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Favorite Boss In SP Quake...
Who's your favorite Boss in Single Player Quake?

Mine is the final boss from AOP. Even thought she does not look Quakey, She is fast and mobile, has powerful attacks, and requires different tactics other than dodge and shoot.
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That is until someone makes a MechaHitler mod. 
I like the giant Scrag-queen thing. Thought that was pretty good. Forget which mod that was from. The Gug was pretty tough until they toned it down. Chthon, of course, was pretty bad ass the first time you see him rise out of the lava.

I forget what boss Rapture had, but that entire episode was completely bad ass, so that whole episode counts as boss. 
Without Question 
The boss at the end of RPG's 100 brush terrain map. 
For Real Though... 
I'm quite partial to Vermis, it's pure "alienness" truly feeling like a creature that exists in the space between dimensions.

Oddly, I do find Shub to be quite creepy. With it's innards apparently exposed to the open air, it seems to defy the conventions of humanity's understanding of biology, which I find captivating. While it's not capable of actual combat, I like the concept that it has little of its own power, is rather like an impenetrable tank, designed to be impervious to damage.

I really like the design of Chthon, but don't find actual combat against him to be fun at all. 
The boss at the end of RPG's 100 brush terrain map.

Thanks, I had forgotten about that one. :) I should go back and play that. 
The Quakeguy boss at the end of mexx9d 
Scrag Queen 
The Scrag Queen was from Travail. 
Juggernaut / CyberDemon 
Juggernaut from Travail
CyberDemon from cyber mod

Well others a re cool, but I liked a lot these boss :) 
from hipnotic's MP 
The Unfinished 
Zerstorer boss - for what could have been. 
from Dissolution Of Eternity! 
The Unfinished? 
I was under the impression that the Zerstorer team concluded the pack with a cutscene as a stylistic choice. Where did you read that the boss was actually unfinished? 
I Like Teh Boss... 
...with the time travel ability to zoom back into the past and delete this crappy topic before it even started. Rawk. 
if this was broadened to favourite boss of any game, with a little text explaining why. if it's something to do with gameplay, maybe write it out a bit... might be interesting to compare what everyone thinks makes a cool boss. 
But I'd like to have been able to get 'properly' killed by it.

Even though OUM had a similar ending it still finished on a boss fight (the last interaction that the player had). It was with the Egyptian loser enemy, but at least it ended on a bang in both story and gameplay. 
The English Shambler. 
The boss fight with the fantastic Soul of Evil: Indian Summer pack was without a doubt the most difficult thing I've ever played, in any game. I mean the knight in NSOE5. The whole pack was truly a nightmare on Nightmare, unlike many other mods. Yeah, that was the one. 
there wasn�t a mod that had a vore-queen?

I think there was but dont remenber :\ 

it was just a cheaply reskinned vore with high health. really easy to kill too as you can just hammer rockets from a distance without ever being hit in return.

nice episode on the whole though, great oldskool vibe 
ye I remenber "descent" had a LG with a yellow bean i think, will replay it tonight

thanks rj 
The Quakeguy boss at the end of mexx9d

'the quakeguy'??? pffffft. it's 'the bishop' and you do a disservice to his legacy by bastardising him like that. still the greatest 
Thanks god my smaller kid already like to stay in my lap watching me playing Quake :p

Now I will have to replay this one again to :p

evil rj 
rj what were your oldest level u made some years ago?

e2m5rmx - The Lizard's Trance only can Associate this one to you! 
rj = XeN = sm28, and like 20 other speedmaps, plus some "feature length" stuff like perception. 
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