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SM142: Netherworld Assembly Line
~90 minute timelimit speedmapping session themed "Netherworld Assembly Line". 7 maps by bambuz, negke, spd, Spirit and Zwiffle.

Download: (1 Megabyte)

nice to see a speedmap session with this many contributors... like the good old days :) 
Cool Pack! 
A lesson in speedmappery! Zwiffle is the winner, followed shortly by Neg|ke. Spd's map was funny but lame... 
Negke Luvs Spd 
Nice maps, guys. 
I bet no one can find the exit 
Too Much Map... 
... so few time to play.... 
Suggestion for next theme: "Have fun storming the castle!" 
Much Love For Speed 
using the teleball in spd2 was a great idea. I'm totally writing that down. mappers seem to have written it off as 'the lame solution to the shub map' in favor of much cooler cthon lightning over and over and over again, but quake players already know what the teleball does, so it's a great puzzle element.


Zwiffle is the winner

how'd I know you would think this? :) 
is the winner, both because his map was the best and he inspired spede's masterpiece. 
Played'em ... 
... and liked'em =)

favorite: neg!ke
most doomish: bam2
most puzzling: spd2.

nice work guys! 
Zwiffle is the winner

how'd I know you would think this? :)

Uhh, because it's true?

No, seriously though, I thought negike's was the best. It obviously had a huge amount of effort put into it. I'd honestly like to see it expanded into a proper map with more combat and whatnot, or at least a turtle map. 
cool maps all, with neat fun ideas 
And The Winner Is... 
.. Speeds: very nice and fun.. And the puzzle is doable quite easily :D and I didn't cheat :P
Then negke and Zwiffle comes (while Zwiffle combat is hard)... Spirit is surprising, and the others enjoybale but basics....
Anyway, great pack, I'd like to see many others like this ! 
Good variety, fun ideas. I enjoyed every map. 
Each Map Was Good 
nice maps, zwflrreee was the one that had better gameplay!

fun maps there it goes my demos!!! 
Triggered CI475 Joy 
CI475 is happy because another speed map pack is out!

Still have to try it though, hope to do it this evening 
1. I agree with metl.

2. I liked negke's map, cool vibes as usual.

3. Spdds needs to make more proper maps, spd2 had a good style.

4. I hope to god that whatever gaming company has taken Zwiffle on, that he isn't in charge of game balancing. 
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