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Q1 MP: Q1shw2 - Deep Scars
Hi. So I've finished my second map. Probably some of you will think that texturing or lighting could be better, but tbh it's really a matter of the taste ;). This was suppose to be a really quick and fun project, so I don't really want to spend weeks on it's development, and rather release it and move further (especially since I don't have much time for this stuff :/).

Deep Scars is small 1v1 map, but it's fun with 3-5 players in ffa

Archive contains FrikBot waypoint files, and source map. Enjoy!

Q1shw2: Deep Scars download:

Mapping Machine 
this man is. 
Watching Too Much Star Wars 
You are. 
Playing The Map 
we should. 
Cleanly made, neatly textured (a bit repetitive colourwise tho) and some good details. Solid looking map. 
Single Player Version 
are we getting 
Nice Screenshots 
Are people still playing quake 1 mp? I have broadband internet now and might like to do some friggin fraggin 
.. check this: and you'll get fragged ;) 
"are We Getting A Single Player Version" 
As I understand it, yes if Negke sees some texturing he doesn't like :E 
Go Back And Mis-align Some Wizmet 
Ooops (last Post) 
That wasn't shadow, it was me. It was directed at show though. 
You want to impersonate me :)? 
Pretty Polished And 
competently done map.. though this academic base style really is not my cup of tea 
Academic Base Style? 
don't know what that means.
is this the right thread?

Anyways, I like the style of this - actually, it looks better in the hi res tex's than the classic (unlike the previous map).

Might actually like to try and play this with some bots or something - what's the best option there? 
I Did Mean.. 
that I don't like indoor/concentric/maze-ish layout very much

I prefer outdoor maps but I understand that we're talkin about dm maps so don' take me too seriously 
The best option to play it woth bots is to use FrikBot, especially since waypoints files for it are already in the map archive ;). 
Or RMQ... 
We've got the frikbot in and some movement changes. No frontend yet for the additional game modes though. 
Frikbot Front End 
> We've got the frikbot in and some movement changes. No frontend yet for the additional game modes though.

Why didn't you say so? ;) 
Word. I was bored and ended up returning to this nice little map. The layout was too good to just skip.

As usual, regular SP stuff, skill settings, DM portion intact albeit with slight changes to the ammo balance (wtf @ small nail boxes in a DM map).


GG ShadoW 
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