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Drunk Thread
All of your drunk thought should be posted here. You should not flood the GA thread while you're drunk. Just post it here.

All af your most crazy drunk posts must exist here, cause it's a drunk thread. Don't be affraid to show it.
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Hey Hey 
drink another one haha 
"do you know how hard it is for me to get drunk?"

I'll let you in on the secret - Place alcohol in mouth, swallow, repeat until drunk.

You're welcome! 
I'm post 666# upside down. Wooow Nelly! 
Bad brain, you did math wrong! 
I Did It 
I Did It!! 
Something really great may happen to me. Time will tell. 
The first concert I ever went to was Black Sabbath. February 13 Louisville, KY

Wednesday apparently, though I would have bet money on Thursday. At least that's how I remember it.

It was 1974. I would have been a senior in high school. If I hadn't dropped out.

One of the best things about getting old is remembering your youth.

Even if you get it wrong. 
Where's my Vore with puffy tits !?

And I want a new female Fiend model with falling flat tits ! 
It'd Trip On Them 
Because of its eyes or something. 
htere's a shambler waiting in thhhhhhhe sdfgh;y, he'd like to com we and neeet us butt he thikkkkl 
Quake Is Fuckim Good Shit 
I Was Sober And Thought Exactly The Same Thing. 
Really been enjoying AAA games this year, DS3, D4, TF2, ROTR etc.

And then the last few weeks have been great Quaking, from what ppl did in a few days for RJ5, to replaying previous maps and still loving them in AD1.5. 
Quaker != Sober 
Quake is the hardest drug there is! I felt like reinstalling it when the first Doom trailer popped up and I haven't played anything else ever since - except for that MiniDOOM game. 
What A Night 
Crazy Quake these last few weeks indeed. I am throwing the idea of creating a retro episode like set of maps after this current AD project. Like I have said, I had an immense amount of enjoyment creating the RJ5 map. 
Yes, Please! 
There are not nearly enough episodes made these days. 
we need more demos of drunk playthrough with comments. 
I Say Old Chaps 
I'll have you know I am jolly refreshed right now 
Me Too 
I'm drinking Caesars
is that a thing anywhere outside of canada? 
As A Matter Of Fact On A Saturday Night 
me too. A book of mine was nominated for an award - didn't win, but it was open bar. Good enough for me. 
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