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Quake 5 = Quake Champions
Credit to the people who posted about this, it definitely deserves it's own thread......

Quake Champions trailer:

The game will feature a "diverse character of warriors" with unique attributes and skills.

Well, fuck. We Overwatch now, boys.
Also will be outsourced to Saber Interactive.

I know, it's impossible appeal at same time for Q1 fans, strogg fans (Q2/Q4) and mp players (Q3/QLive) but this is just something completely out of this world.

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It looks 20,000,000 % complete fucking shit.

Fucking shit trailer showing nothing.

Fucking shit bandwagon-jumping with all the other class-based DM / MOBA bullshit around.

Fucking shit abuse / mis-interpretation of the Quake /2 /live concepts.

Errrr, did I miss anything?? 
All the male characters are buff gruff meathunks, but the female is tiny cute with huge tatas and gorgeous tressfx hair. 
Damnit Tim Willits 
I guess the double whammy of 1) This just being a remake of Q3A and 2) being outsourced to some random subcontractor with nothing but mediocrity on their portfolio, means that the shit I will be giving will be so small that if you were to actually try to measure the dimensions of my shit, you would find that the classical laws governing space-time and gravity cease to be valid at that scale, and you would have to invoke some pretty advanced ideas of quantum mechanics to ascertain whether or not my shit actually exists in the first place, and furthermore, what "exists" even means in that context. 
Planck Shit 
Okay So That Was A Quick Discussion. 
#4 = ends thread. 
I Didn't Realise 
They outsourced it. Poos 
Once Again, Willits Proves Completely Unable 
To do anything else but follow the current trend.

Doom 3 = riding off the survival horror trend.

Rage = riding off the post-ap & open world trends. (S.T.A.L.K.E.R., Fallout 3 et al, GTA probably played a part too)

Shitcanned Doom 4 = riding off the cowadooty point and shooty trend.

QUAKE CHUMPS (2018) = TF2, Paragon, Overwatch, etc. 
When Will He Learn? 
It Looks 
I don't see anything wrong with the general concepts of Doom 3 and Rage. The execution could've been better, OTOH. 
I'm Going To Make... 
...a re-make of pong and call it Quake 6. 
My favourite part of the trailer is when there's a ton of slo-mo in a video that's supposed to show a fast-paced game. 
What The Fuck Was That? 
And who is it for? 
The people for whom "Quake" means "Q3A". These people very much outnumber the people who want a sequel to Q1. 
I don't want a sequel to Quake, look at what is getting churned out now. Can you imagine how terrible it would be?

Worked indirectly with Saber some, heard first hand from several people who've worked directly with them and spent time in their offices. Basically, they're cheap. They are one of the most affordable groups that generally hits deadlines and has a staff covering a variety of disciplines. In the words of one person "They're really not good, but they are a known quantity at this point, so they're easier to manage than a new group which might be better."

This is Bethesda continuing their iteration through the IPs they bought.

Doom 3 wasn't riding off the survival horror trend (the resources and player input certainly didn't match the genre), it was combining an internal desire from a handful of people to make a new Doom with the progress made in real time lighting and shadows. If anything, it was a precursor to FEAR.

RAGE also wasn't responding to trends, iirc that was teased very soon after Doom 3 (and it gets an easter egg nod in Resurrection of Evil), and the primary aspect there was driving in a Mad Max theme, which pretty much demands open world. 
Overwatch is actually very good. This trailer, on the other hand, was embarrassingly bad. 
Didn't Realize It Was Outsourced 
Timeshift was OK IIRC.

Really wanted an id/machine games quality reboot of Q1. Qchamps is exactly what I didn't want.

More than that, I wanted at least a word on TES6. Instead it was just a bunch of ESO and Legends nonsense. This Bethesda E3 was disapointing.

But, PREY! 
Maybe Doom4's success (if it is a success, i have no idea ?) might make them scrap it like Call of Doom was and do something more quakey ?

A month post-release and they're doing a week long demo? That suggests they're still paying down the marketing expenses.

Though Quake Champions has more in common with Doom 4 than Call of Doom, from what little we've seen. 
What About The New Wolfenstein?? 
Huh? czg?? HUH?? 
That would be New Colossus I believe, though we're drifting back towards the Other PC Games thread in topic. 
Regarding Willits 
Did Bethesda take creative control away from Willits, when they saw Call of Doom, and wanted the game to go in a different direction? What's the story behind this? 
Sounds Bloody Awful And Will Most Certainly Be Utter Shite. 
Yeah, can we actually see some confirmation that it is Willits behind this?

Admittedly, the whole "miss the point of what people actually want and deliver a shit sandwich instead" smells of his recent form, but are we sure it's actually him?

Either way, colour me both hugely unexcited and hugely puzzled. This seems a really odd development, particularly in light of how messed-up Doom 4's multiplayer ended up after having been developed in a very similar fashion. 
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