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Q1SP: Dimension Of The Doomed
Here is Zwiffle's QExpo 2011 turtlemap. A medium-size base/wizard level where two dimensions clash, and the player has to do the cleanup. Supposedly not as good as necros' map. Posted as news for EVERYBODY to see and mock. Or something.

Screenshots: 1 2

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Skill 3 Demo 
if someone cares
155/155 3/5

great map! 
..The link leads nowhere fast...

What's up? 
Er... Negke. 
Not Zwiffle, Negke... Or, Metl... you sure you deleted the one that did not work? 
No, Metlslime'd 
Corrected Link 
Can you please package it properly? That is as a ZIP archive and with a readme file named the same like the .bsp -> qx11_z1.txt 
Updated Link Again... 
Willem must have moved it. 
Hey it's better than mine. It's released :E 
Mad Max Eats Canned Dog Food. 
so that readme was odd... and your booth was probably a little over the top. :P

anyway, this map IS awesome.
played on skill 1, gameplay is spot on. nice surprises with monsters jumping off ledges in front of me. i was lucky those two shamblers couldn't fit through the door or i would probably have been toast. o.o
cool circuitous route. great sense of place when you return to different areas at different levels.

i don't think i've seen some of those textures before. are they new? speedbz is nice, but dark and ikbase is used a lot and don't mesh 100% with idbase, so you have to use one or the other. these ones fit nicely in with idbase and really fit the style.

i'm a big fan of using small omni lights to highlight bits of geometry in darkness. it makes everything look much more cavernous and imposing. some areas were a little too dark, but i'm on a crt...
also, the tall base areas with the ceilings shrouded in darkness are badass.
great solid brushwork especially the bits that are broken apart and open to the void. the one area with the hknight that jumps in front of you is my favourite i think.

excellent overall! 
This Was Cool 
looks were ok, some nice bits but nothing too eyecatching.

Gameplay though was really fun, this is pure quake gameplay at its best IMHO. Room to move, good monster placement, just fun. Would have preferred if some monsters werent just standing idle though. 
Cleanly-built, enjoyable map. Old-school yet somewhat refined - the two themes go well together without feeling unnatural. Especially liked the inner chambers of the castle, reminded me of Rogue's maps. Flow's nice, though it could be better with more monsters, at least on skill2/3. Thanks for the map, Zwiffle.

First run demos - 17m, 155/155k, 4/5s. 
fuck, I'm in north of Portugal 400 km from home and I hate to play in my laptop...

will have to play untill sunday to play all these releases...

Finished It... 
18:01, 5/5 secrets, 152/152 monsters (normal skill)

I really enjoyed the run-and-gun feeling, plus the non-linear, doom-like layout and progression.

Interesting that i found all secrets here, but none of the secrets in Necros' map. I guess these were easier? But they seemed like clever, well-hidden secrets. 
I liked the outdoor part always like that broken bricky style in void, did a easy run in 52 after bout 10 mins of trying (not to intresting so cba to upload it) 
I Just Realized 
i forgot to link the demo i recorded... duhhh 0.o 
Don't feel bad, Zwiffle. I enjoyed playing through this just as much as necros' map, maybe even a tiny bit more (don't tell anyone) due to the more traditional Quake-ish gameplay and me being a sucker for base maps. Though I agree it could use some more monsters on skill 2/3.

Also really like the idea of incorporating the different id1 styles into a single map. Was that theme used for the recently released speedmap pack?

Skill 3 demo, 3/5 secrets, and somehow managed to miss four baddies... 
Nice !! 
Very solid based-map style.

I like a lot the transient in between base part and medieval part... very efficient

Never get loss, never got lack of ammo, funny gameplay, nice monster placement...

I went another one like this !!! 
Bit blocky but well made, cool to incorporate 2 different styles as well, nice transitions between them. Good fun gameplay and well balanced. Enjoyed! 
Nice map, easy and fun gameplay even in hard!

weldone, had +/- 30 minutes of joy!

the brushwork is very nice with atencion to details, I like it a lot, very relaxing gameplay

Muito Obrigado Zliffle :)

1� demo 
Good map. I liked how the transitions between styles were done. Also nice relaxing gameplay.
I have recorded a demo of my first play. Died from unexpected voreball. 
Thank You 
I thoroughly enjoyed this map. 
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