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Q1SP: DM4 Jam DLC Update
DM4 Jam DLC Update is finally out. We got 3 new maps and
couple updates/tweaks for original maps (check out readme file what's new).

DLC Poster Here

DLC maps by:

Download Patch from here

Patch Installation
Note: You must have the original dm4jam pack installed.
(you can download it from here)

1] Copy the contents of the dlc patch zip archive.
2] Open dm4jam folder
3] Then paste files over old ones, "add and replace".

If you're new, check out readme for further introductions how to get into game.


Note: original thread here
Congratulations! Nice mappack.


Simple Quake Launcher: Quick tip

You can deactivate the automatic demo playing on start, modifying the quake.rc file and deleting the last part of its content.

This file is included into the original dm4jam pack. 
Thanks, was hoping to see Bal's map in there but guess it didn't make the deadline. 
Agree bal’s absence is a shame but always happy to see a neg entry! 
Adib- dark, tough, great lighting, well worth the wait, loved the rocks/lava details, my fav
Negke- quite a small map, good fun, gg
JCR- very spacious, gg 
i liked the zerstorer reference on negke's map 
Great design, love the outside bits, they very much transcend the usual DM4 style blandness and added a lot of extra vibe with the lighting choice etc. Gameplay was fun in places, a bit repetitive in others. DM4 / lava everywhere usually sucks and this suffered a bit from that, having to face-tank a lot of enemies to avoid dodging into lava. I got through it first go although the ending was a bit awkward. While the spawn area was quite reasonable and fun to play, the strobing did my tits in a bit. 
Your Brushes Add To The Zerstordeur's Legacy Of Detail! 
Adib: Nice-looking map, fun gameplay (except the triple vore fight). Nice vertical central atrium. I found it to be a bit on the dark side; makes sense for a map set at night time, but one of the buttons was not very visible for me and I somehow missed the LG unless it's in a secret. Cool shambler, though I cheesed him a little by telefragging (still kind of legit, but probably not intended this way).

JCR: A bit like a DM4 Reloaded, not least because of the original layout parts on top. Button-hunting with fast combat and occasional bullethell situations. Yay for LAN. Shame I found the quad secret only afterwards.

Newhouse: The included map source of my map is not the original but one that you saved in TB for some reason. Bad form! 
Going To Play Through This In Forty Minutes Or So 
Send me the right file and will see then. 
Negke And Ionous 
There are three ways to kill the 666 Shambler and you guys found two of them. Negke figured the third way as well.

Thanks for the video and demos! 
I Telefragged The Cunt Too. 
No idea what I was meant to do. A bit more health to give the player time to work it out would be good.

BTW I liked the monsters appearing out of the lava at the start. 
Quite fun and surprisingly quite reasonable gameplay. Hectic in a few places and needed a bit more health mid-game (due to the obvious dodging above lava issue) but overall pretty neat. I really liked the DM4 tribute bit, that was quite a surprise and fitted in well. I found the rest of the design a bit too large and a bit to unpolished. If you'd restricted the size and polished it I'd have preferred it. 
Really nice smooth neat build quality, even with the usual DM4 textures it was pretty attractive. I liked that it felt like a deathmatch map that worked well in single player. I liked the lava going under the walls around the outside, gave it a sense of place. Gameplay was awkward to start (fiends, shotguns, shamblers, dbs, lava, etc) but improved later on. The very ending was very mildly amusing but if I wanted a lot of cutscene I'd be playing BLOPS or something instead. 
Congrats for getting this out. All maps have merit and interest and in different ways. And it's a good bite-sized addition to the jam too. 
Dm4 Playlist with new entries

Finally got around to playing these. I really liked Adib's map, though the invulnerable shambler was a nightmare on first try! Negke's map was also pretty challenging given those narrow walkways across lava. I also showcased all the secrets on my own map. 
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