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New Q1SP: Der Wanderer Uber Dem Sauremeer
World renowned Hawaiian zoo-keeper, extreme-metal online DJ and power-plant technician (think Homer Simpson with urban camo shorts) IONOUS has released his first stand-alone Quake map:

"Small ID metal map. Quakespasm recommended."


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Hooray! First Post! 
Seriously though, this looks gorgeous. Does it require AD? 
Read The README To Find Out @Kingold! In Fact: NO! 
I'll play it later on today and send a demo! 
Congratulations on your first release.

I am able to teleport to the very top with a Quad and Rocket Launcher from the start (You try to touch one of the demon face walls.) Judging by the finale-like spawns that occurred afterwards it seems you shouldn't be able to do that.

Just checking, will have demo later! 
First Release?!??! 
Ionous Only Did Mapjams Before This, I Believe. 
Why Is The First Letter On Every Word Capitalized In The Titel? 
Loads Map. 
First thing visible, or rather not visible, is an unlit double barrelled shotgun.

Quits map and uninstalls. 
Okay So... 
...I need someone to weld all of these demos together and upload it to Youtube. I did some next-level daz+negke^10 style gameplay, I can't quite believe it myself. I managed to die by being squished by falling bars, switching to LG whilst shooting underwater, getting trapped under wind vent bars by monsters above, multiple attempts to get past fiends on the first floor around the wind vents with 22 health, grenading myself in the face, getting blown off a platform with 2% health. I think the only thing I didn't do was die in the slime IIRC??

Anyway, cool design, great details, nice layout for such a small map. I can't really comment on the gameplay. 
Which Incidentally Means.... 
...that I would have died 3 times on Skill 0. With no monsters. 
#5 And #6 
Ionous started way back in the first 100 brush competition. Followed by at least one speed/snail map. One for the Contract Revoked add-on: The Lost Chapters. Then onto jams of various sorts as well as two (?) AD maps. IIRC 
Blougsburgh: Nice bug find. I did not encounter that in testing.

Vondur: Thanks for the demo

Sleepwalker: First stand-alone release. All my other maps have been part of larger projects.

Brassbite: See Pritchard's link. And yes, map jams and AD were were most of my other works are found.

Shambler: The modifications to the news post made my morning. The demos made my day. Killed by a windblast. That was fantastic.

Topher: Thanks for the demos.

distrans: Guy knows his Quake history (as far as my contributions go). 2.5 AD maps (lavatomb, dm5 and half of Magna). 
Congrats On The Release 
Shambler = more like Derp Wanderer! 
Very Nice 
such a meticulous little gem!
I managed to break one or two things in this but not to a degree of unplayability.
Played on hard, hovered on the edge of death for most of the level. Same for ammo. Pretty harrowing, in a good way.
Thanks for creating this.
No demo because I'm a shitty non contributing fuck. 
My Demos 
if you look the map in a map editor, this map is like the 768 pack, but with 1024 units

i have to play those maps, i only tried a few minutes 
I really enjoyed this one. Cramped combat has always been a pleasure to me, and this was flawlessly executed. Not just looking good, but the many doors, panels, and walls that open and close revealing new areas and unveiling monsters. I especially liked the opening and closing ventilation ducts that push you off the platform, making you time your jumps carefully.

There's a surprising amount of gameplay packed in this tiny map, and it sure won't feel tiny.
Congratulations on your first standalone map, its a real winner.

First run demo, hard skill: 
I Really Loved The Monsterjumptrigger At The End! 
It's really interesting to see what fits in a 1024^3.
I liked how the title referred to the acid under the level, ein kleines S�uremeer!
I was really challenged by the map, and because I'm really bad at Quake even Skill 1 killed me many times.
Like any Quake player I think the metal theme is awesome. My only criticizm is pointed at the pushtriggers, as those didn't work 100% of the time.
I'm inpressed by how you fit 7 secrets inside the map.
I love the name of the map and I have the strong opinion that naming a Quake map is poetry.
Keep up the good work!
I wanted to drop a beta of my first map soon... 
Whats With The German Naming Conventions? 
Who started that? 
As I Am German... 
... I find german titles funny, especially because the grammer has a high chance of being messed up! In this case Ionous just didn't have an � and an �. 
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