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New Q1 SP: "Jump"
In Gotshun's spectacularly informative own words:"

O.K. Guys New map is at Quaketastic. The zip file is "JUMP" Enjoy


Alternatively, Jump is a new Q1 SP map in a gloomy medieval brick style featuring both a bit of jumping and a lot fighting toe-to-toe with 135 knights ogres scrags and shamblers. Watch out for solid combat and an interconnected layout.

Alternate without coloured lighting:
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UhHUH Sorry I Forgot HEHE 
Ilove it! I did forget to mention what it was HAHA!!

Thanks for the correction guys!

SOOOOOOoooo now you know!

Thanks again Pete(Gotshun)D. 
A Few More Screenshots 
Holy Mother 
Skill 2, 2/3 secrets

Wow I am floored by this one. Your inspiration from Honey certainly shows. If Requiem gave some skepticism of your work, this map completely demolishes the notion!

Gorgeous brushwork, fantastic lighting, beautiful windows and a stellar interconnected layout. The visual language was on point...I never got lost even with the meandering pathways.

Monster encounters were superb with fantastic use of monster_jumps and scary ambushes. I think the death knight spawning was a bit excessive at times but that's a minor nitpick if anything.

Thanks for including your source, I will be taking a look and seeing how you did some things and I am probably going to use your window idea for my map! To use the texture lighting technique for window detail is genius.

Excellent brushwork, moody lighting, great interconnected layout with lots of elevation. That being said I think there might be a bit too much button pressing and the map needed better signposting (centerprints and arrows mostly, since the level is sprawling).

Really good use of monsterjumps. Enemy encounters were fine for the most part though Scrags had quite a hard time squeezing through these arches. Shambler backspawning is fine once but twice is a bit excessive, even if the corridor is long. The teleporter arena was a bit easy to cheese but the arena layout itself was great and unusual. Really good overall!

Skill 3 demo: 
Very Nice Indeed. 
Can't remember when i last played such a beautiful map.
Great sense of place all over, lovely atmosphere and light. Wow!
Combat was mostly fine with me.
I do agree with skacky on the shambler thing.
Thank you!

Demo 1/3 secrets 
While I appreciate new* maps, this feels like sock's jam1 map cut up and pasted around.

It's late so I'll keep it short. A lot of areas/geometry seem to exist just for the sake of it and not because they add to the map or because the environments have been designed for a particular encounter. If you imagine the map without sock's brushwork & czg's style it's VERY clear that this is the case.

In my opinion the most important thing in Quake are the fights.. and the fights in this map are bland. Play czg03 if you haven't, it came out in 2001(?) and still has some of the best and most memorable fights in Quake (and great level design too).

Nevertheless, I look forward to new maps from you. Thanks 
Ehh, I didn't get the impression that this was a copy-paste of sock's map. At all. 
Holly Mad Fat Cow ! 
This map is awesome ! The atmosphere is very strong.

This is my kind of maps. And I agree with skacky : while I felt "socks" influence, I didn't had the impression of some cut-copy-paste.

And if sock's influence could be spreaded like this on all mappers, it would rise the general quality of the "quake experience" to a whole new level !

Thanks a lot for this gem, dude ! 
Re: #6 
I had a look. It has a superficial resemblance to sock's jam1 map. It uses the same arches, pillars, texturing, and some ceiling styles, but as far as I can tell the layout is original. 
If you go to the read me it states: Jam1 influenced, CZG architectural design, and also the craftsmanship of sock.In past posts I also stated that this map was based on Jam1. Just something I wanted to do.

So it seems by the comments that I achieved my thank you for confirming this!!

Wanted so say thanks to Skacky, MFX, and Bloughsburgh for the demos..great job!

Hey far as I'm can use anything you want in the map.Also "To use the texture lighting technique for window detail is genius" is all Damaged Inc. genius, so the credit goes to him. He was the one who showed me how to implement this.

Awesome Map! 
It gets "Catch every grenade with my the face" award from me=)

This is a really cool and fun map, but man, backspawning sucks. I had a lot of fun with it anyway.

skill 2 demos 
Yeah Right Whatever. 
I am totally stealing the "catch every grenade with my face" award from pUlsAr....

Played this twice. Found it tough the first time. Second time I thought I'd cruise it....nope! Still died once. I think my Quakeguy has a grenade magnet on his helmet. Or maybe it's just me. Pretty fair challenge though, except the secret YA is a bit useless having just got a normal YA. I do like the teleporter arena room, much nicer set-up and more fun than the usual arenas.

So yeah a good map. Cool style, good designs, good build quality. I'd have liked a few more secrets though, there's a lot of nooks and crannies and it would have fitted well with the exploratory vibe. I found the lighting a bit muted without the lit file, also that made the edge of areas a bit harder to spot so the void was more worrying than it should have been.

Keep the mapping going man, you're very solid at it. Try to do some different styles and designs tho! 
The first zip file had no lit file, that was my mistake. I just simply forgot to include it.

If you want to try the map again, you need to download the file "jump with lit."

This has the lighting I used for the map.

Thanks again and I'm glad you enjoyed playing it.

I will keep mapping and thanks for the feed back.

New original maps coming up. This time my own style of architect and craftsmanship.

I haven't played Jam 1 yet so I can't draw any comparison but I very much enjoyed playing this very good map. See how a bit of fog can do wonders for atmosphere? Loved the interconnectivity, though I agree with Skacky about better signposting - it would seem that some comments about Requiem's too "in your face" signposting made you go a bit too far in the other direction. Some middle ground between the two would be perfect.

A bit too much reliance on backspawning. Pretty generous on ammo (skill 2) but one or two more armor pickups wouldn't have hurt - I spent the final part of the map from the teleporter arena to the end with 0 armor. Nice design on those teleporters BTW.

Secrets were nice but too few in a map of this size. BTW, how do you open the quad secret? Couldn't figure this one out.

Encountered some overbright issues in Darkplaces (in the large windows to the outside) that forced me to turn RTworld off - this is becoming a trend among new maps lately :( Real-time lighting looks so nice, it's a bit of a shame to have to switch it off. Another issue was that the transparent windows weren't transparent at all.

After finishing the map there were still 4 monsters left, so I noclipped through it. Found them alive at the bottom of a pit, where the player shouldn't be in regular play. 
Speaking about pits.

There was a scrag that ignored me until I started shooting into the pit blindly. And I think I heard a knight there. Apparently, I managed to kill everything I needed to kill by doing so, and the necessary passage opened, but it was counter-intuitive.

Normal skill, Mark V.

Oh, and I liked the map a lot. Lots of Honey lately, which is a good thing.

Ran in circles quite a bit, because I often felt the urge to backtrack for supplies, and forgot my way back to the action. 
This is the room you arrive in after taking the first jump pad, right? That's where I found my missing monsters too! 1 scrag and 3 knights. 
Yeah, It's That One 
Well, I first thought it may be a DP-related issue but it looks like it's actually a bug in the map itself, since two different engines encounter the issue. Anyone else experiencing it? 
23 Minutes Of Pleasure 
A familiar theme, but a very enjoyable map. Great interconnectivity that involves a lot of backtracking, but at no point did I feel lost, my path was always clearly laid out. Very nice lightning, and great gameplay. Difficult at times but never unfair. I actually died when a fiend caught me by surprise.

First run demo, hard skill:

Definitely keep on mapping Gotshun, you show enormous potential. If this map is anything to go by, I foresee even greater things from you. Well done. 
Speaking Of Lighting... 
I just noticed that the torches/flames don't have any flickering light style. It would've been even better if they did. Think about it next time. 
We've talked about that exact idea! I told him how when I see "flickering" torches and there's no "flickering" light my brain says "doesn't make sense", hehe.

Recently I played through Return to Castle Wolfenstien, they attempted to do it most of the time.

Now, seeing as how ALL of the lights are torches, sans the window lighting, I think there would be a problem if you were to try and be consistent. Visually, and maybe even technically.

Either way, didn't make it in :-P Next time. 
RTCW does flickering with subtle dynamic lights. Probably cheaper than animating half the lightmap. At least in that engine. 
I Should Think Before I Hit Submit, Grrr 
"... seeing as how ALL of the lights are torches"

This is so obviously wrong, derrr 
Very Good 
quite tricky at parts on hard but only occasionally frustrating.
Probably could have used a lil' more health in the arena section but beyond that didnt' have too many troubles. Only found the first secret then sucked. Actualy I sucked from the start because i didn't record a demo.
Lots of grenade facials. 
Pretty fun map.

Got a bit annoying having shamblers pop in behind me all the time with no warning or noise.

Nice interconnected layout. Could have used a tad more health maybe. Left the map with 1 health.

4/5, would be 5 if it weren't for the back stabbing. Great appearance and AD-level quality. (that means really good). 
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