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Base Pack
oh wel i love base theme so much that i start making another map just want to ask if is anybody interresing in making a episode? maby with 4 or 5 maps?!?!
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So if I sent a mail to Charlize Theron asking if she could send me some nude pictures and I didn't get a reply that would be unacceptable, passive-aggressive horseshit?

Since when is there a "rule" that one has to reply to any emails at all?

And JPL:
And now, damned sons of bitches, go map and stop crying on the past... prepare the future please... ;)
Maybe next time apply your last sentence to your own post.

You guys badmouthing Kell and Necros disgust me. 
You Communicate With Charlize Theron On A Regular Basis? 
Wow, you're cool.

(Don't be dumb.) 
It's called communication, and it's something that human beings normally do with one another.

no, it's called assuming i wouldn't post an update with new information if it was available.

in any case, it's clear it was a mistake to try to do this along-side a user map pack.

i enjoyed working on quoth the most when we did the stand-alone version. i felt rushed when we did chapters, and the same thing happened here.
i think the best way to develope these kinds of things (and in hindsight, what should have been done) is to finish it first, independantly, or with a very small amount of people. (ie: like a real dev group)

i've had the opportunity to work in a few varied sized groups now for games related projects, and i've found the most productive are usually the small (2 or 3) ones. the breaking point seems to be about 5 or so, at least in my experience, but maybe i'm just unlucky.

in any case, i don't really care to get into an argument over your post, pjw, since i've already admitted that i'm not PR and don't work like that. 
i now i started the argue! i think is time to close this!!!

please some admin.

close this Threath
before people shoot eath other... maps that are in make can be remake use stand alone!!! 
Alright! That Means I Won My Bet!! 
My prize: Nothing and failure. 
And now, damned sons of bitches, go map and stop crying on the past... prepare the future please... ;)
Maybe next time apply your last sentence to your own post.

What did you think I do since SRC relase ? 
Spirit shut the fuck up please! 
Kell And Necros 
owe you nothing.

Stop harassing them, ok?
It looks so selfish and inconsiderate.

I can understand that you feel bad but this is the world of hobbyism volunteer work, people often don't have time or spare effort to even respond to e-mail (I know I often haven't). That's just the way it goes. You should accept that when you start a project, even if there are no warning labels and stickers and huge licence agreements you have to agree to.

Also it doesn't look good if you tell some people to fuck off completely and then again are ok with them after a short while. Some people are not such hot heads and actually think that when someone offends them, he means something, and they feel bad and feel less like working with you anymore.

This whole stuff is not the worst thing in the world and should not be blown out of proportion either, just wanted to tell how it looks from an impartial observer's side. 
I totally agree with you on voluntarism and hobbyism.... However, it does not prevent people to communicate gently on their progress when they are more or less involved in such a pack...

As I said, even an single answer saying "guys, don't rely on us" would have been helpful.. Was it too much for them?

Anyway, let Quoth2 team work... it is the better thing to do..

And Trinca, calm down please :P There's no reason to put oil on the fire... it is too late... 
For Fucks Sake 
Give it a rest. As I understand it the base pack (the name of this thread, remember?) is gone, finished. Trinca released his solo and so did JPL.

Further maps under this name will just be Quoth2 maps, not a pack.

So why ressurect this argument? What are you hoping to achieve here?

Now I'm guilty (again) of keeping this thread alive. 
My Intention.. 
... asking about any Quoth2 news was not to restart a flaming session. I was just curious about the current development status...

I know some people are for sure working hard to polish, finalize and to make something of top high quality, and the idea was not to put pressure at all.

If somebody understood that, I regret it a lot, it was not the ultimate goal. 
Thanks For The Input Guys 
Maybe this thread should be locked and a new quoth2 thread started as this is so full of pain, hurt and gnashing of teeth! 
I won't command your map, as long as you don't others

I started my basepack startmap, stayed in tune with my base participants, tried to understand the rules, added some positive recall,

and released my map aside, saw everyone happily ever quoting, didn't understand the fuzz it was evoluating.

But it didn't harm my map enthousiasme in anyway.

For some years I had the abandon pak. I wanted to release it and decided to ask peope on this board how they liked it.
In that time I didn't realize this board is about quality mapping, while I intended to illustrate the evoluaition of a mapper. So I ended up in the same mockery of rubbish I now see happening with the base pak.
My only intention was to build something in cooperation with others, not to get the blast of poor mapping abbilties or other delays.
I finnaly released it on my own, which was a real aprehension.

indeed I have the same wrenched intention you must have now...
but least you can�t say we didn�t tried. 
I'm going to pull out because I don't know when I'm going to get a good chance to finish my map. It sure as hell isn't going to be in the next five days. Sorry about that :(

I will probably just release my maps (I have another map near complete that uses the new Quoth progs too) when I am able to finish them sometime next year.

Good luck to everyone else.

p.s. this isn't an excuse to start another pointless flame war. 
As far as I understood, Quoth2 is progressing well, and it is definitively a good information IMHO ;) 
Quoth to me is DEAD...

just this... i only will play new maps becouse i fucking love Quake!!!

and now merry christmas to all

and kell and necros i dont hate you guys :p

please just keep making quake maps becouse you guys rockssssss 
Thanks Than, 
for the inspiration and impetus that kept the project going.

p.s. this isn't an excuse to start another pointless flame war.

I have to admit the last pointless flame war knocked the wind out of my sails for mapping. I kind of started the Zer turtle map project to hammer out a quick map, and get a little traction going again to finish the two maps I'm committed to at the moment.

I'm looking forward to where ever your maps take you and everyone who has the good fortune to play them. 
Quoth 2 Mod 
I think was nearly finished last time preacher sent out an update. It IS in a good state, it's just everyone is busy with other stuff and doesn't have time to map. It's a bit of a shame that we've not been able to finish it after over a year. Maybe the mod should be tidied up and released with Kell's special map (nearly done I think...) and then everyone else can release their quoth 2 compatible maps whenever they are ready to. 
Exactely what I understood: definitively a very very good news !!! It was painful, but at least it happened...
Now stupid question: is there a remaining mapper for Base Pack ? :P 
wait, are you bowing out becuase you're not ready and everyone else is, or because you're ready and nobody else is? Becuase if you're not ready AND nobody else is ready, then it sounds like you can stay in :) 
well, I'm not sure anyone else is ready either. Haven't heard from Biff for AGES, despite him saying he was nearly at beta. There aren't exactly a lot of emails flying around between the rest of us either. I assume nobody is actually ready, but just think maybe it would be best if the actual mod stuff and maybe one or two maps were released and the pack was forgotten about with everyone free to release their maps as they pleased.

Of course, if everyone else is still up for it, then maybe it's a better idea to keep going and try releasing the pack when everyone is ready, or at least most of the maps are done. 
Without being sarcastic, I think the 3rd option is the good one... :P 
so if the mod is ready and the maps aren't, why is that a good reason to cancel the pack? The maps may need the mod, but it's not like the mod needs the maps in order to be released. 
... Yes, I fully agree on that point, the mod should be release, and then the pack "revitalized"... if it has ever been alive... though...

I guess Quoth2 owners have thier idea BTW... 
1072 posts. That's kind of alive, yeah? 
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