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SM145: Tropical Island
This time negke and Zwiffle compete in whose map sucks more.


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You're a genius.
Would you marry me?

Zwiffle: somehow the texturing conveys a Tropical island feeling... Nice... 
If You Do The Cooking... 
Nice Pack 
Negke has a cool rendering of Hawa´┐Żan islands: luxurious vegetation, and a volcano... cool The secret was also a nice touch, and I was particularly lucky to find it

Zwiffle is so far visaully the best, but gameplay is really hard. I cannot defeat the bastards without godmode help... sorry...

Anyway, it was a nice small pack: keep it up !!! 
Zwiffle Won The Contest. 
But they were both okay. I liked Neg(!)kes palm trees. I'll probably have one soon - just got back and I'm trying to sort out some issues on my computer. 
hehe nice job guys
damn! i hate missing these speed mapping competitions. I plan on participating this Saturday :D 
Negke's Map 
is quite a far cry from usual speedmapping. 
Retaining his eloquence as a literate map reviewer. 
ok girls finaly play then!!!

finaly a fine challing map from Zuffle great fun!!!

negke i crew everything but map was so easy that i finish it anyway :p


sorry Spirit :\ i upload then to wrong place! 
SM146 Theme: 
Found another route (it's a good map for it!!), 0:06 should be possible. Someone do it yo. 
Negke - Nice use of cthon.

Zwiffle - About as tropical as Lilt, but good gameplay. 
I don't know what Lilt is. I will assume it is very tropical. 
It's a pineapple softdrink, famous in fish and chips places in England.

So when you're drunk and tucking into a greasy mess with the fat, pale girl with tits to her knees at 17 behind the counter chatting you up and you're repenting buying a can of the crap theres a distinct untropicalness to it. 
It plays well. 
The Map 
Not the cow selling fish and chips. 
Battered Flaps 
Dude it is all about Dandelion And Burdock if they have it. Lilt my arse. 
I found three ways to get 6, route b is the fastest and maybe even 5 is possible with a well executed fiend push. 
Dandelion And Burdock 
Always turns up when you're camping. 
Nice one!

But....none of those are the 0:06 route I'd found....can you find that one please, I want to see someone do it :). 
Most routes for smallest map ever.

0:06 might even be possible with my route if you get the OGJ using a grenade before it's landed and get some good bunnies - bonus points you do do that too (please ;)) 
Tick Tock Tick Tock 
Impatient Shambler is waiting... 
I Didn't Find Your Ultimate Trick 
Instead of that I skipped the green armor, did a spawn boost and finished in 5 seconds! ;) 
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