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New Q1SP: "Geophobia" By Than
I finished my remix of dm7. Now with added monsters!

p.s. thanks for uploading, Spirit!
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I really enjoy modern takes on the original textures. This one is done extremely well. 
the trigger that teleports you to the bottom is not actually active until you press the gold key switch, so there might be some other tricks that can be done if you can get up there quick enough. However, there isn't much armour, so I guess getting up alive without taking the wind tunnel is probably impossible. 
I Tend To 
Puddle map, which is why the box got me stuck.

As in mine art flat and spread out in every direction until I'm out of goo to pour.

Even the remakes have tended to stretch and crack to fit all the extras in.

e3m2 was one of the best, since it seems the second half was basically missing many areas, so it was fun including those.

Subdividing a single space to make a level needs more discipline than I'm used to working with. Will have to give the style another go. 
I just watched the demos with the exception of Drew's, since it wouldn't play in FitzQuake or Quakespasm.

1. Sorry to everybody who got smashed at the end. Negke told me to tone that down and make the armour easier to grab... I just thought maybe people would grab the armour first. I should have done what Negke suggested and made that trigger smaller.

2.The only secret anybody found was the rocket launcher, and even that some people looked right at before moving on. I have a suspicion that my monitor/Quake is much brighter than everybody else's, because I can easily spot the switch to the MH secret (I think spy stood on it twice by accident but didn't notice.) I was also surprised that nobody spotted the yellow armour secret, since all the other metal huts outside had shit in them. I really thought the secrets were all fairly easy to spot :/

3. Many players were just using all their nails on weaker enemies instead of keeping a few spare for when a bigger enemy comes along, which forced them down to sg. Maybe I should have put the ssg in a bit earlier? I only did it because there was a discussion about weapon progression :)

4. voodoochopsticks did some weird shit at the end. He got the gold key but then tried to rocket jump through the roof slipgate. However, he didn't quite reach the changelevel trigger but did trigger the final encounter without actually getting teleported to it. This meant that when he did get teleported, he was surrounded by Shamblers. Somehow he was one of the few that made it. Well done!

Thanks very much for the demos! 
I found it interesting that you got it nearer the end of the map. It reminded me of when Barney gave you a crowbar near the end of Episode 1 :D

I didn't dislike it, it's just that there were a few situations where I was forced to "shotgun snipe" which I hate doing.

On my first playthrough I got 0/4 secrets heh, and the MH secret was in fact the hardest to find for me. I noticed that


when you kill the vore that tele's in to the highest point on the map (above the windpipe) that it activates one of buttons required to access the nightmare secret. Was this intentional? it was probably splash damage from the rockets hitting the button but it felt a bit weird.

**********ENDING of spoilers**********

Hard was fairly hard, which I liked, had a few butt-clenching moments :) Perhaps a few too many Shamblers for my liking.

I found the penis, and the lava logo, win! :D 
I just tried to record a 100% nightmare demo but died at the end. 
I haven't had any deathmatch experience on dm7 (in fact I don't even know what it looks like) so I can't comment on how this one compares to the original, but as a stand-alone map, I think it feels highly moody and plays well in singleplayer. I love the maps that revolve around conquering a single structure as this concept strengtens the feel of progression. Your eye for detailing and ingenious weapon / monster placement makes Geophobia a winner even though its a tad on the shorter side.

Congratulations. Looking forward to your upcoming remixes.

skill 2 : 16 minutes
88 / 88 kills : 2 / 4 secrets 
makes Geophobia a winner even though its a tad on the shorter side

Your wording suggests the map is good despite being shorter, rather than said shortness simply being a quality of the map :/ 
I Would Have Loved If The Map Were Twice As Long 
Though not 3x etc
I like it for what it is, but still.

my demo is in quakespasm... I don't know why it doesn't work. 
Gloom Keep. 
Great map great style. Can't be a critcism surely. 
Well, F**k Me... 
...Here's my offering:

skill 1, 2/4 secrets, 27-some minutes.
Boring as hell(the video, I mean). Having not played seriously Quake for some 6 months took its toll.
Plus, the video quality is uber crappy, bear with me, first attempt to post something on the Tube. First attempt at using Screenflow, too.

I'm trying to re upload the same with better quality.

"First run through THAN's dm7rmx. Skill 1. Took a lot longer to complete than expected. My Quake chops definitely need revamping... To think that I chose skill 1 to make quick work of the thingie...

All in all, a really nice offering from Than. Great Quakeness going on here. Architecture is spot on. Nothing is overdone, good scale and detailing. I loved the bulkiness...
Gamelay wise, RL is a bit of overkill, would have preferred a little more nails and maybe an earlier DS, but that's just me... Next to final fight easier than expected, lots of cover and very easy infighting. A vore spawning in after the second shambler would have fit right in: limited space and not so easy use of RL may have resulted in some nice DS dancing. Keep them coming Than, maybe next time I'll even finish the map in a reasonable time..." 
found the rl and the ya :/ 
DMSP Compatibility 
There are a few things to keep in mind if you want to make your maps compatible to DMSP:
correct positioning of deathmatch starts and teleporter destinations to make sure monsters with big bounding boxes don't spawn partially inside a wall or end up in an infinite teleporter loop. Most importantly, however, is proper spawnflagging. DMSP was originally meant for deathmatch-only maps, and in order to use it with SP maps (that have DM setttings), all non-SP entities, the monsters in particular, have to be set not to appear, so the mod can be played as intended on DM mode. Otherwise they will spawn normally beside the DMSP monsters, including those inside teleporter closets, which makes it impossible to finish the match.

Sadly, this is something that even negke didn't do in most maps... 
Played the map on normal: very funny, very good layout, very nice architecture and detail skill, and awesome lightning effect. Interconnection in between the different level is IMHO the real strength on this map. Also, the fact this texture set is particularly under-used makes this map really interesting ..
Gameplay is really cool, despite I hate vores !
As already said, the selected sky texture is not my cup of tea, I would have prefered to see something else... afterall only my humble opinion....
Anyway, this is very good: thanks for this :) 
You're Right Negke 
That guy is a stain on the history of Quake. 
Just posted it as a little FYI since someone mentioned DMSP in this thread. Though than is probably the only other person who adds DM settings to his maps. 
Fun Little Map 
top notch brushwork and texturing too.

More please Than. 
amazing map! thats all i can think of. really liked it though :)

btw, does anyone have a link to the original dm7? i looked and found nothing :( - looked on quaddicted, and did google search and nothing :( 
DP Compatibility 
There seems to be a compatibility issue with the latest versions of Dorkplaces. It's possible that monsters don't teleport in correctly but telefrag instead, apparently due to the fact that their destinations are placed several units inside the floor. For me, it most notably affected the hell knights after the RL and the shamblers on top as well as below (all of them telefragged).

The latest stable build (28-Jun-2011) doesn't seem to have this "feature". 
Dark Places 
Not really sure why so many people are using DP to play Quake since it seems to have long ago stopped being a Quake engine and become more of a general game engine. There seem to be a lot of bugs for people playing Quake with it, so I didn't even bother to test.

As far as Worldcraft is showing me, the tele destinations are all above the floor, but maybe the bounding box size is wrong. Perhaps I should make them higher for the next map.

Anyway, thanks to those who commented and also 'ello and thanks to Daz for the video you put on youtube. 
because you can make it look like this: 
Horsemen of the Apocalypse.... in a shitty shots from Darkplace :P 
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