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Q1SP: Kelluva Linna
This is based on an unfinished, Nehara based map from Bal. I took the layout, cleaned it up a bit, and stocked it with vanilla enemies.
I made some tweaks, for gameplay purposes.

Originally called "Arcane," I renamed it (for obvious reasons). "Kelluva Linna" is Finnish for "Floating Castle."


why not make it for AD? 
looks gorgeous 
Thank You! 
This map is saved from a terrible fate: to be forgotten forever.

I noticed that three monsters are stuck in some walls or inaccessible places. Also, some orges are able to drop their grenades through a wall. A few scrags are also able to move through some walls.

Nice map anyway. 

Odd. My playtesters were getting 100% kills and I didn't receive any "walkmonster" errors. I am curious about the setup that you used to play it (like the engine, skill, and any possible mod used). 
I played the map with QS_Spike, under the AD mod.

I'll replay it with the copper mod. 
Thanks for saving this map from oblivion. That scrap thread was a great idea and hopefully it'll unearth more gems.

The screenshots made me curious and the large monster count was a nice additional surprise. The only downside for me is a slight overuse of scrags and backspawning. Other than that, it's beautiful and features lots of fun action.

The final area reminded me of a section in Castle Zanthu (where you get attacked by lots of Fiends, Knights and Ogres while trying to push several buttons). Did you work on both maps simultaneously, or did one influence the other to some extent? 
I'm glad that you enjoyed it!

No, I didn't work on both simultaneously. I wasn't even aware of this map when I made Zanthu. I can see how they bare some similarities though, since they're both vanilla castle maps that use Daikatana E3 textures. :) 
I played the map with QS_Spike, under the AD mod.
I'll replay it with the copper mod.

All those issues are on you then. Play it the way the mapper intended. 
Just Wow..! 
I had an absolute blast with this map, and I don't usually feel that strongly about these things. To anyone reading the thread before downloading, I implore you to play this with Copper, and if you're up for it, on Nightmare mode too.

The map seems almost made for Copper, Ogres becoming a bit more deadly with Z-aware Grenades, trading long-range nails with Scrags while dodging their fire, the Enforcer rooms become very fun from all of the juggling you have to do to keep multiple stunned.. seriously, one of my favorite maps in a while, possibly ever with how hard it ticked almost all of my points for a good map.

As for the map, the gameplay is a more deliberate feeling cohesive Greenwood fare, great setups and ambushes, regular catharsis via using the enviroment to get an upper hand on enemies, ect. I especially loved the finale area, I kind of wish we got locked in to it. Having the Scrags pile in over the walls with the Ogres atop the battlements, Hell Knights grouping up and swarming you, it felt like an epic siege, perfect for the final battle of such an intense map.

The texture work is fantastic, not delving into hyper stylized 1brick1brush territory, but firmly in the realm of the newschool via great use of curves, vertical progression and use of distinct characteristics to differentiate areas. The lighting could have certainly used a bit of work, and is starkly contrasted against the indoors lighting. It feels almost fullbright, there's hardly a shadow for much of anything.

Other than those small lighting issues, this is your best release yet. I hope there's some more Greenwood masterpieces in the pipeline :) 
Demo Files 
Almost forgot to post my demos.
Played with Copper Quake 1.11 using Quakespasm 0.93.2 
can we get an AD version of this map? 
Is Quake not good enough for you?

I said this like two times in the scrap thread, Bal was working on a brand new map in a similar theme, and that one will be using AD.

Don't play vanilla maps under partial conversions. Quake is not Doom, and AD is not fucking Brutal Doom. 
Plays Very Well Under Copper 
Good Stuff 
A very nice map with a familiar theme, good length of anywhere between twenty and thirty minutes. Bit on the easy side though, but maybe thats just me.

First run demo, hard skill: 
For me this one was good but not quite great. It feels like it's OK to be a little contrarian here since clearly the map is hitting the right buttons for other folks. :-)

Good arena fights, nicely polished visuals, but nothing really surprising and a linear path. FWIW I'd rate Castle Zanthu better when it comes to my own personal fun factors.

Still a good rescue job! It's cool to see this weirdly asynchronous kind of collaboration happen. 
I wasn't planning on it. My rationale for doing this was to (1) resurrect Bal's map and (2) make it not mod dependent, to appeal to a wider audience.

Currently, a lot of folks are really digging it with Copper, so if "au naturale" doesn't float your boat, then I'd suggest giving that a spin. In addition, you could also try it with the Quake 1.5 mod, since it might toss in occasional gargoyles and proximity grenades. :) 
haha, you should look at merging those two base maps then, since you did a good job of merging the two czg maps 
Excessive Lightmaps 
Here's another tip for Greenwood/QM: it's always a good idea to upscale the textures on large trigger volumes like void kill triggers. Despite being invisible, their brushes are still turned into polygons which can increase light compile time and, more importantly, bring a regular map over the lightmaps limit like in this case. Upscaled to some very high value, the lightmaps would have been within the protocol 15 limit here. 
Huh! I wasn't aware of that. Thanks for the tip! :) 
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