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New Q1SP: FMB-bdg2
As close to being finished as it will ever be, the end is not as originally planned but it is still playable.

Only tested in Fitzquake. Some music switches missing in the last map so you will either put up with it, or not play it :)

Not all short-cuts bring reward, and if you play on hard AND find the runes, you will get a nominally different ending.

UPDATE: quaddicted mirror:
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Yes! Something for the weekend! 
Pretty Good 
what I have played so far... then I fell into some lava and I suck at games. Those ogres in that area are a real bastard! 
Weekend is now safe! 
freefilehosting? Dude... 
Bloody Hell. 
Drink your Red Bull / espressos before this one. 
Do not play this if you are allergic to:

Death knights


Complex secrets

Insane progression

Getting a general butt-kicking

Repacking it for Quaddicted right now.

I moved the text files into the fmb_bdg2 directory. Renamed S_null.spr to s_null.spr for lunix.

What is fmb_bdg2/progs/Pak4.pak? That does not sound like it is in the right place? Should I delete it? 
Fuck You Lava 
Love the visuals in this map! Haven't got very far because I keep falling in lava :|

Gameplay so far has been tricky but fun. Something that wasn't so fun was having that shake effect happen while I was crossing a thin beam with lava on each side :P

Nice idea to have the music toggle buttons 
It looks as though I was trying to tidy things up at some time. I've just quickly run through the items in that Pak and cannot see anything that is required that isn't already in the progs folder.
I've also just deleted the Pak from my version and run through all three levels and did not have a problem, so delete please.

The architecture is gorgeous with loads of ceiling/wall supports and plenty of vista moments from windows. The large open caverns are beautifully bathed in red hot lava and the monsters are tough. I remember seeing so many of these areas in previous screenshots and it was awesome to finally fight my way through the map.

I do think the secrets in these maps are crazy hard. I don't understand why a GA would be in a secret, when the YA is a stones throw away! I found the first map confusing because there are monster types that can be killed and based on playing ID maps, are suppose to be immune to player damage. The buttons are really hard to find because there are loads of textures with full bright pixel problems. 
Gimme The Proper Link 
Mike: Aye Aye, Thanks! 
Mirror is up in about 10 minutes. 
Oh Thanks Spirit 
but thats map names are weird

end_____.bsp etc??? 
I think the slaughter room didn't work as intended... Here is demo of map1. Rather lengthy and slow play, warn you. 
added quaddicted mirror 
Screenshots !!!! 
... please :) 
A Simple Speedrun Of Map1 
but very pretty, and strangely old school, despite all the music, new monsters, effects etc.
But seriously, Shambler wasn't kidding.

Dark Souls of Quake? I don't know what that means. Impressive layout, brutal gameplay, great looks, impressive blend of old/new school stuff generally, deviously sneaky secrets!

As a player, I'm happy to say it was worth every second of your agony, Mike.

Thanks - this is a great way to go out! 
We've Come A Long Way, Babies 
Just played this for the first time! 
Could you please change the color of your name? It is almost unreadable and I always have to squint to make it out.

Sorry for offtopic! 
spricht mir aus der Seele.
change that color, Drew, please. 
Aw Man, Really? 
Crimson is my fave...
Does EVERYONE have trouble with that? 
Nope, I know it's you if I can't read it. :)

Just finished the second map and loved it. Much better than the first which I did not like that much. Also great music on this one, I disabled it on the first one. 
Agree With Spirit On All Points 
Especially "I know it's you if I can't read it" 
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