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Q1SP - The Slipgate Massacre
Happy Christmas everyone!

I have finished a map, I've streamed the entire creation of this map live on Twitch. It's a medium to large sized id-base map with loads of low-level monsters, secrets and quad damages! It's a speedily laid out remix of e1m1 that snowballed into quite a big map. It was turned around really fast by my standards. Loving playing with ericw's tools, but still stubbornly using Worldcraft.

Big thanks to nathnolt for the ladder and a hack :) Big thanks to all that joined me on Twitch, Flecked, Colossus, mopeybloke, doug, and everyone else!

Screenies + download
Interesting take! I enjoyed the classic combat setups. Not sure about the exaggerated scale - it worked well in some places (outdoor areas), less so in others (some of the rooms came out a bit bland). I think reducing the scale just a tad would have afforded you a bit more detailing. Really enjoyed the first quad run. Thanks for the map! 
Looks Nice 
On my growing list of stuff to play once my fingers work again.. 
Nice To See You Back! 
This was great very nice vanilla+

Maybe you should consider converting Slave, the hand, and starkmon to the Alkaline or AD mod

Thanks for this! 
I Have Done A Stealth Update 
2 actually :D

First one was at t+4hrs, I moved a megahealth that fell out of the map, it means the secret trigger is slightly out of pos.

I did one more - I moved some teleport destinations slightly, including one which would trigger the level exit if you exited a secret area after a certain point. I also set to CD track 6, and added some additional credits to the readme.

AFAIK this wouldn't break anything such as demos. But I am just reporting for posterity really.

Thanks to those that have played! I was really rushing at the end TBH, I set myself a hard deadline to finish the map. This map went out of scope really fast :D 
Great map thx for posting, thing I loved most was the sense of scale.

Great take on E1M1, fun secret hunting kept me busy for over an hour.

Love to see more from you ❤️ 
Nice, sense of scale is great. Not just a bigger e1m1 but 30x the enemies because standard id maps these days are just a little too easy. Modern mapping isn't just bigger, better, more detailed, but also harder.

Only thing is it came off a bit bland at times because of the scale. I like to see detailed walls rather than flat, but that sort of stuff obviously takes a lot of time. 
Glad To See You Back 
Hope there's a few more like this in the chamber!

A solid fun map with lots to love. Took me a few tries - underestimated things on the way down! Didn't get tired of it though!

Thanks for yet another big chunky fun base map! 
New Ricky Map! 
Pretty good man!

I did sequence break a bit of the final return by doing some early secret hunting / backtracking. (went up the romero lift bit early)
I got a few secrets, but was treated to a lovely view of an area I missed when I exited lol
Will have to play it again to find that area. 
He's already jamming a new one over at his twitch. 
2/5 Apparently 
Well, I tried 
Vertical Geometry Movement Inverted? 
I scoured the comments here and on quaddicted but nobody seems to have faced this issue: whether I play this with the Kex engine (Quake remastered) or Quakespasm Spiked - as to the movement of lifts and other geometry moving along the vertical axis, the direction of movement seems to be inverted, or otherwise non-functional. So for example the first lift that's supposed to take me out of the first building pushes me up into the ceiling and then sinks back; the floor around the pillar in the room beyond the acid pool gibs me against the beams above; the lifts leading up to where the nailgun used to be and the platform leading to what used to be the quad secret simply don't work. I could only get past these by using noclip.

It seems like a switch has been flicked or some mysterious variable has been inverted somewhere in the engine code. This only happens along the Y axis - all other sliding geometry movement seems fine. Any ideas what might be going on? 
RE: #11 
I also noticed this :D

It caught me off guard because I tried some of my old Quoth maps in the remaster and they seemed to work fine.

The lift at the start is actually a door, but the practise of using doors as lifts is not new.

Quakespasm Spiked worked fine for me though.


Anyway - thanks for playing :) 
#11 Fixed With VkQuake 
Cheers Ricky, I just got it working with vkQuake (?!). Brilliant twist... Difficulty ramped up pretty quick, I'm going to take a break for a bit. Really adored how progressively cavernous it became, and each section took on a life of its own. There's something fantastic about the downward spiralling walkway above the acid with light-triggering touch-switches that having been extended in scale this way reminded me of the eery feeling I got when playing that section in the original the very first time. Fantastic work :) 
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