wanted an id/machine games quality reboot of Q1. Qchamps is exactly what I didn't want.

More than that, I wanted at least a word on TES6. Instead it was just a bunch of ESO and Legends nonsense. This Bethesda E3 was disapointing.

But, PREY! 
Maybe Doom4's success (if it is a success, i have no idea ?) might make them scrap it like Call of Doom was and do something more quakey ?

A month post-release and they're doing a week long demo? That suggests they're still paying down the marketing expenses.

Though Quake Champions has more in common with Doom 4 than Call of Doom, from what little we've seen. 
What About The New Wolfenstein?? 
Huh? czg?? HUH?? 
That would be New Colossus I believe, though we're drifting back towards the Other PC Games thread in topic. 
Regarding Willits 
Did Bethesda take creative control away from Willits, when they saw Call of Doom, and wanted the game to go in a different direction? What's the story behind this? 
Sounds Bloody Awful And Will Most Certainly Be Utter Shite. 
Yeah, can we actually see some confirmation that it is Willits behind this?

Admittedly, the whole "miss the point of what people actually want and deliver a shit sandwich instead" smells of his recent form, but are we sure it's actually him?

Either way, colour me both hugely unexcited and hugely puzzled. This seems a really odd development, particularly in light of how messed-up Doom 4's multiplayer ended up after having been developed in a very similar fashion. 
Pretty Telling 
that they decided to take the most universally-hated aspect of Doom4 multiplayer and double-down on it for Quake5. 
My Idea Of A Proper Quake1 Sequel 
Looks balls; but to be honest, when I think about what a sequel to Quake 1 should look like, I can't imagine anything better than what the community is churning out now anyway. Go community!

[ forum won't let me reset my account password because it doesn't believe my email address on file for my username is valid. Lies. ] 
...they decided to take the most universally-hated aspect of Doom4 multiplayer and double-down on it for Quake5.

This bit seems like classic Willits too. It's almost like he's still trying to pretend that his failed design choices from years ago were actually valid.

This is, after all, the guy who said: "I think that� we live in, it may be good or it may be bad, but we live in a Call of Duty era. That�s just the way it is. And that franchise has more impact on the industry than I think people realise. You just have to kind of go with the flow.
Well, He's Not Wrong 
It just sucks. That mentality doesn't seem very "id" though. 
Sounds unambitious.

Maybe he should relocate to some other company, one that can afford the lack of vision he promotes. 
Upon looking closer, the video takes place in q3dm6, Campgrounds. So, that gives me a glimmer of hope.

Still don't trust it, because, well, id's recent track record, and Saber. But hey, Campgrounds. Decent map. 
I thought the q3dm6 location was pretty obvious? 
Only obvious to those with unrivaled intelligence and an epeen of considerable girth. 
How Euphoric 
Obvious if you don't use spatial logic. The character movements suggest different spaces, because they imply locations adjacent to distant ones with the characters. It is apparent if you ignore the characters and just treat it as a series of shots, instead of a flow. 
Sick Burn M8. 
I don't need spatial logic to recognise one of the most recognisable areas from one of Q3A's most iconic maps. 
sshhh children....

Now looks like ID took over Doom4 MP responsibilities...they gonna work to try and fix it AND let something like this quakewatch aberration take place ?

They've obv lost the plot 
Indeed you don't, but if you use it the editing counters the impression, because it shows characters landing from lower spots on to higher spots (that have no path above them in the design). 
Which Areas Are You Referring To? 
Sorry gents but this looks like a total pile of garbage. I prefer my old school games and not playing a movie for a game. They can stick it where the sun don't shine. 
When the girl nods at Ranger, turns left, and in the next shot drops down onto the bridge over the RA area. She was plainly moving to grab the attention of the charging guy, didn't immediately recognize him, and she did, but he was standing with Visor, then suddenly he is standing by himself, and charges across the bridge to her. There is no position above the bridge in Campgrounds for her to have dropped down from. Not recognizing the layout from the sequence they depicted, I assumed, because of the nature of the trailer, it was just sets to demo the characters, since it is looking to be a hero shooter.

At the beginning, when they showed the pillars, I actually briefly thought it was Furious Heights, but as other things didn't line up, I stopped looking for what map it could be and just looked at what they were showcasing with the characters.

I watched it again when a friend with insider info prodded me to do so, noting that it isn't random geometry, but an existing map. Once I started clicking around instead of looking at it in a sequence, I stopped trying to rectify the drop-down action with the bridge. 
There Was A Map In The Trailer?? 
I must have missed that. All I saw were bollox characters and weapons and nothing that signified anything of, errr, significance. 
No Females In Quake Allowed 
Except for the shalrath and iron maiden because boobs. 
And Mynx, Angel, Lucy, Daemia, Hunter, and Slash. But no others! 
And Crash as well. Definitely no others allowed! 
Crash should have had her own game after Q3A. 
Why Has Nobody Noticed 
that Ranger can now hadoken. Ryu is Ranger confirmed? 
Oh Wait 
was that a personal teleporter? because it sure looked like a hadoken. 
Hunter Is The Best Character 
Ratface Ranger or bust.
Slash is also good waifu material though.

Almbum with rest of pics (everyone here probably already seen them). 
I Confirm 
This trailer epically sucks.
I'd rather prefer it seeing a Quake 5 that is a rewarmed Q3A. Or if it is: it has to have an awesome SP campaign
End of the story 
fucking iPhone keyboard:

I'd rather prefer it seeing a Quake 5 that is a rewarmed Q3A

please read instead

I'd rather prefer a Quake 5 that is NOT a rewarmed Q3A... 
When the average gamer thinks of Quake they always think Q3, as in a multiplayer-only shooter.
Bringing in SP would only alienate them, which is very sad, and the reason why Q4 is so much hated (despite not being that bad, SP could've been better but I won't lie it's kind of boring, but far from being the shitpile everyone cries about) 
... but when speaking about Quake, I directly think about Quake 1996... not the other "flavorshit" coming later...

... and so far, I hated Q2 (disappointed), I hated even more Q3A, I liked a lot Q4 (and not as bad as all haters hate it...)...

but that's just my personal taste ;) 
A Quake 5 that's a Q3A remake would be much better than what we're getting. 
The main problem of Quake 4 lies in the fact that it's a Raven game. It's a good Raven experience, and it plays better than most of their story-oriented games, but it still isn't exactly what you'd expect from id in that era.

They even played it safe with multiplayer, cloning Quake 3 instead of making something that would stand out. 
I actually think Q2 is id's best singleplayer game; I do get the sense that some people might hate it because "it's not Q1" moreso than anything else.

That said, the Strogg formula is well played-out by now. 
I feel like qchamps will have to be one hell of a game to stand out from its competitors. I think if this game fails to deliver the backlash will really hurt an already estranged IP.

Maybe I'm just biased and/or ignorant, but I think doing a dark fantasy SP reboot would've been better. 
My first Quake was Quake 2 (although it was a PS version), and I still prefer the first one.

The second one feels like it's stuck between arcade shooters and a more realistic approach Half-Life would later adopt. It's a decent game, but it's similar to Heretic in that it seemingly does everything right, but the way the monsters and weapons are balanced just makes it a little dull. 
How did you manage to like Q4 but not Q2?? Given that Q4 was a modern, slick, but inferior Q2 reboot/.... 
^^^^ What He Said! ^^^^ 
Personal Taste 
.... and cause Quake one came first 
When I Talked About People's Perception Of Quake As A Whole 
I talked about theirs, not mine. When I hear Quake I think Q1 ever since I played it. Q2 was the biggest disappointment I had gaming-wise with Sonic Adventure 2, Q3 is okay with just 4 or 5 good maps (The Dreadwerkz being my fav), and Q4 being better than I though after Q2: despite the reloads and the meh-ish level design the weapons sound and feel powerful, the Blaster is miles better than in Q2, the MachineGun doesn't have that annoying recoil, and the NailGun comes back as good as it was. Only complain weapon-wise is the absence of the Chaingun, one of the only good weapons in Q2 alongside the SSG and the BFG.

Overall IMO: Q1>Q3>Q4>Q2 
The easiest route would be to completely disassociate the Quake name from the actual game.

They could make a Q1 reboot called "Scourge of Eternity", a Q2 reboot called "Strogg Wars", and leave the Quake name to the multiplayer-only games.

But they probably can't work on so many large projects right now. 
They could make something new. Without constantly nodding to their past, and by their past, I mean the past of previous employees. 
According to Willits. No mention of whether it's a Hero Shooter but I am guessing it is. 
There's one thing I dislike about Quake Champions: its acronym.

It'll be a mess when people start confusing the QC programming language & mods with this game. People googling for QC tutorials and mods will get lost. 
TBF, googling "QC" now doesn't even remotely throw up any QuakeC-related stuff.

The half-dozen or so people messing around with QuakeC probably have all the relevant sites already bookmarked. 
Note To Self 
Amend blog entries so that the acronym is expanded to QuakeC everywhere outside filenames. 
InsideQC's QuakeC tutorials are essentially not accessible to the internet and the forum itself is not indexed in Google.

Which more or less means QuakeC is quite dead.

Except to the existing people that already know QuakeC.

For the most part. 
Just call it Q5C to echo Q3A 
Yeah I think it looks pretty cool. The environment art looks a fair bit more basic than Doom 4's, but that's not a problem - I can just pretend the game was made circa 2010 as opposed to 2016, and go from there. At least it should run nice on my laptop.

I'll probably just buy it to fly around the maps and look at the architecture. 
I Will Probably. 
Watch Kinn streaming himself flying around looking at the architecture.

If I;m bored. And it's dark and raining and no-one is streaming anything like paint drying for example.

It looks bland and generic as fuck. And isn't there already another UT coming out anyway??

Funny I watched the DOOM mp dlc trailer after this and at least that has some character and theme to it...... 
Q3 Veteran's Thoughts On Qchamps So Far 
- he's using rocket arena as example :/
- he describes well some of the problems with promode movement
- he does not talk about the maps in any way. This is a good representation of the community in general. 
Mapping Supported? 
Is there any news about that, is it going to be brush-based level design editor or something messy that nobody wants to even try. 

Same old same old. Great graphics, great designs, all wasted on very very bog standard DM. 
Awwwww, they even kept the cute little "beep beep beep" when you shoot people. 
"Quake Spampions", more like. 
quake2\quake4 settings and enemies were never as interesting as the variety offered by quake 1 (including its more modern mods)

best thing would be to mix the two settings 
I think a mixture of Q1 and Q2 would work best if the split was something like 100% Q1 and 0% Q2 
Q2 BFG Tho 
That railgun though!!! 
Quake Champions 
I am torn on this because I fucking loved Quake 3 back in the day. It's one of the most honed and perfect FPS MP experiences of all time. The perfect mix of arcadeyness and skill.

However I feel like it's shit that Quake isn't getting the Wolf/Doom treatment. It's half-arsed and basically shows id's lack of love for ol' Quake. Hell, the best gift we got was an episode made by JF Gustafferson (or whatever his name is, sorry if I got your name wrong).

On the other hand I probably will drop money on Quake Champions BECAUSE of my love for Q3. Also the arenas look pretty decent so far. 
It's Because Doom 2016 Did Well 
The Doom and Quake single-player stuff is basically interchangeable in terms of how it would play these days. Same mechanics, weapons, powerups. Demons vs shotguns.

I think we're gonna see Doom = SP, and Quake = MP from here on out, because that's the only tangible gameplay difference between the two brands at this point. 
Q3A Was Terrible As An MP Game Before QL Fixed It Tho. 
Broken damage feedback and player visibility to say the least. 
Maybe Quake V Will Be A Doom 2016 Expansion Pack 
Quake Live Fixed It? 
Not sure about that, loadouts and a lack of item placement took away a lot of the fun for me 
Oh I Meant Before Loadouts Ruined QL, Yeah. 
Basically it's all fucked. When's the Doom4 SP DLC again?? 
When's the Doom4 SP DLC again

Those resources are probably being put into a full-blown sequel, if they've got any sense. 
I Expect 
that they'll want to reboot Doom 2 and we can have hell on earth 
DOOM (2016)
DOOM 2 (2022)

Anarki is now a Borderlands "character".

Fuck this game. 
I'm Impressed. 
Each video it gets consistently, mesmerisingly, yet surprisingly worse. Just when you think the game looks to be as shit as shit can be....can't wait for what's next. 
...they did outsource the game to some el cheapo studio. What did you expect? Quality? 

thats so hilariously atrocious. Wow, if that were intentionally bad for comedy purposes they'd be absolutely nailing it 
New Video 
"Quake Champions - Raw Arse Trailer" 
It Looks Ok 
nothing innovative or truly exciting.

The dialogue is really terrible though 
Looks Very Pretty 
aside from the champion voices, the sound is really nice. I like the announcer's voice as well. Seems like Q3A with new paint. this should please some people? 
The Fuck? 
the sound is really nice

He picks up a Quad and there is no quad sound.

All weapons are weak and have zero bass.

Ridiculous "DONK" from Q3A on hitting another player is back. 
Sounds, Cont. 
He picks up a Quad and there is no quad sound.

The sounds that exist so far, anyway.

All weapons are weak and have zero bass.

Yeah, the weapon sounds are pretty quiet. They could be pushed a bit. However, in frenetic mp games I prefer a more subtle audio profile, otherwise it tends to be fatiguing.

When I said "sounds nice" I was really referring to the ambience, the jump, weapon switch and other little sounds. The jump sound is a big upgrade.

Anyway, I was checking out the latest unreal tournament update last night and something caught my attention: quad-damage. UT has quad damage as well, which is pink/purple and looks like the quake symbol with some minor embellishments. I'd like to know the story behind that. 
It Dumb As Shit! 
Gotta have the donk. Don't touch my donk. 
Same Problem As Quakelive 
Why do we need another q3?

oh, and n=1-classes are such a bad idea. 
I wonder if they did some proper research before posting THESE videos.

- mega chaos
- no teamplay visible
- typical dm problem of "everybody clumps up in one room, and the rest of the map is empty"

Are buyers into that? 
I'm Here To... 
...awe hell you know the script. 
Needs More Donk. 
I sort of see what Killpixel needs. There is a decent echoey hollowness to the ambient and more distant sounds, it suits the spacious arena and the crushingly empty and vacuous rehash of Q3A this POS is. 
Only Noob Want Ambant Sound 
DOOM 3 has better sounds. 
played several mins this shit before it hanged then i couldn't be bothered to retry at that point, so fast 10 points i noticed do far:

1. feels totally like doom4 mp, not sure why this game was even done
2. plays fast and chaotic
3. you can see respawn timer on items
4. you respawn by pressing spacebar after several secs after death
4. art is kinda plastic and not inspiring
5. not sure about ults, felt useless
6. as said above, voiceovers sucks totally (not sure if you can disable them, game hanged while i was browsing menus)
7. every fucking hero now has ministory, only thing i managed to read was about that q3 masked guy, he's hired by russian GRU thing (who could have thought? ;)
8. there's shop, loot boxes (hey owervatch)
9. afterall feels like proper quakelive/d4mp clone circus bollox, not rly interesting playing it, maybe try couple of matches if it's gonna be free, but not bying for a single kopeika this halfassed game.
10. can't post screens cuz nda. 
Russia Nuked By NDA. 
there's shop, loot boxes 
I Wonder 
how the game with 3 maps and 4 characters can have a size of 50 Gb 
48gb Of Announcer Voiceovers. 
Game Dev Really Should Use .ogg Files 
Using higher quality files hardly matters to the ear unless you're a /mu/ shitposter 
You're Not On 4chan. 
Stop posting on func as if you were. 
Guys, this game is shit.

Movement feels like you're a cow on ice, sound is like it comes from tube/bucket, and hats, they're everywhere.

Just grab these keys and see it with your own eyes: (nine)D8H-R(nine)XX-N7MB-G(nine)FU-R87U (nine)D8H-X(nine)YH-M(nine)RX-N3FN-H48R

Be nice and tell what key you took. 
it would be nice if you separated the keys with a new line like:
It looks like one long key to me 
There is just ONE space symbol, a believe you're capable to distinguish it from the other characters (^: 
I just checked my email; I got 2 beta keys, now I can join the conversation :P 
I Wish I Could Join This Conversation 
but the game doesn't load on both my work and home pc. Both fit requirements. 
Stop spamming the boards with quetoo. 
An Obsolete Title 
So far, the game has nothing to offer to veteran Quake players besides a bunch of nice looking maps and fresh noobs to slay effortlessly. All the solid fundamentals are already implemented in QL and CPMA in a better way. Noobs on the other hand have absolutely zero chance to close the skill gap since it's the same old core mechanics experienced players have been mastering for 15 - 20 years. The new school elements like classes are slapped on top of the old formula outside of their context, so it's hard to understand how that can be attractive to Overwatch and TF2 crowd. Not going to go into details just yet cause, you know, nda and stuff. The game probably deserves a benefit of a doubt, since the developers still have their "it's just an early beta" excuse. But overall, only a massive optimist can believe this will be the next big thing in online shooters. A real shame :/ 
Shut The Fuck Up 
They Had Their 3 Strikes And Out A While Ago. 
#128 Vs #130 Is Now Very Interesting Looking 
I Prefer #56 
A Quake 5 that's a Q3A remake would be much better than what we're getting.

Looks like ur wish came true lalz. 
This is a Q3A unmake. 
Would You Say That It 
retroactively defiles a Q3A fan's childhood? 
Though Willits is doing his absolute best to do that (and of course, he fails at everything, even this). 
Somewhat On Topic, Almost 
Just saw the quake live grand finals from the 2016 quakecon (rapha vs evil). one of the better matches I've seen. 
Raphas from my city.

His sister thinks shes a witch. 
Well I Wouldn't Want To Watch That More Than Once A Year. 
But as uber-low-frag-item-positioning-tactics matches go, that's pretty cool. Map 2 comeback was insane. 
Played The Beta 
maps are gorgeous, sound is bad (I was wrong) and the rest is meh. 
New "Duel" 
A developer showcase of the new "Duel" mode:

Guess we won't see any 15 - 20 point comebacks any time soon... 
Looking for paint-drying videos instead. 
The sound in that game would cause me to play on silent. Jesus christ it all sounds so horrible. 
S'okay Guysh. 
The Quake 1 tribute bit is here: 
I kind of like that he's a bit insane as presented in the actual beta, not the trailer. Kinda wish the Dire Orb looked like the original: 
Sweet jumping blue Jesus and all his goblins and the wee donkey.

How is that "Quake"?

Oh yeah. Willits. 
On That Note 
I was given some additional beta keys if anyone here wants to give the beta a shot. 
Things Keeping Quakeguy From Getting Home 
Can and would make for a simple plotline to base an entire game around. There could be a whole episode of him going through a teleport device And getting Tangled up in an arena shooter dystopian setting. Basically Stargate but with quake and Id themes. There could be a secret map in every episode where he finds himself in every quake setting, and doom; he could go through a portal and find himself a collection of 2d sprites on Phobos. Or find himself in a troma movie. 
Other Things That Could Keep Quakeguy From Getting Home: 
- He keeps getting caught in traffic.
- Boss is a shit and dumps a new load of work on his desk which has to be done by morning.
- Gets a bee in his bonnet about 100%-ing a map, yet just cannot find that last goddamn secret/scrag/rotfish.
- Train strike, so he has to use alternative public transport. 
Ooh Ooh 
and when he does finally find that last enemy which would 100% the level, it's like some poor orphaned baby fiend or something which looks up at him with these big puppydog eyes, and quakeguy just can't bring himself to do it, awwwwwwww. 
Maybe He Has A Shit Sense Of Direction 
That's one of my biggest problems 
Can't Look His Wife And Kids In The Eye 
Not since this happened. He just drinks until they close and sleeps it off on a park bench. 
Well, this Dire Orb is a spiked sphere.

I like how it animates, and how they kept it low poly. The only real inaccuracy is the color; in Q1 it's brown - purple is the color of the vore's projectile.

Anyway, I still prefer the Q3A character designs. Q3A was the pinnacle of id's art, IMO. D3 had great aesthetic in some places, but not everywhere. And Rage's aesthetic was about junk and trash everywhere, which is not my thing. Not played D4 yet. 
#153 Mankrip 
D4 or Doom 2016 is actually very, very good. If you like slick sci-fi environments there's plenty for you. I fired it up last night for the first time in nearly a year and played their arcade mode. The game is very fast and as close as you can get to the original Doom in this day. Right after that I fired up Quake Live and it's pretty funny how close that game is to Quake Champions. Much more in common as far as movement and other little things than I had recalled.

I agree that Q3 is one of id's high points but there is some amazing design and detail in Rage and Doom 4. 
So According To Chumpions... 
Shamblers have fur apparently:

That's Because 
they do? 
If shamblers have fur - then so does shub-niggurath. Compare their skins - same "texture". 
there's no official mention either way in the manual.

found this in the quake wiki:

In Quake, a Shambler is a large yeti-like beast with a blood-stained shaggy coat, a very large mouth displaying enormous fangs, no visible eyes, and sharp claws.

This has been questioned before.

Champions is considered canon, right? 
Another reason this game sucks donkey balls. 
From: Adrian Carmack <>
Subject: Re: Shambler: Fur or no fur?

Not fur.


If this doesn't settle it then nothing does. 
Well Then 
everything I know is a lie. 
Just Played 
Sound gets repetitive quickly, but it's good fun. 
Tried It 
Seems alright - plays more or less like what you'd expect a Q3A graphical upgrade to play like I suppose. If the release version has a proper solo/bot mode I might pick it up. Otherwise pass - I'd rather shave my balls with an angle grinder than play online against actual people. 
Nice Multiplayer Hype There :) 
I doubt it will have an offline mode tbh. 
Is obviously not a shambler then. 
Really Useful Video. 
Shows it off well. It seems to be doing a pretty good job of doing Q3A2 with classes.

And as such it can suck my prolapse. 

Wannabes and showboaters. Welp. Someone had to say it.

And while I'm here, #166 is spamtrolling 
Quake Champion Rip Off Over Watch With Comics 
What Kind Of Joyless Fuckface Would Be Upset Over Something Like This 
Leave now and never come back. 
The Dreamlands plot point is a nice throwback to the Lovecraftian origins of Q1 and its scraped fantasy-based plot.

IMO it's a bit of a waste to create a good background history for QChamps rather than using it on a proper single player experience, but oh well. 
I Wouldn't Mind A Quake Comic... 
Especially if Guy Davis or Steve Niles did it! 
Blowjob Blackowiz
Remember to TOR check

Boycotting a video game, pretty hardcore my man. 
Thanks For The Link Gb 
Gonna be useful. 
You're welcome. 
And as such it can suck my prolapse.

Somebody seems to enjoy punchfisting... 
Eight Minute Quake Champions Ad 
id Software, 25 years of FPS

I know this isn't supposed to be one, but this just rekindles my longing for a proper making-of. I was studying doom 2016's maps again the other day just wishing I could find interviews with the combat designers, level designers, artists, modelers and sound designers where they actually talk about the nitty gritty stuff. It seems like the majority of modern making-ofs are just studio heads talking about an ip's legacy :/ 
Eight Minute Quake Champions Ad 
id Software, 25 years of FPS

I know this isn't supposed to be one, but this just rekindles my longing for a proper making-of. I was studying doom 2016's maps again the other day just wishing I could find interviews with the combat designers, level designers, artists, modelers and sound designers where they actually talk about the nitty gritty stuff. It seems like the majority of modern making-ofs are just studio heads talking about an ip's legacy :/ 
that they haven't shown Quake 2 or 4 in there. I think i saw half a second of Quake 2 and that's all if any.

I expected them focusing on the most successful or iconic ones, but not for them to ignore the other two completely. 
It literally starts with the concept behind Quake 2's Railgun... 
...and Later Tim Willits Goes On About The Edge 
There's enough Quake 2 in it for, me and you all probably know how much I like that game. :3 
I starting making a documentary called "Deathmatch Diary" in 2000. It's not a behind-the-scenes really but it covers QuakeCon and there were quite a few great nuggets I got on camera. I recall some of the "sessions" I recorded got into a lot of detail on asset creation and even a "women in gaming" discussion which would be cool to revisit. I also got Graeme Devine talking in detail about "Quest" which was the cancelled game they were going to make before Doom 3.

The doc was never completed BUT I am slowly re-digitizing the footage and hoping to edit and release "something" for Quake 3's 20th anniversary. I will keep you posted for sure! 
definitely keep me posted, that sounds pretty interesting. 
Ditto Here... 
Yup I'd watch the heck out of that.

Also I believe I remember hearing that the Noclip guys got some Quake-related content filmed while they were at id making their Doom 2016 doc. It might be heavily Quake-champions weighted, but I know that O'Dwyer has some love for the older stuff, so it might be a good mix. Hope something comes out of that because I thought their Doom doc was well-done. 
When's Orbb? 
I just wonder when they'll announce Orbb. 
Haha yeah. :-) 
He wrote "nigger" in his console. 2edgy4me. Stopped watching. 
(#192 refers to the deleted post #191) 
Scrags Confirmed

They've added some scrags chilling around outside the balcony on Blood Covenant.

I can confirm though that this is the only cool thing about the game. 
They added the Scrags quite a while ago, actually. Vaguely interested in why that's the 'only cool thing' other than NOT MUH QUAK, as if it's because of the Q1 reference then you've also somehow missed the various other Q1-related things regarding Shamblers, Ranger (obviously), the four dimensions, Death Knights, the host of Q1 weapon skins which are honestly better than 90% of the "HD remake" models the community has crapped out over the years, etc. 
It's a multiplayer-only arena shooter. I'd care about the game, I really would, but there's a few things higher up on my list of things to do: such as carefully inserting a thin glass rod fully into my urethra; and when fully inserted, smashing my dick with a hammer, so that the entire length of my penis is being shredded from the inside by tiny shards of broken glass.

Maybe after that I'd consider giving this kind of game the time of day, but even then I'm not sure. 
Different Storks For Different Forks 
Just not your type of game, then, nothing controversial there. Urethral sounding metaphors are interesting, but wholly unnecessary to demonstrate what genres of video games someone enjoys. 
The problem isn't in Q5C being MP only. The problem is in Q5C being:

- outsourced to a C-list developer
- 100% creatively bankrupt
- designed by a committee of idiots 123 
Don't forget the amazing face modelling talent they've got working on this thing.

Clearly no expense has been spared. 
Fan service is meaningless when it comes to the product quality as a whole, since fan service is just that — self-contained tidbits of references that the product as a whole doesn't depend upon. A cherry on top doesn't make a bad cake good.

Quake Champions is just cheesy. I can't tell if it's good or bad, since I haven't played it and don't care about multiplayer games, but it's definitely cheesy.

Q3A was designed to be a badass game. QChampions is just trying to mimic it. 
@200, 198 
Easy there, Randy. Q3A obviously has a gory, dingy style courtesy of Carmack, Cloud, Steed, and co., but it's also got cheese to it. The usual id over-the-top explosions and gibs to where it crosses the line into silliness, all the bot chatter and smack-talk and taunt clips (plus some of the designs themselves, really- Stroggo the Clown anyone?), Anarki's goofy-ass rainbow name, the traditional arena shooter kill feed messages (Wiggles rode Shazbot's rocket, Joops does a back flip into the lava), and so on. It's cheesy, but not in a constantly up-front way; more like Heavy Metal or 2000 AD or similar where it's bits and bobs presented alongside completely straight-faced gratuitous violence and Amazon titties.

On the topic of Q:C, the #1 problem is being outsourced to a bunch of fucking drunk Russians with a half-broken (more than half, honestly) engine cobbled together from the remains of an also half-broken Halo port. Everything else is secondary, really- no sense arguing over what subjectively makes a game good or bad if the objective stuff is buttfucked anyway. If the engine was solid and Tim Spill-its and Adam "Gomer" Pyle weren't constantly dicking around with things they don't need to, then there would be room for topics like what exactly defines a lack of creativity when it's been demonstrated by various games already that arena shooters just aren't popular anymore and probably won't be again, regardless of how heavily a dev decides to either straight-rehash Q3A or branch off and add some of their own stuff (minor movement wise like Reflex or Diabotical "SOON", or semi-major gameplay wise like Q:C). 
Man, Q3A was filled with cheese. From the characters to the neo-goth textures to everything else Spud mentioned. It was Quake Au Gratin. (Which was fine BTW.) 
Tasteful, AND insightful! 
Scale To Retarted 
So Is That Canon Now? 
Ranger having a wife named Annie and two kids?

A I consider shitting all over that, I'm reminded Doomguy had a pet rabbit named Daisy. 
Yes. It's Annie Ranger,

… and Ranger Ranger.

The kids are Junior Ranger and a tarbaby. 
The tarbaby seems adopted, but let's not mention that. Would hurt its feelings. 
Ranger is suspiciously close to Reznor, and Reznor's wife gets pregnant every time he so much as sneezes. Deepest lore???!? 
Balls-deepest Lore, More Like 
Oh boy, I knew the Strogg fella was gonna be annoying from the released voice files way back, but that's just awful. They were supposed to go for the waifu audience with Athena and/or Hunter, not the Borderlands audience with this
Lol. I don't even have the energy to pretend I give a monkey's about how awful this game looks. 
Please Just Close This Thread. 
It's just a wacky teaser trailer. Y'all are way too salty. 
I'm Having Fun With It 
Someone else from here once said that this shouldn't have been called Quake Champions but id Champions instead and I couldn't agree more. Just like everyone else, I'm bummed that we aren't getting a true sequel to Quake 1 (and we probably never will) but after interacting with the community outside of Quake 1, it seems that for many, multiplayer represents the true legacy of this franchise.

The game is fun albeit really frustrating after reaching a certain level of experience. I think that it's way more accessible than Quake Live, which I couldn't enjoy because I would get absolutely demolished every single time that I played.

The game has many glaring issues, a few of which stem from a fundamental level, but the bottom line is that it's really fun. I'm guessing that there would have been less backlash against it if Quake wasn't in the title but then people would be complaining that it should have been called Quake given the game play and weapon selection. I ended up buying the full version after having a ton of fun with it and I sincerely hope that it helps to send a message that people are still interested in Quake. Whatever your opinion on Doom 4, it pretty much caused an FPS revival (especially a renewed interest in retro style shooters) so the time is ripe for a new single player Quake game - possibly even a proper sequel to Quake 1. 
Just Tried It Out... And Was Pleasantly Surprised 
Thanks to Spy sharing the link to the QC trailer in general abuse, I actually downloaded the game and tried out a couple of matches. I was very pleasantly surprised, considering the only shooter I've ever really played online up until this point is Counter-Strike Source, and that was like 10 years ago. @~@

Quite a clever idea from Bethesda: You can download the game for free until June 17th, and if you've played at least one match, you can keep the game even after the 17th. That strategy forced me to actually play the game, which was quite a hurdle for me to overcome, because I was afraid I'd be good for nothing but being red paint. But based on the couple of matches I played, seems the matchmaking system worked well enough to make me feel like an MLG 360 no-scope pro! xD

But what I'm trying to say here is that if you guys haven't tried out the game yet, then I'd recommend you to do so, while you have the chance to get the game for free. 
Might Have Got It Wrong... 
I think you could keep the game even without playing a match, as long as you just logged in. Well, good thing I was in the misconception that you had to play at least one game, so that encouraged me enough to try it! xD 
Quake Champ What? 
Have played this game now in the free week.
Same Engine like H&G and PuG, PfP system and a Leveldesign that's offending to a primate too.
News! If you download this game now from steam, you have to agree three different bills and instaslling the new bethesda plattform too. 
Trying To Think Of A Price... 
...that they'd have to pay me to even trying one cocking match of that shite. It's not a small amount. Slightly larger than the amount I'd happily pay to get all trace of Quake Chumpions erased from existence. 
Shambler isn't okay with people liking things he doesn't like, but at least his unrelenting hate of everything Q:C related is somewhat more sensible to read than
Same Engine like H&G and PuG, PfP system and a Leveldesign that's offending to a primate too.
Or you have to agree three different bills and instaslling the new bethesda plattform too. which is blatantly wrong as there's no ToS agreement playing it through Steam other than the usual first-run checkbox and the primary reason to play through Steam is so you don't have to use the awful fucking Bethesda launcher. 
Ok? So the agreements have no influence on the game? Hear this the first time.
The funny thing is that I bought it on steam and had three agreements poping up and the Bethesda launcher automaticly installed. Maybe this si new since E3 or missed something.
Will test what you wrote on the next bethesda game I buy. :) 
I'm not sure why it installed the Beth launcher, it's possible something bugged somewhere; I got a key for Steam a couple months ago after playing on the Bethesda launcher for a year and it didn't give any extra warnings or dialogues or anything on Steam, it just let me install it, had me enter my Beth account details ingame, and that was that. Uninstalled the Bethesda launcher directly afterwards and have had zero issues, so try uninstalling it anyway, it's just bloatware you don't need at this point and is unbelievably shitty in and of itself. 
Thanks for the info!
I will do so. 
the scrags in blood covenant are the best thing of the game

somehow i'm winning matches

i'm playing against bots or something is off 
If it's your first couple matches, then yes, it's against bots (mostly). Look at the scoreboard and see if they have 0 ping. They did that so complete newbies at least get a game or two of feeling good before they get facerolled by vets. 
50 - 5 scoreboard in team dm... yeah...

0 ping it is

i get what they're doing, but it's too easy 
ok, a real match after, i dunno 5 or 6 matches against bots


i ended second, 34 frags. 35 frags the winner

not bad. but i played very little q3a or any other arena shooter so i don't know. i know that i like it more than team fortress 2, overwatch or pubg 
In the light of Willits leaving id: how much of this game was his bid for relevancy after Doom 4 proved they don't need him to make a hit?

And how well did that go?? 
deleted it 10 minutes in. bad 
Correct Well Done. 
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