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New Q1SP: "Geophobia" By Than
I finished my remix of dm7. Now with added monsters!

p.s. thanks for uploading, Spirit!
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Played the map on normal: very funny, very good layout, very nice architecture and detail skill, and awesome lightning effect. Interconnection in between the different level is IMHO the real strength on this map. Also, the fact this texture set is particularly under-used makes this map really interesting ..
Gameplay is really cool, despite I hate vores !
As already said, the selected sky texture is not my cup of tea, I would have prefered to see something else... afterall only my humble opinion....
Anyway, this is very good: thanks for this :) 
You're Right Negke 
That guy is a stain on the history of Quake. 
Just posted it as a little FYI since someone mentioned DMSP in this thread. Though than is probably the only other person who adds DM settings to his maps. 
Fun Little Map 
top notch brushwork and texturing too.

More please Than. 
amazing map! thats all i can think of. really liked it though :)

btw, does anyone have a link to the original dm7? i looked and found nothing :( - looked on quaddicted, and did google search and nothing :( 
DP Compatibility 
There seems to be a compatibility issue with the latest versions of Dorkplaces. It's possible that monsters don't teleport in correctly but telefrag instead, apparently due to the fact that their destinations are placed several units inside the floor. For me, it most notably affected the hell knights after the RL and the shamblers on top as well as below (all of them telefragged).

The latest stable build (28-Jun-2011) doesn't seem to have this "feature". 
Dark Places 
Not really sure why so many people are using DP to play Quake since it seems to have long ago stopped being a Quake engine and become more of a general game engine. There seem to be a lot of bugs for people playing Quake with it, so I didn't even bother to test.

As far as Worldcraft is showing me, the tele destinations are all above the floor, but maybe the bounding box size is wrong. Perhaps I should make them higher for the next map.

Anyway, thanks to those who commented and also 'ello and thanks to Daz for the video you put on youtube. 
because you can make it look like this: 
Horsemen of the Apocalypse.... in a shitty shots from Darkplace :P 
because you can make it look like this:

yeah , that looks disgusting 
still haven't figured out how to watch mine? Maybe I'll just record in fitz from now on. 
Drew's demo was recorded with RMQ's protocol 999. 
DarkPlaces Compatibility 
Actually the bug in some 2012 DP betas with trigger size (teleporters chaining in dm6, items being too easy to pick up, telefragging monsters, etc) was fixed a while ago, it was a side effect of a failed attempt to fix the hip1m1 gold key door (a bug I still haven't figured out unfortunately).

On another topic however - I've heard of multiple map packs being released with either fitzquake or rmq demo protocols, which breaks stock quake compatibility... so yeah, not much respect for "other engines" going around lately it seems. :) 
can I enter a command to make this not a pain in the ass for people later on? 
Protocol 666 
Is this not the standard?

If not, what is the standard? 
15 Is The Standard 
LordHavoc: Ah. I thought it might have been some feature to prevent 'lost' monsters stuck or falling out if teleported inside solids. It does still happen with the 17-May-2012 build.
Most of the time, when people say a map "requires Fitzquake", it's a lazy way of saying "source port with increased limits". Only testing in a single port is not good obviously. But then, more often than not, I found having to do all the bug-fixing and optimizing twice: once for the regular engines, and again for DP. So people may well lose patience with it or tend to go the easy way and ignore it altogether.

Drew: sv_protocol 15. Forcing it to 15 automatically will let run into problems in maps that require increased limits (if you forget to change it then, which is likely). 
Compatibility And Standards 
There are clearly two standards being talked about here: standard technology and standard gameplay.

It's OK to diverge into non-standard technology sometimes, so long as you're upfront about what you're doing and the reasons why. Providing a backdoor for supporting the original standard helps a lot too.

Gameplay changes are trickier. Quake is positively riddled with gameplay bugs, but it's unfortunately the case that trying to fix those bugs can cause more problems than it solves, because so many maps and mods have come to rely on them. 
awesome map! just as always 
Yay, Big Fun! 
Super job! I did like the super hard secret! I couldn't chat to my upside down fellow. :( 
i didn't like the start of this (the bit with two fiends and a shotgun) - when i failed to kill them on dry land (and died.. i'm not very good) i instead resorted to running round like a headless chicken until they'd both jumped into the water.. then upon realising i needed to swim down there i had to awkwardly shoot through the liquid until i heard the death sounds; transparent water would have helped there!

i am however nitpicking as the rest was awesome. found the YA & MH secrets. got lucky with the shambush at the top as i immediately jumped to one side and telefragged one of them :) 
iirc, the first time I played, I got torn to pieces by those two fiends when they flanked me. :P 
Sorry About That ;) 
The fiends at the start can be tough to deal with, and if they jump into the water it's pretty annoying. I don't like transparent water because it breaks gameplay a bit because monsters can't see through it even though the player can. Ideally the fiends wouldn't jump in the water, but they aren't that smart.

Glad you enjoyed the rest of the map anyway :) 
Bumping To Add 
The thancity textures from this map fucking own. 
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