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Hardest Map?
What do you consider the hardest quake single player map? Having said that i actualy mean the biggest challenge or something.

There are ofcourse a couple of types of hard, but im intrested in any suggestions

-imossible: no exit or something alike
-near impossible due to over population/not enough resources or room to move: something like sm39_ap
- puzzle maps, but once you figured out the puzzle the challenge is gone
-hard acrobatics
-tricky triggers
-big epic map with 100's of monsters
-very well tought out encounters where the mappers is fully aware of the monsters Ai and quake acrobatic possibilitys
Not Sure If This Is What You Mean, But 
I reminded myself recently of something I did at the end of the warp pack - warps.bsp is basically a 10 minute slaughter where you don't have chance to think, just have to rely on muscle memory to get through it.

It's pretty intense and it takes like 20 quickloads to get through it. But its so immediate that dying doesn't feel too much of a chore.

Wouldn't work on a full map or anything without trigger_checkpoint and catapulting the player into fast reaction butcherworks on every one.

Was just something daft I put in as a reward for finding all the runes. 
my speedmap... it's pretty hard to not fall through the floor into the void. ;) 
Distrans Made That Doom 3 Map 
If you play that on skill 2 or 3 it's rock hard to finish. Possible though :O 
Ruined Nation.

I love that map. 
This One: 
Wasnt that hard I did it when i did the warpspeed project. Ofcourse the fiends did get me a bunch of times, but I was kind of in speedrunning mode and i doubt i woul have much trouble if i would do it in survival mode, think i still got it on my hd... Jep i do remember it as a fun map lets try to improve it some :) 
Perhaps Not The 'Hardest' 
Not long ago played a frustrating, tough map with hostile traps and situations not in favour of the player.

The Last Game:
My review; 
Hardest Good Maps. 
Warpspasm. For all the obvious reasons. 
The Last Game 
isn't that hard IMO. I found the difficulty to be enjoyable without being hugely frustrating. 
Was awesome. Hard in a good, bot overly frustrating way. 
But not 
I think Ruined Nation is the hardest I've played so far, hands down. Warpspasm is also very hard overall (especially on Nightmare), and this reminds me that I should finish my LP someday. I think warpc is the hardest 'conventional' map in the pack (those Gugs near the silver key door are real devils), but warps is by far the hardest just because it throws so many powerful monsters at you. 
I made a speedmap that had some hard jumps and stuff, I think it might have been a theme? Don't remember, but I played it recently and could barely do any of them. 
Fell Asleep 
was supposed to react yesterday but stood up early + fysical work: i just crashed :).
Warps turned out to be pretty hard indeed, atleast to try to beat my own record 1:04 on easy, but then i did a safish try on skill 3 and finished it first try in 1:24.(its the difference betwen being focused on dodging or focussing on pumping rockets into the droles , wich often leads to hitting fiends with your rocks and killing yourself).

Dis6 is hard on the harder skil levels indeed.Pretty strong monsters and not a lot of health to go by

Notoriuos do you mean that map where you had to end with a bunch of quadrj's to silly little buttons in the sky? if so that one was hard indeed (but for soem reason i have never foudn back that map while i have all speedmaps i could find.

For breakfast il have a look at the last game 
And All Of A Sudden Its Lunchtime :) 
Last game was mostly hard in a first try sense, so i decided to give dis6 another go. To have a decent chance on succes decided to skip a bunch and do some parts with a lot of care 
The final map of Tronyn's A Roman Wilderness of Pain. Iirc the final boss is near-unbeatable with tons of health, two forms, and more importantly, it spawns in seemingly infinite waves of monsters while ammo is finite.

Tronyn's Nyarlathotep is also pretty tough. Difficulty level is typically Tronyn, but combined with low gravity it's even trickier.

Finally there is skacky's in-progress Quenching Urges of Constant Killing episode, a set of maps for Quoth influenced by Doom's slaughtermap scene. It's so dense I don't see how you could beat it without "advanced" techniques like rocket jumping.

Speaking of rocket jumping, Digs' RJ Zone requires the technique, so it could be considered difficult for that reason. It's also pretty labyrinthine, as is his more recent The Isolation. 
Whoops, spam tricked me into replying to an old thread. Seems like it could be a neat discussion to resurrect though, six years on! 
QUCK Map 03 
Ruined Nation....
(also because distrans has been the first to release a map using my Doom3 converted texture set...)

doh ! 
> The final map of Tronyn's A Roman Wilderness of Pain.

Seconding this. The thing that was really jarring about that boss was that nothing that came before it in the pack even came close to being as difficult. Before that, it was the usual Tronyn horde slaughter combat, which I guess is a certain kind of challenge, but it was peanuts compared to that boss.

I'm sure I worked out a strategy to beat the Cyberdemon and its infinitely-spawning chums eventually. I did it on Hard, not sure about Nightmare. But the strategy took advantage of dumb AI, took ages to execute, and wasn't fun, at all.

Speaking of ARWoP -- there was also the new skill level (Hell skill?) in which all monsters respawned indefinitely, if I'm remembering it right. I didn't manage to get through the first map with that.

Not sure if other Drake-based releases support that extra skill level too?

> QUCK Map 03

Seconding this, too. The first two maps of QUCK were very harsh combat puzzles, but IIRC the player's strategy (grabbing items and tackling groups in a sensible order) seemed more important than dexterity for map01 and map02. But map03 seemed to require the player to be proficient at high-speed bunny-hopping to avoid taking damage. I got the hang of it and managed to beat it eventually, but it seemed a step up in brutality from the first two maps.

I really hope that QUCK is still in development? It was refreshing to have a bunch of maps focused entirely on that sort of thing. And finally getting to the end of each map alive, after dying so many times, was incredibly satisfying. 
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