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Q1SP: Lords Of Chaos
After a long hiatus, I've gone back and created another Quake level. The previous Quake levels I made were very much in the 1996-97 style of level making. This is an attempt at making a more modern Quake experience.

This is a dark and sprawling Quake single player levels.

To leave this otherworldy mansion, you must summon seven Chaos Lords and kill them. There are some small puzzles to solve and you will need to pay attention to your surroundings and make note of the clues given.


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The file is not there 
Link Fixed 
updated the link in the OP 
The Bars At The Start Can Be Jumped Over. 
You know right at the start you can just jump over the bars on the left side (where the gap is) by using the slight wall ramp. I cleared the wall of flesh within about 15 seconds of spawning.I assume this is unintentional. 
Can’t See The Pictures 
The previews can’t ne seen on my cell phone. 
Pretty crazy map, kind of confusing. Felt quite uneven, but still had a nice time with it.
My playthrough : 
Holy Crap A Good Way 
That took forever! Huge map with gigantic rooms and over 330 monsters. Like Bal stated above, I did find it a little confusing. Also, having to hunt down shamblers was a bit tiring, considering the sheer size of this map.

That being said, I did enjoy it! It's definitely your best looking map and it plays better than your old '97-98 maps. Probably my one niggle was that the custom audio track got annoying after it looped for the 5th time. I ended up yanking it out of the pak file. Luckily, the map defaulted to a regular audio track and it was smooth sailing afterward.

All-in-all, I think your "attempt" was a success! 
That was not intended. But it is not of great significance as the section you skip isn't that big, and you have to go back there to reach the end anyway. 
I wasn't sure about the music myself, but I put it in because I thought after 25 years people would have gotten sick of the Quake soundtrack (I haven't).

The level is larger than what I wanted it to be. Ideas were coming thick and fast and the level always seemed too small, so they mostly went in.

But the Chaos Lords (except for the 6th, which spawns near where the 5th and 4th are), all spawn near where the player is. 
Well, I know where those big guys are now and your map has replay value, so it should not be a problem in the future :)

I just hope that we don't have to wait another 22 years for your next map! 
Sorry for stupid question, but how do I play this? I tried placing the .pak in its own folder (loc) and start it with -game loc, but that didn't work. 
Did you also do +map lordsofchaos 
Thanks @damage_inc. No, but I did try map loc. Didn't know the actual name of the map as it's in the .pak. But, yes, now it works! 
What A Map 
And a really good one at that coming from a 20+ year hiatus. Didn't expect it to be this big that's for sure. Took me an hour and a half, sadly a good chunk of that time was me trying to find my way.

Everything was great from the tight gameplay to all the strange and colored lighting, and the bizarre scenery. My only suggestion would be in large areas, like the outdoor rocky section, scale up the rock textures to be bigger so it looks more natural and not so tiled. But that's a minor thing.

Great work nonetheless! Really enjoyed this one.
First run demo, hard skill: 
Skill 2 demos
<a href=">Fullbright patch</a>

It's kind of hard to consider a shambler at medium-long distance much of a threat, let alone a lord of anything. Aside from that (and some obscure progression), great map, enjoyed the mix of ideas. 
I have uploaded a demo of me playing this, with all monsters and secrets.!ny40mYpa!i6-HoqHBv0QBk_Hju_mID1w_Vy4VY8lHrMKBPTyB-94 
My Longest Upload To YouTube

I had some issues with ammo and map flow but otherwise really enjoyed my time with this map as you'll see in this long playthrough. Welcome back, look forward to your next release! 
Now that was a journey! I too had issues with ammo in the beginning of the map but it wasn't so bad that I was always out. Plus that goes away less then half way through. What stuck out to me was the sounds. Especially when you activate the 6th (I think) LOC in that room with the flailing fish. Made my neck hair stand. Overall ambiance was really good. 
Lots to take in here- my playthrough is full of comments though so that should help. Congrats on the release!

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