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Q1SP: Quenching Urges Of Constant Killing [DEMO]
The latest achievement of the "problematic" "masculine" "skill-shaming" first person shooter culture is finally here: two ridiculously brutal Quoth slaughtermaps by skacky, serving as a small demo of a future episode (to be even more ridiculously brutal).

They're much harder than they're purple, and they're purple as fuck!!!!

Download link
You after successfully beating this

This requires the latest version of Quoth 2.2. Download here.

Don't say I didn't warn you!
100% Playthrough Of Map01! 
Five Droles And Daemons 
at the same time. Have to check what setup has been made there. 
This Is Crazy! 
I Am Not Sure My Anus Is Ready For This.... 
....even as battleworn as it is :S 
This Is Crazy 2 
I´ve finished map01 in Hard!
Still finding my way in Map02

what a nightmare!

nice music by the way 
Not purple enough. 
A Little Too Hectic For Me,,, 
...but I wonder if Sielwolf is still lurking around here. This strikes me as the kind of challenge he/she would enjoy overcoming. 
It's A Very Specific Map Style. 
I doubt I will enjoy it that much, but it's definitely a cool thing to be made and there will be some people who will jizz like a fountain over this stuff. Adds to the broad spectrum of Quake :) 
Looks Good 
not a fan of doom slaughter maps, and not sure it will work well over an extended series of maps in quake. Video is awesome! 
wow..... awesome video... 
What Just Happened?! 
Here is a short demo of me getting my ass kicked. The second attempt is about the furthest I could make it. My Quake skills are strangely getting worse and this map just breaks them.

I love all the new 80s textures and music. I'm just not one of the few leet people that can beat this sort of map. I wish I had like a minigun and all the monsters would die in one hit, the Quake baddies are just too bullet spongy. I may try it with God mode.

It feels like a totally different game, which is the point I guess. A cool project. 
Tough But Fair 
...or maybe not

Skill 3 demos / same on youtube 
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