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Custom Derper.

I am getting a bit of a geek-crush on the smoothly spoken Englishman that is DAZ with his insightful and thought-provoking series of derping around missing all the secrets and even items that are right in front of him errrr I mean talking about mapping while playing cool levels. So I thought his channel was worth it's own seperate thread - entertaining for players and mapping veterans, and potentially very useful for newer mappers as DAZ does offer some really good views on mapping theory. Also DAZ go ahead and put all your updates in here.
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To Kick Things Off:
(AKA I want to have Sock's babies, well he does have a point.)
(AKA I've played this enough to actually get some of the secrets this time. Personally I disagree with some of this - I didn't find it too cramped, I thought the large variety of secrets was good and actually preferable to Sock's buttons, and the end room is fine, even the demo shows various escape routes and tactics) 
Love Daz's Channel 
It's great comfort viewing, and seeing as I'm too lazy to open Quake nowadays, it's a good way to live vicariously through Darren Weekes.

The level design / mapping theory chat is brilliant I agree. I've definitely learned a fair bit, despite my best efforts.

Keep this shit up dazzo, you're gonna be a star 
I think you're being a bit harsh about the layout on that one Daz. A lot of current maps have linear-ish layouts and a lot of them have structures you can't reach, to give the impression of being in a bigger area/building than you actually's fairly normal?? And this map does compensate for it with a lot of varied secrets.

Good points about all the little niggles with buttons and stuff, also I like how you don't slag off the gameplay in this because I agree for the most part it's good fun.

BTW it is possible to get SNG + Quad +3Nail in this, makes the ending excellent. 
The issue I had is that there are lots of areas in the map where the player *should* have been able to progress in a non-linear fashion but there were giant obvious clip brushes preventing this. I hate that! :)

For me the level would have been straight up better if these clip brushes had been replaced with solid walls or perhaps barred windows or something. It's psychological I guess :) 
Clip brushes are not the way. This isn't a shitty modern on-rails game! 
I Agree 
with daz on the clip brush placement, having an invisible forcefield is always a bad move when it looks easily accessible. I tried for a good 5 minutes trying to jump through a few of those gaps (mostly to see if there were secret areas).

MFX should probably should have added glass or a textured wall there. 
Or a knee-high ledge without attaching a third-person animation!

Thanks for promoting Daz' videos, I neglected to watch them recently but really enjoyed watching some today. 
Always good commentary, even if I disagree at points. 
Just Watched Mfxsp6 
Agree with Shambler, but also am glad you put up your review. Hopefully it'll inspire him to test a bit more with the next one... where did mfx go, anyway? 
Right Here! 
with, at least what my GF says, a 'sexy voice'....

Don�t die 10.000 feet below... 
tbh i like Daz�s videos, they are teacherous at some point, which actually helps a lot!
And at the other hand, he shares his insights about leveldesign, which offers nearly everytime a totally new view on some issues...(to me).
DaZ yeah, keep on doing this! 
Of Course 
An Array Of Squares That Change Colour 30 Times A Second 
A past and future secret by Matthias Worch and Negke - 
Nice One Daz. P.s. Add It To Map News Thread Too. 
You've highlighted all the gameplay qualities well. I like you describing the Ogre corridor as very "classic Quake" - that sums up what I liked about this map, that a lot of the gameplay trickery and ambushes felt like how Quake felt for the first time - subtle little tricks and surprises that keep adding spice throughout the map.

I too really liked the silver key area. I know neggers was agonising over that to try to make it interesting but palatable to most players, and it worked well.

You can just straight jump to the GL BTW. 
My memories of the original BB were a lot about the (as Shambler says) "subtle little tricks and surprises that keep adding spice", so it was nice that this release had the same spirit. 
ogre cages really did me over - it's rare that the bounce of their projectiles is used horizontally. 
...neggers :) 
Nice demo as usual ;) 
....very good video, thank you! 
Carved In Flesh 
By Shaun "[Kona]" Ross -

I would have done a single video for all 3 maps but my internet has been dodgy as shit lately so smaller uploads = good atm. Part 2 coming as soon as I can figure out how to give myself the custom weapons used in this mod with console commands :P 
you can resume uploads to youtube, I think up to 24h. just upload the same file again and it will continue where you left. At least with chromium. 
Doesn't seem to work so well with FF I guess. Had a whole bunch of dead uploads :P

Will have to try chrome again soon! 
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