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New Q1SP(AD) - Tomb Of Fenrir
My two week project is done, I switched to Arcane Dimensions but gameplay is still straight forward, no breakables in this map. It's a small level with linear progression and it's my first Quake release! The theme is an underground tomb with lava and rock surrounding old structures. Fenrir is a wolf in norse mythology, maybe he's in there somewhere. Feedback is always appreciated for future improvements.


Another Link 
more ad is always welcome


nice map 
Very Nice!! 
dowloaded and played immediately ... 64/64 kills with 2/7 secrets on skill 2.

a truly AD style map! 

Thanks for the map and uploading to good hosts. 
Screenie Looks Ace 
nice elegant use of fog, coloured lighting, flames etc. 
Skill 2, 5/7 secrets

Lovely little map especially for 2 weeks! I enjoyed the atmosphere and the different views. I liked that many of the secrets provided another view to the map or where actual rooms and not just little nooks.

I think the most impressive was the encounter pacing. Lots of tension built up from long delayed doors and going against player expectation. Some really groovy brushwork especially at the final fight. That said, the theme was not my favorite but I did enjoy the catacomb visuals!

I also did not see a way back after the final fight to hunt for those last 2 secrets!

Nice job, looking forward to more from you as you clearly have immense talent for this. 
Thanks For The Demos Guys! 
Plenty to pick up on by watching first time plays on a map, very difficult to get pacing and difficulty right on final encounters! I think it was alright but still a bit too easy even on skill 2, the player should be forced to the middle somehow or to move around at least, something to think about. Here is a list of issues I could pick up on through the demos

Big Issues

* Linear gameplay hurt badly by retreating players and funneling monsters through doorways, either more interconnections or gating required (especially GL area)
* No teleporter back (end area)
* Poor interconnection with GL doors (allround terrible area)
* Rework fiend and knights encounter at staircase (terrible)

Minor Issues

* Teleport trigger too early, confusing (GL secret)
* Alcove not doing much past SSG room
* Remove hknight for shortcut1 sound/trigger
* LG secret ledge, make visual language better, not to allow jump to GK
* Jump to MH button possible on ramp (skull texture)
* Pillars looks climbable around GK (bad!)
* Players watch the elevator go down first :P
* Visual language for RA secret


* Cracked lava floor past SSG room is just odd
* Change floor to red gl secret
* Texture flaw above gk door staircase (arch), possibly more on that prefab 
Great Map 
giftmatcher, i really enjoyed your new map. not big in scope, but it's obvious you've put a lot of effort into details and overall design of the map.

* lighting and fog gives the map a very pleasing look, subtle orange tint... i'm digging it
* details like the stairs with holes in it allowing me to observe the area bellow
* cracks with lava.. it gives the impression of ancient place being slowly consumed by the earth

* final fight could've been longer
* i've found found only 4 secrets and as far as i can tell there is no under-lift-secret. maybe i'm wrong... in the end i haven't found all of them, but.. you can call me old-fashioned, there should be at least one under lift secret in any quake map :-)

nice little well polished map. definitely looking for more. thanks 
Glad You Enjoyed It Jakub 
There is actually one under the elevator secret! Technically.. Nobody found it :P I'll patch and mend the map a bit, for my own peace and mind at least, the grenade launcher area was such a dissapointment, terrible gameplay :D Final area as you say was maybe too short but also surprisingly easy for first time visitors..

Sometimes when you playtest a map you unintentionally or maybe subconsciously try to "make it work", that's always bad.. Instead, assume everything can go wrong, and make it as fail-safe as possible! 
No Demo Sorry. 
but a very nice little map, in the mold which Negke likes to promote. Kind of nice change of pace after having slogged through some of the bigger AD maps.

theme was strong and kept consistent throughout with a good amount of variation upon the theme as well. I kind of liked the relatively clean but low key visual approach. Something Doomy there.

Skill wise I found it to be (pleasant) a walk in the park. Chose skill one after being absolutely ravaged by magna leptis or whatever in skill 2.
Then again I hadn't really played much quake for a while before launching into that one, could be that I'm just more used to the AD monsters etc now.

Great first map, definitely something to be proud of. Sorry I didn't record a demo. 
Thanks For The Visit Drew! 
Glad you enjoyed it, no worries already got a couple of demos, it's just for future reference so I'm not making the same misstakes. I'll leave it as it is, better to move on to the next one, although maybe someone finds it useful seeing a list of good/bad stuff from demo-feedback. 
Tomb Of Fenrir Play 
I played this tonight, you get some stream of consciousness from myself.

Overall I enjoyed the map and hope that you continue making stuff :) 
Nice smallish map, a bit dark in places, with great atmosphere and pacing. Yes it's very linear but this isn't as detrimental as it could be, I guess partly due to revisiting the central room a few times. Cool use of the melting skulls texture as exit teleporter! Nice secrets, found 6 of them and spotted the 7th (the one just to the upper left of the start area) but couldn't figure out how to unlock its door and it's bugging me, so if you could at least give me a hint, that'll be much appreciated.

maybe he's in there somewhere
Didn't see any wolf, either pictured or modeled.

I'll leave it as it is
You could have at least added a proper track number (track0 doesn't normally exist in the Quake soundtrack) and a shortcut back after the final horde fight. Oh well, noclip exists for a reason I suppose... 

Quite a decent map. Good theme, essentially like a full version of the crypt from sock's E2M2 but brighter and with lava. However, I think the map was hurt by how uniformly the map followed its own theme - the rooms lacked variation from another. Some could easily have been taller, some could have had slight differences in detailing, in textures, or even in fog color, since it's an AD map*.

I think it was fine in regards to size and length. When you said "linear progression" in the OP I didn't expect a nearly completely linear map though, especially not from the author of that one outstanding E1M3 remake! I think the only area which gets revisited at a different height (other than the main hub) is the start, which was a shame.

I felt the map was very lacking in the vertical gameplay department in general, most of the monsters I fought were basically at eye level. The main hub could have provided some good combat right from the beginning of the map, with Ogres attacking the player from above. (Again - rooms of varying height could have been helpful)

* - I don't think this map needed to be AD at all, but I guess somebody was asking you to make it for AD really hard. :P

Thanks for the release, this post is mostly feedback/"I didn't like how blah" but I enjoyed playing it! 
r_oldwater 0 
Very Nice. 
Top vibes in this. The style, ruined sections, use of fog / lighting / flames, all really good. I found the final arena, though a cool design, a bit too detatched from the main map which was nicely connected.

Gameplay was fun throughout. Even though arenas usually bore me, this one was fair. Secrets were cool too. Maybe a few areas could have had a bit more spark. 
A very fine map with a familiar, yet well made theme. Not large, and yet not terribly small either, a nice balance in between. Challenging gameplay but fair throughout.

First run demo, hard skill: 
A very nice map. I only wish there were breakables there. Also there was one place where is pretty bold clipping near the lava. I wanted to jump there to check if there are buttons underneath the floor but smashed into a clip brush and fall into lava. Had to noclip out. You should avoid doing this in places that look like you can walk on them, especially near the hazards.

Thanks For The Playthroughs! 
Demos and feedback very much appreciated, even commentary playthrough by Fifth, very helpful :)

Mugwump, the wolf is the minatour at the end, very far fetched I know.. He was the only monster close enough visually, I even buffed his HP slightly to have him be more of a threat.

Agree with OTP, Vertical combat essentially non-existent despite it being a very vertical map although linear as hell. I got lost in building pretty things and then a lot of the gameplay was shoehorned in.

Thank you for the kind words Shambler, Orl and PuLSaR, maybe the best thing about the map was the vibe and theme coming through, I certainly would have wanted to do more but keeping a deadline was my goal this time. 
Great First Map! 
Great map dude. I think it is a perfect size and I hope there's more to come from you =)

Btw, weren't you working on a E1M3 remix with Soc? It was looking sick!

Btw, really liked the Q2 SP unit you released last year. The backtracking made it feel really faithful to the original style of gameplay. 
Q2 Sp Map? 
Did I miss this? 
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