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D3SP - The Sigma Core
"Built in about 6 weeks, the Sigma Core extends the story of the game and offers up unique gameplay and visuals. Plenty of enemies, and a long journey to keep you on your toes at all times."



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Looks good - definitely checking it out.

Although what the fuck's with the title image on his website? 
I believe that is a pic from Dead Cells, one of his q3 levels. 
Awesome Stuff 
'Specially the sewer tunnels, and that spectre pinky. But yeah, that audio log was even worse than Kiltron's -- thought it wasn't as unintentionally funny. 
Ah, it's a Clockwork Droid map. Never mind then - the skull in orange sand was a little reminiscent. :P

And you guys don't want to hear me bitch about doom3 so I'll just say that this map was very well done. 
What!? Don't Want To Hear You Bitch? I Do! 
I haven't bothered to download it yet, since it's hosted on "pain in the fucking arse planet." I would like to hear your opinion, Lun, as you are the only one of these goddam schmucks I trust :) 
Why Trust Him? 
You seemed to like the game, he just moans about monster design. 
I was going to moan about this guy often barely giving you room to fight a demonic two-year-old let alone imps and shit (my favorite bit was being stuck in a cubicle-sized room with a burning elevator shaft and certain death behind me, and a dozen cacodemons and archviles that spawn new ones on the other side of the door in front of me), but I could do that instead if you like. 
If It Makes You Feel Better.. 
I don't trust any of you... not even a little bit. 
I Haven't Even Seen The Screenshots Yet 
and i like it! 
I hear what you're saying, buddy. Trust is a hard thing to come by these days. Why don't you just trust in the Lord? 
Well, I've just taking a look at the screenshots, and they look rather nice... it seems to be a good work, so keep it up ! 
Lunaran Is Right 
Sadly this map does have serious gameplay balance issues with almost every creature being used in a very short space of time. Its certainly a good first SP map for D3 but I don't think it is amazing. Too many high power creatures, too many weapons and alot of spraying bullets in pitch black rooms. (Which is as much fun as nailing your feet to the floor.)

Im certainly looking forward to another SP map from Quaker-X and I hope he gets the weapon/creature balance right next time. 
I thought it was way too easy.

I'll play it again, and see what I think this time. 
Good Stuff. 
Finally got around to finishing this off. Quality map, very good atmosphere (underground bit, crashed train, entrance cine etc) and sense of progression. Good combat too, I agree with sock that a few too many monsters are thrown in and a few combats are a bit unfair whilst others are easily outwitted by running away. Nevertheless I liked most of it and liked facing some high powered creatures, especially Mancubi. Floating things and Archviles were also used well, the latter being particularly bastardly.

I found it did try to cram a bit too much in though, which also had some thematic as well as gameplay flaws. But overall a good level and a proper Doom3 experience. 
that was scary (yeah, 4 am dark room, sleepy) progression is odd (getting most of the guns instantly)
too dark and overdetailed, just like most IDs maps 
I Can't Wait 
Great posts.. Can't wait to play this level! 
well, you were able to wait 2 years already... 
What about making it so that threads (excluding permanent ones) over so many months old have commenting automatically disabled? 
the number of times I've dug through old threads to find info in the comments section on how to get things to work etc has been invaluable 
don't disable old threads, just be more willing to delete shit/useless posts at your discretion. 
Does It Really Matter If Someone Digs Up An Old Thread Like This? 
It's not like the news threads are teeming with activity that's getting pushed away by bumping old threads.

And maybe there will be useful info sometimes that's not worth a new thread, such as "BTW new version of the map that fixed ugly crashing bug." 
Except For The Occasional 
rethreading of BEES with weird ad-verts, I don't get what there is to be so upset about, either. Don't sweat the small stuff. 
I Pretty Much Agree With These Guys ^^^ 
these posts are suprisingly on topic a lot of the time. If someone finally discovers a 2-year-old map, and wants to post their thoughts on it, that's not a problem. 
Digging Up Old Thread 
the best of the custom D3sps I have tried to date but I'm beginning to realise that custom levels for D3 arent really worthwhile because the theme of the game generates a bit of same old same old design wise and the mosters arent exactly heaps of fun to fight gameplay wise.

So short of some new visuals, I'm not sure D3SPs are my cup of tea. 
Don't tell Friction or Zombie that. 
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