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General Abuse
Talk about anything in here. If you've got something newsworthy, please submit it as news. If it seems borderline, submit it anyway and a mod will either approve it or move the post back to this thread.

News submissions:
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Spiney has supplied a lot of content for various things actually, just not on stuff that's been released yet.

OTP provides some very good playtesting, to quite a few different mappers - I tend to incorporate more than half of what he suggests.

If we measure people's worth to the community by their involvement with it then we eliminate the entire player base and then the rest of us won't be far behind.


I'd like to see QExpo 2014!


Cheers Willem. 
Qexpo Sounds Neat 
though I doubt I'd have much to show for it. I'm mapping at an incredibly slow rate... 
I Measure People... the quality of their nonconstructive dramatic internet bullshit. 
Frankly, Shambler 
I don't give a damn <exits> 
Is This Really Necessary? 
You don't map, you barely comment on any maps, and if you do, it's never in a way that is meaningful to the author at all. The only thing you seem to post is empty tech talk and "ironic" crap straight from Reddit.

Is there any reason of you coming here, other than trying to piss us off? Cause you're not doing a very good job at that either.

OTP, This is just rude, you would never say this to someone's face, so why lash out at someone online! It never ceases to amaze me how this (func) community loves to turn on each other when they simply don't agree on something. 
No, YOU'RE wrong! 
Fucking BACON!!!! 
Fucking, Bacon 
I think of the people on here are paranoid and may have emotional problems. Some may rely too heavily on the use of intoxicants, too.

Ahem. I meant that ironically.


PS: whether it's June or August, I really hope I can release my giant project then. PM is even more retired than me so I might end up needing someone to finish the last few Drake features that he hasn't gotten to yet, but hopefully it doesn't come to that. 
I'm Abused 
Madfox must create a twitter account

Still haven't heard anything from the doctor.
If I was a fool I would go straight ahead to the Tardis. There I would kill all Daleks for prohibbiting me to make a dr.who level for Quake. Then I would watch func_msg for some good quality critics abusing the engine with that nonsense. Of course I would dail the wrong number and return to a city with no phonecells. After all I would regret my intensions for being so confident, because nobody is waiting for that kind of selfpity.
Now I feel stupid for letting out my plans, because I had listen more to the Queen Of StoneRoses and Whatever You Do Don't Tell Anyone. 
For Chris Sakes 
Just make sure it's better than the Alien mod. 
DelToros SketchBook 
I think Del Toro sometimes overcooks his creature designs a bit, but I was still gutted when Mountains of Madness was canned. Seeing his Old Ones would have been worth the price of admission.

Also, we really need a cthulhu icon. Here's a nice cute one I found: 
<- Pigthulhu 
In His Sty At R'lyeh, Dead Pigthulhu Wallows Dreaming 
Oink Oink Pigthulhu Fhtagn 
Sndwhich Fhbacn! 
Breakfast classic of the outer spheres. 
I Second Tronyn's Giant Project. 
Ah'bthnk Pigthulu y'hah, btw. 
Not Dead 
but curing 
That is not fat which can eternal cure, yet with stranger eons, even bacon may fry 
Madfox, you're up! 
light of the sun takes 100.000 years to reach surface,
yet it's gone three times faster within a second.

Herp Derp 
can anyone shed any light on how you open the GL water secret and trapdoor above the exit room secret in IKSPQ2 thx! 
shoot the button 
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