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New Little QSP - Elements
Out of a sudden, new QSP just fell from the sky.



More info if you will:
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A New Vondur Map !! 
.. can't wait till this evening to play it :( 
This Is What I'm Talking About! 
Nice little map with casual gameplay. Very enjoyable. Simple but effective construction and style, thus short build time - I hope there will be more maps like this in the future.

Cheers for this. Demo 
Need To Install Qukae On My New Comp 
this will give me the incentive :) 
I'm Happy 
But have to wait to play. 
this was like a nu-skool version of roger staines' ancient aqueduct if anyone remembers that. very strong vondur vibe naturally; solid designs, fairly solid combat & nice progression between themes. died once on normal but that was only due to thinking i had nails when i didn't (=boom) 
What others said: very nice map, solid brushwork, and fun gameplay. Very effective lightning effects, and nice sense of details.. How have you been able to build such map is so few time ? I am so jalous !!
Died twice on Hard, found 1 secrets..
Have to replay it to find out more secrets ;)
I can't wait to play next of you maps ! 
Looks Great 
Screenies look great, especially the 2nd one. I'll play it as soon as I get home! 
Vondur Stop Posting Silly Threads And Go Map 
Vondur You Eel! 
Now I have to set up my computer properly so I can play this! 
Nice map, good style, like the contrast between the various areas tied together by the archy designs. Didn't get too samey. Fog looked good in it. Gameplay was good standard Quake although I died getting past the lava as I was too casual. Lava wasn't too annoying tho.

Opened the health secret but couldn;t find it, argh!! 
Quake Running Through My Veins 
I really liked this map! Nice architecture, good flow and great gameplay. First-run on nightmare, died right before the silver key though: 
awesome a new vondur map. always liked your ability to do out-id id maps. you must live in a basement dungeony bastard. should have a review up this weekend. 
Played It 
Liked it - good flow. Copy/past gradeur architecture and fun rooms, plenty ammo/room.
Got to rush about now in real world, so cant really write more :)
maybe 16/17? :P 
Too Hard 
Nice map Vondur, simple, but beautiful. Only one problem - I played on easy and it was too hard for me. I was able to finish after a few save/load, but I had to play with great care, backing up and luring monsters after me. The room with 2 shamblers and a lot of fiends was way too hard for the easy skill. Then I tried to load the map in nightmare skill. 82 monsters vs 80 monsters on easy !!!

WTF man, no offense, but that's an insult to less skilled players. I like Quake a lot, but I want to play it relaxed, not stressed and jumping like a mad mad to avoid monsters.

It's ok if the map is very difficult (almost impossible to finish) on nightmare. It's very good it the map is hard on hard. But man...please make easy EASY !!! Please... 
Thanks guys, glad u like the map, and thanks for the demos.

RaverX, sorry i didn't tune this map for easy thinking there's no need for that. I was wrong it seems. 
Consider Pants Officially Shat. 
thanks vondur.
side note: fuck easy. 
To Be Fair.. takes a few seconds to select a dozen or so random monsters and gwarn the 'not in easy' flag. and maybe chuck an RA or two in. no excuse ;) 
source is included ... someone can remix the map with easy skill implemented :) 
Awesome atmosphere and architecture for such a small development cycle. Everything is straightforward and interesting at the same time. Although the layout and gameplay seemed a bit simple at times, it kept compelling me onward!

Thank you for another great Quake setpiece! 
1st Run Demo 
skill 2
2/3 secrets

agree with post 19 - great product for that short amount of time. longer than I thought it would be too. 
Classic And Classy 
I liked the underneath a lot, no longer a staple that. 
This map rocks ! Simply perfect ! It's now part of my permanent collection.

Thanks a lot Vondur ! 8-) 
Classic Von. 
Nothing new or interesting to say. Great map, solid gameplay, well balanced.

Clean atmosphere, great architecture.

Found 2/3 secrets (+) ;)

Only gripe: the impossibility to backtrack upstairs to search for last secret. Being backtracking impaired lessens somehow the good flavour of a great map, for me.

Loved the lot anyway. 
Great Map 
...just as I expected. Great architecture and atmosphere, I love those archs and the fog. It's best where you start and in the first hall imo.

Here's my first run demo:

I didn't find GL during that demo (and the QUAD secret only when the battle was already over) so I was short on ammo and died after the lava where those 2 vores are.

Only minor issue: I couldn't see shit under water with the fog in Fitzquake 0.85 - but maybe my settings are weird.

I'll keep this one, that's for sure. <-- demo first or i'll forget to post it. :P

2 demos, first one died when first entering air section of the map.

the trick is to pull the pairs of shamblers individually. (same at the end of the lava section).

skill level felt about normal skill to me, edging on hard. i picked up the quad just before going into the lava section, so i rushed right in there and zerged all the vores down quickly before the quad ran out. i was actually right at the two shamblers at the end but i headed back to get all the kills.
i played better on my first run (before i died, obviously) because i was a little annoyed with myself that i hadn't been saving when i restarted the second time. :P

i loved the strong colour theme throughout. very cool. the air section being much higher up was very thematically relevant. excellent use of textures, although the texture palette was maybe a bit light.

architecture was great, of course. the consistent use of those circular curves gave a very solid, well built look.
clean brushwork, i don't remember being caught on anything or being tripped.

thanks for a great (surprise) map! ^_^ 
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